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Seth Rollins will finally get his hands on Dean Ambrose when he defends the Intercontinental Title at WWE TLC, but Rollins has still been denied one key point of satisfaction: He doesn’t know why The Lunatic Fringe turned on him. Despite his best efforts on Raw, that seems unlikely to change.

When Rollins again demanded an explanation, Ambrose instead threw a barrage of riddles Rollins’ way — he implied that The Shield were all doomed to pay for their sins and that he was just the instrument of Rollins’ comeuppance — and led The Kingslayer on an increasingly manic chase throughout the night, leaving Rollins frazzled and wild-eyed. Not unlike, as Ambrose pointed out, a lunatic.

The Architect decided that he wouldn’t allow himself to be played and left the building, but that turned out to be a ruse to lure Ambrose into the ring. Once The Lunatic Fringe had turned his attention to berating the audience, Rollins struck, briefly getting the better of his former brother with a barrage of punishing strikes. Ambrose caught him, however, with a filthy low blow, a pair of Dirty Deeds and a warning to never interrupt him again. With a diatribe about the hypocrisy of the WWE Universe and the general stench of the “L.A. garbage” in the arena, Ambrose certainly has plenty to say. And he’ll certainly give his old brother a fight. But it’s looking more and more like Seth Rollins, win or lose, might not get what he truly wants.

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With days to go before their epic showdown, Teams NXT and WWE along with their coaches TYLER1 and IMAQTPIE come face-to-face before the world!

Everything is on the line in a battle for League of Legends glory! TEAM NXT – led by coach TYLER1, ADAM COLE, DAKOTA KAI, SHAYNA BASZLER and JOHNNY GARGANO – go head-to-head with TEAM WWE – led by coach IMAQTPIE, CESARO, RUBY RIOTT, TYLER BREEZE and SETH ROLLINS – inside of the League of Legends Arena! Which side will come out on top and reign supreme in this heated rivalry?

At WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2018, former brothers-in-arms will finally clash when Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins battles Dean Ambrose.

Oct. 22 should have ended with a shining moment for The Shield. On the same night that their fellow Hound of Justice Roman Reigns was forced to relinquish the Universal Championship and leave the ring to battle leukemia, Rollins and Ambrose captured the Raw Tag Team Titles in his honor. But as the dust was still setting, The Lunatic Fringe stunned the WWE Universe and his partner by unleashing a sudden and unwarranted assault on The Architect.

In the weeks to come, Ambrose refused an outright explanation for his actions. He once thought of The Shield as the source of his strength, but he came to believe it was actually a “burden” that weighed him down and made him weaker. As if the betrayal wasn’t heartbreaking enough, Ambrose sent a shocking message by burning his trademark Shield gear.

Now at WWE TLC, Rollins and Ambrose will settle matters one-on-one. Which Hound will emerge with ultimate justice? Find out at WWE TLC, streaming live on Dec. 16 on the award-winning WWE Network.

LOS ANGELES — In their first-ever one-on-one battle, Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins bested United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, scoring a crucial second victory for Monday Night Raw at Survivor Series 2018 in the process.

Despite the recent betrayal by his Shield brother Dean Ambrose, The Kingslayer was able to put his personal turmoil aside in this intense Champion vs. Champion Match. But the win didn’t come easy.

Following some back-and-forth mind games between both titleholders, Nakamura seized the early advantage by way of his unmatched striking range, grounding The Kingslayer with brutal kicks that seemed to signal a win for Team Blue in the night’s first Champion vs. Champion clash. But Rollins persevered, sending Nakamura out of the ring and hitting The President of Nak-America with three consecutive dives that not only slowed Nakamura’s offense, but also planted some seeds of frustration.

After absorbing a Ripcord Knee from Rollins, the incensed Nakamura connected with a Kinshasa, but Rollins, somehow, kicked out at two. The U.S. Champion attempted his signature knee strike twice more, but the wily Rollins evaded the move both times and ultimately connected with a match-ending Stomp, giving Raw a 2-0 advantage over SmackDown LIVE.

The Kingslayer lived up to his name, as The King of Strong Style was, well, slayed at Survivor Series 2018, reminding the WWE Universe why Monday Night Raw is also “Monday Night Rollins.”

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This Sunday, Seth Rollins will compete in a bonafide dream match when he goes toe-to-toe with United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura. By his own admission, however, The Kingslayer is still stuck in the waking nightmare of Dean Ambrose betraying him and refusing to say why. In fact, Rollins blew off almost all talk of The King of Strong Style during an interview with Corey Graves, instead pivoting to Ambrose and implying his former brother wasn’t man enough to explain his treachery. And then, Ambrose appeared on the TitanTron and poured salt in the wound.

Reclining atop the hood of a rental and flanked by a burning trash can, Ambrose refused an outright explanation, suffice it to say that, while he once thought of The Shield as the source of his strength, he came to believe it was a “burden” that weighed him down and made him weaker. As a way of setting himself free, The Lunatic Fringe produced his black tactical vest — a symbol of his time in The Shield — doused it in gasoline, and tossed it into the fire.

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Lost in all the commotion of Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins’ acrimonious split has been the fate of the Raw Tag Team Championship, which the pair won moments before The Lunatic Fringe made his move and attacked his brother-in-arms. At the very least, we can cross that loose end off the list: After Rollins seemingly attempted to forfeit the titles, Acting General Manager Baron Corbin (having evaded Braun Strowman long enough to attend to some official business from a secure location) intervened and forced The Kingslayer and his partner to take on AOP in a title match.

Of course, Ambrose was never going to show for this one, so it went about as you would expect: Akam & Rezar feasted on Rollins, who fought the good fight but still found himself flattened by a powerbomb-neckbreaker combo and relieved of the titles in painful fashion. Ambrose finally made an appearance after the match was over, baiting The Architect with the one thing he knew Rollins really wanted. Sliding into the ring, Ambrose asked if Rollins still wanted to know why he had betrayed him, then dropped The Kingslayer once again with Dirty Deeds and left without giving an answer.

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