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They’ve never been stronger. There’s no dissension in the ranks, no confusion as to the nature of their mission. Everything is going according to plan. Reassurances like this are all the WWE Universe has heard from The Shield over the last few months. Even while the group seems to teeter on the edge of an internal blowup, even when Roman Reigns tosses his teammates in the Royal Rumble Match and even as Dean Ambrose touts himself as “The Baddest Man in The Shield,” the song has been the same: We are united.

For their sake, that had better be true, because at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, they’ll have to deal with The Wyatt Family.

The stories of WWE’s two three-man wrecking crews couldn’t be more opposite at this point. The Shield members, little more than a year removed from being ambitious, talented rookies, have each become stars in their own right. Ambrose is the longest-reigning titleholder in WWE, having clutched the U.S. Championship since last May. Rollins has made believers out of anyone who crosses his path. And Roman Reigns not only set a new Royal Rumble Match record for the most eliminations in a single melee, but he also came within a Hound’s hair of beating Batista to main event WrestleMania XXX.

With that success, though, comes the threat of inflating egos, and dissent — however quiet, and however much they’d deny it — has found its way into the Hounds’ doghouse. A miscue here, a minor spat there, and The Shield seems just a little bit more vulnerable than they’d care to admit. Even if they’re the odds-on favorite in every Six-Man Tag Team Match they enter, the men in black’s greatest threat has seemingly reared its head from within.

Which brings us to The Wyatts. Only on the scene six months, the depraved cultists have methodically massacred Superstars of all shapes and sizes. Kane was nearly sent to oblivion, Kofi Kingston destroyed, The Miz all but sacrificed and Daniel Bryan brutally dispatched after he dared to defy the Family by joining it (only to turn on them when the opportunity presented itself). Most recently, they cost John Cena the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, proving their ambitions know no bounds. There’s also no confusion as to the pecking order: Erick Rowan & Luke Harper act as a hive mind, marching under the orders of Bray Wyatt himself. No titles, no records to muddy the waters. There is Bray’s word, and everyone else is the enemy.

Now, the enemy is The Shield. The match was demanded by The Hounds of Justice after The Wyatts cost them a chance to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight Title inside the Elimination Chamber. The Wyatts likely see it as an opportunity to dismantle another dominant force. Given their record of late, it’s not out of the question.

The Shield, meanwhile, likely see it as the final piece of their plan: Take out the faction many in the WWE Universe predicted would cross their paths. Despite The Wyatts’ ascendancy, The Shield still, ostensibly, runs the roost in WWE. For the first time, they are the veterans, not the newcomers. Victory is within their grasp. All they have to do now is believe.

The Shield

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Though questions swirled after Dean Ambrose’s Royal Rumble Match actions, The Shield seemingly got back on the same page with a dominant win Friday night on SmackDown. What’s more, the black-clad trio looks galvanized after The Wyatt Family’s Raw interference cost them a chance at qualifying for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match. With a match against Bray and his followers now imminent, will The Shield remain united?

In Ring Segment

We’ve got The Shield in the ring. Ambrose says he doesn’t apologize for trying to throw Reigns out of the Rumble. Reigns says he doesn’t either. Reigns and Ambrose go face to face before Rollins gets them back on track. Seth Rollins calls out the Wyatt Family and blames them for screwing them out of the elimination chamber. Rollisn compliments Ambrose and Reigns and tries keeping them together. Ambrose says that if they can’t get into the Chamber, they’ll wipe the Wyatt Family off the face of the earth. Vickie Guerrero comes out and is about to announce the match until Triple H interrupts. Triple H tells The Shield to let it go. Reigns gets face to face with Triple H. Reigns says that they’re not asking Hunter for the match. “Roman”‘ chant breaks out and Triple H gives them the match.

6man Tag Team Match

Sheamus and Rollins start us off. Reigns tags in nearly immediately. Reigns gets the best of Sheamus in the corner, slamming away. Sheamus fights back and slams Reigns to the ground. Soccer kick to the back of Reigns. Clothesline from Sheamus. Ambrose comes in and Sheamus clubs him in the chest ten times. Shield regroups as Sheamus does the Yes chant. He then tags in Bryan! Bryan and Rollins go at it and Bryan locks him in the surfboard stretch. Mysterio comes in and kicks Rollins in the head. Mysterio goes for a headscissors takedown, however Ambrose slams him on his face. Reigns in now and is beating down Mysterio. Rollins back in and locks in a chinlock on Rey. Rollins sits Rey, backwards on the ropes, and goes for a back suplex. Rey fights out. Mysterio with a huracanrana to Rollins. Daniel Bryan gets the tag and he goes off on Reigns. Huge dropkick followed by the repeated kicks to the chest of Reigns. Bryans holds the top rope down and Reigns goes flying over. Suicide dive onto Reigns, suicide dive onto Ambrose! Irish Curse to Rollins, however Reigns hits the superman punch to Sheamus. Bryan with a dropkick and the Yes Lock to Reigns but Ambrose breaks it up. Sheamus gets his elbow slammed into the post but hits the Brogue Kick to Ambrose. Mysterio gets the tag and jumps at Reigns off the ropes, hitting Reigns with a seated senton.

Mysterio sets up for the 619 and knocks Ambrose off the apron. Bryan dives with a flying knee to Rollins off the apron. Mysterio sets up for the 619 to Reigns again but Reigns catches him with the spear for the win!

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Another set of candids from Royal Rumble 2014 has been added on our gallery. Thanks to our good friend JENNIFER for donating the photos. Enjoy!

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Candids from WWE Live House Show in Canton, OH and 2014 Royal Rumble has been added on our gallery. A huge thank you to MICHELLE PERLMAN for allowing us to have her amazing photos. View all photos of Seth from those events by clicking the link below. Enjoy!

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Sheamus, John Cena and Daniel Bryan make their way to the ring. As Bryan makes his entrance, we head to a commercial. When we return from commercial, The Shield is finishing up their entrance. Our six-man tag-team match is about to get underway. Remember, the winning TEAM of this match, all three members will be in the Elimination Chamber match.

The bell rings and here we go with tonight’s RAW main event. Cena and Dean Ambrose start things off for their respective teams. A loud “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” dueling chant breaks out. Ambrose tags in Rollins. Cena and Rollins battle briefly and then Roman Reigns is tagged in. The crowd breaks out into a “Roman Reigns” chant and then Cena and Reigns collide.

Reigns does some damage and then Sheamus and Rollins tag in. Sheamus instantly dominates Rollins. Sheamus pounds Rollins with his repeated forearm shots over the top rope. Rollins gets the tag to Ambrose and Ambrose goes to work on Sheamus. It doesn’t take long before Sheamus fights back and makes the tag to Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes absolutely insane when Bryan tags in.

Bryan comes in a fireball of offense. Ambrose is now the legal man on The Shield’s team. Bryan lands a ton of “Yes!” kicks. Ambrose finally cuts Bryan short and tags in Rollins. Bryan gets the better of Rollins and puts him in his surf-board type move. We head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, The Shield are still in control. Rollins is beating up Cena in the middle of the ring as the crowd is doing their dueling “let’s go Cena” and “Cena sucks” chants. Rollins tags in Reigns and Reigns picks up where Rollins left off, dominating Cena.

Both teams battle back-and-forth. Daniel Bryan finally gets the hot tag. Bryan is all over the place. He’s diving through the ropes to the floor here. He’s coming off the top there. Daniel Bryan is a whirl-wind of offense. Roman Reigns comes in and spears guys. Mayhem is breaking out in our six-man tag-team main event. Loud “Daniel Bryan” chants start up as Bryan and Rollins battle in the ring.

Cena finally gets a hot tag and out of nowhere The Wyatt Family cuts in. All three members of The Wyatt Family are in the ring. All of the babyfaces are fighting the Wyatt Family members. The bell rings.

After The Match

It’s announced that Cena, Bryan and Sheamus are advancing to the Elimination Chamber as a result of a disqualification due to The Wyatt Family attacking them. The announcers strongly put over that The Wyatt Family just cost The Shield their chance at the Elimination Chamber. RAW goes off the air on that note.

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