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WWE Champion Seth Rollins interviewed by Noelle Foley at Ringside Fest 2015

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At Hell in a Cell, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins will be forced to confront the monster who has haunted his nightmares when he steps in the ring against Demon Kane.

For The Big Red Monster, the opportunity is a golden one, a rare chance at snaring the top prize in sports-entertainment. But if he falls short of that goal, his Human Resources–endorsed alter ego, Corporate Kane, will be relieved of his duties as WWE’s Director of Operations, per the orders of Stephanie McMahon.

Since re-emerging, masked, at WWE Night of Champions, Demon Kane has terrorized The Architect, chokeslamming and Tombstoning the Superstar he was once responsible for protecting under the direction of The Authority. His fiery onslaughts were precipitated by Rollins’ betrayal months ago, when the WWE World Heavyweight Champion pounced on a weakened Kane, further injuring a knee that had been wrenched in an attack by Brock Lesnar and putting the 7-footer out of action.

Making matters more harrowing for Rollins, the business-minded Director of Operations has, at times, seemed eerily unaware of the demonic Superstar’s actions toward The Architect, sparking speculation that Kane is no less than a modern-day Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

If The Architect hopes to stop his tormentor, he will have to do better than he did on the Sept. 28 edition of Raw. Rollins used a steel chair to again attack Corporate Kane’s left knee, but just as Kane was ready to be transported to a medical facility, a startling transformation took place, and Demon Kane escaped from an ambulance to wreak havoc on Rollins.

Demon Kane struck again days later at the WWE Live from MSG special on WWE Network, where he prevented Rollins from winning his United States Championship Steel Cage Match against John Cena.

Will Rollins put down his tormentor once and for all and retain the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Hell in a Cell, costing Corporate Kane his job as Director of Operations in the process? Or will Demon Kane exact retribution? Watch the horror show live when Hell in a Cell takes over the award-winning WWE Network Sunday, Oct. 25, at 8 ET/5 PT.

Seth Rollins confronted Kane

Now comes the ultimate conflict resolution. After weeks of mind games between Seth Rollins and Kane — both sides of him — The Architect and The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations were ordered to put their beef to bed by a direct report they both share: Stephanie McMahon. When Kane made himself Rollins’ partner against The Dudley Boyz and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion took exception, Stephanie arranged that Rollins would defend his title against Demon Kane at Hell in a Cell. And, should The Big Red Monster fail to capture the proverbial brass ring and win the title, Corporate Kane would be relieved of his duties as Director of Operations. Two birds, one stone. Ashley from HR would be thrilled.

Seth Rollins and Kane vs The Dudley Boyz

With Big Show … indisposed, The Authority had to look in-house to find Seth Rollins’ replacement partner against The Dudley Boyz. And with J&J Security nowhere to be found, that meant the on-again, off-again partnership between The Architect and Kane was back on! The corporate incarnation of The Big Red Monster was seemingly more fallible than Rollins would prefer, bickering with his partner and aggravating his ankle injury on top of everything.

Despite a bizarre attempt by Rollins to handcuff Kane to the ropes and keep him in plain sight, you can probably guess what happened next. Kane went back to the trainer’s room and re-emerged as the demon in full after Rollins got himself disqualified by kicking a table into the Dudleyz’s faces. After shaking off a payback-motivated 3D from the Dudleys, Kane then re-enacted the Boston Massacre by planting Rollins through said table. Wicked good — emphasis on wicked.

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