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 The Architect

Seth Freaking Rollins!. He’s really freaking good. Did you know that he took the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Brock Lesnar? Or that he’s the only man to cash in a Money in the Bank contract in the main event of WrestleMania? Or that he’s the only human being to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships simultaneously? If you don’t, worry not: He’ll tell you soon enough. And if you somehow manage to tune out his (justified) boasts, it won’t be long until this hybrid athlete’s skills in the ring turn you into a believer. A veteran of the independent scene who’s more ninja than wrestler, Rollins set up shop as one of WWE’s on-the-spot history makers from the second he walked in the door. From his reign as the first-ever NXT Champion to his vaunted time as the “Architect” of The Shield, Rollins’ first two years in WWE were a master class of evolution. Coincidentally enough, that’s the name of one of the factions he and his fellow Hounds of Justice managed to upend in their near-spotless two-year run throughout WWE’s ranks. He’s even better flying solo, racking up accolades faster than WWE can produce them. Within 15 months of The Shield’s breakup, Rollins had won a Money in the Bank contract and converted it into the WWE World Heavyweight Title and added John Cena’s U.S. Title to his trophy case. Is it even possible to hold this ascendant athlete down? If you’re lucky, but only for the short-term. As he’s fond of saying, Seth Rollins is the future, and the future can’t be stopped.

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"I think Seth Rollins is a perennial champion for the next decade. I think in the same way that John Cena and Randy Orton are multi, multi-time champions from 2005 on, I think that is now Seth Rollins' position."

Find out what Paul Heyman, Steve Austin and other ring legends/superstars says about the champ.

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Backstage Segment

Footage is shown of Seth Rollins annihilating John Cena’s nose last month on RAW. Seth Rollins is seen backstage with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rollins says this is perfect. John Cena has done everything except look him in the eye and accept his challenge like a man. When he signs this contract, the deal is sealed. Rollins says Triple H and Stephanie are the best. Rollins asks one more favor. After he becomes a dual champion, he wants a statue in the lobby at the WWE Headquarters. André The Giant, Bruno Sammartino, and The Ultimate Warrior have statues in the lobby. It’s time for him to take his place next to them. Stephanie says it’d only be fitting if he were to win the match on Sunday. Rollins says he won’t let them down.

Contract Signing for Sumerslam

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in the ring. The ring is decorated with a black carpet and a long silver table. Stephanie says it’s time to make one of the biggest matches at SummerSlam official. It’s title for title, winner take all. Triple H asks the crowd to help him welcome the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. Rollins makes his way to the ring to boos from the crowd. Rollins thanks the crowd for the warm introduction. Before we get started, Rollins thinks there are congratulations in order. Rollins congratulates Triple H and Stephanie on putting together the greatest SummerSlam of all time. Rollins congratulates himself on the statue that will be built in his honor when he beats John Cena at SummerSlam. Most importantly, he wants to congratulate everyone in the crowd. Rollins tells them to give themselves a round of applause. It’s not often that someone knows – not thinks – they will witness history. It is a very special time to be a member of the WWE Universe. You don’t go to a baseball game knowing you’re going to see a no hitter… unless your team is playing the Twins. Everyone knows they will be witness to a special moment in time when he dethrones John Cena to become the first man to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and the United States Championship at the same time.

Rollins goes over to the contract to sign it, but he stops himself. A “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks,” chant breaks out. Rollins says when the crowd chants that something comes to mind. Bob Dylan is from Minnesota (no real name recognition from the young crowd). Dylan said the times are changing. For the past decade, John Cena has sat atop the mountain of WWE. Every person that comes along and tries to knock him off the mountain, Cena made sure that person never stood a chance. Cena gets off on playing the role of Superman, but he isn’t. Cena is the villain. Cena is holding the entire WWE Universe hostage for the last decade. A “YES” chant breaks out. Rollins says John Cena is a disease. With one knee to the bridge of his nose, he shattered his face into a million pieces. Rollins sent Cena tumbling down the mountain and began the process that will free everyone in the crowd. Rollins injected a serum into Cena that will inoculate the WWE Universe. Cena is the disease, and Rollins claims to be the cure. Cena disrespects him every chance he gets. Cena has called him and his title reign a joke. At SummerSlam, he’ll have the last laugh when he takes the United States Championship and crushes his legacy like he crushed his face. Cena thinks he’s the man, but he’s not even man enough to answer his challenge face-to-face. Cena went to Tough Enough and answered it there. He didn’t even answer it by himself. He had to ask that cripple Daniel Bryan.

John Cena’s music hits, and the WWE United States Champion makes his way to the ring to boos from the crowd. Cena’s nose looks like nothing ever happened to it. Cena says he’s not in the mood to have a seat. Cena paces the crowd as the crowd jeers him. Cena says Rollins is trying to defend his title reign while half the arena is chanting, “Let’s go Cena” and the other half is chanting that he sucks. No one is saying anything about Rollins. Rollins doesn’t even believe his own crap. The champ is there, but the sorry excuse for a man walking around with it is reduced to nothing more than a cheap imitation of John Cena. Cena sarcastically says Rollins is the first to ever make fun of his catchphrases. Cena says Rollins is not a John Cena rip-off. Rollins was handpicked to be the future of WWE. Triple H does not make a decision that big unless he thinks that person shares the same attributes he does. Triple H has provided Rollin with every tool to succeed including the Pedigree. Rollins is the way to ensure Triple H’s legacy lives forever. There’s one problem and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon because the real champ is here. Cena says Rollins busted his nose a few weeks ago and had to sit at home last week. Cena had to think about how to payback Rollins and his knee. Maybe he breaks it or an arm? Maybe he’ll break Rollins’ nose? Those are just injuries. Cena says he may not be Superman, but people come back from injuries. Then it hit him as clean as Rollins’ knee hitting his nose. What he’ll do to Rollins on Sunday will haunt Rollins and Triple H for the rest of their lives. He is a fifteen-time World Heavyweight Champion. Cena figured there would be no chance of him getting his hands on the title again until Captain Morgan opened his mouth. Cena will show up on Sunday and win to become the World Heavyweight Champion for the sixteenth time. This Sunday, when Rollins loses, he’ll lose. The all-time championship record is held by Triple H’s mentor, Ric Flair. Rollins isn’t the future – he’s a footnote. Rollins is a trivia answer. Cena says Sunday isn’t just a match. This Sunday, Rollins will fight to protect everything. Triple H is trying to bestow Ric Flair’s legacy on Rollins. The one difference is Triple H was never Ric Flair’s bitch. This Sunday, he’s going to make Rollins his. Cena signs the contract and leaves the ring. Rollins seethes in anger as Cena walks off.

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Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens sent a message to Neville and Cesaro

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins kicked off the best show on Thursday nights, reflecting on his own “greatness” and on his SummerSlam showdown against John Cena. In the process, he dared The Champ to accept his challenge face-to-face on Monday’s Raw.

Neville, and then Cesaro, emerged to try and “shut up” The Architect. But a sneak attack by Kevin Owens — and a follow-up assault by Rollins — derailed their efforts. It was later announced that the four competitors would square off in a huge SmackDown tag team main event.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens vs Cesaro and Neville

In the final moments of SmackDown’s tag team main event, constant interference by Kevin Owens and a handful of tights allowed Seth Rollins to roll up Cesaro for the victory.

But when KO continued his assault after the bell, The Swiss Superman turned the tides and sent him crashing to the canvas. And with Rollins nowhere to be found, Neville dropped in on Owens with the explosive Red Arrow.

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Step inside the gym with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins as he reveals his mind-blowing blueprint for physical perfection in WWE’s latest Body Series.

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Step Into the Ring with WWE® Superstars Seth Rollins and Paige!
Thursday, August 20, 12 noon, Level Three, The Skybox

Join us in celebration of WWE® Summerslam’s HUGE return to the East Coast during an exclusive autograph signing event with Seth Rollins and Paige on Thursday, August 20 at 12 noon!

The first 225 customers to purchase $30 or more of WWE merchandise at Toys“R”Us Times Square between Thursday, August 6 and Thursday, August 20, will receive a ticket to this slam-tastic event, where they will have the opportunity to meet and greet with these WWE Superstars and receive their autographs. Customers must bring eligible receipts to the Personal Shopping department, located on Level Two of the Barbie Dollhouse to receive a ticket to the event, while supplies last.*

*There is a limit of one ticket per customer available only with purchase of $30 or more of WWE merchandise. One ticket valid for one autograph from Seth Rollins and one autograph from Paige. Seth Rollins and Paige will only autograph WWE merchandise purchased at Toys“R”Us Times Square OR a WWE autograph card provided at the event. No other memorabilia will be signed. Only 225 tickets are available for this event on a first come, first served basis. Tickets are available beginning Thursday, August 6 through August 20, or while supplies last. The event and talent are subject to change or cancellation.

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Spoiler Inside SelectShow


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John Cena vs. Seth Rollins

The stakes have never been as great as they will be at SummerSlam when WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins faces United States Champion John Cena. The winner takes all, and for the first time in WWE history, one Superstar will control both titles.

Amid speculation that the Cenation leader would not be cleared to compete at The Biggest Party of the Summer, Cena accepted (with Daniel Bryan’s support) Rollins’ challenge during an appearance on the Aug. 11 edition of WWE Tough Enough.

The U.S. Champion severely broke his nose while competing against Rollins in a July 27 U.S. Open Challenge on Raw. With his title on the line but not Rollins’, the double-tough Cenation leader trumped the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in that match, even after The Architect drove his knee into Cena’s face, breaking his nose and leaving it angled sharply sideways. The injury forced Cena to undergo emergency surgery days later and miss the subsequent weeks’ Raws.

Retribution for a crooked nose and time on the shelf won’t be Cena’s only motivation come Sunday, Aug. 23; Rollins has also continually disparaged the Cenation leader since their match on Raw.

Moreover, a win at SummerSlam would mean Cena’s 16th World Title, tying him with WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair for the most World Championship reigns. A loss, however, would signify the end of Cena’s U.S. Championship run. Since dethroning Rusev for the stars-and-stripes title at WrestleMania 31, Cena has welcomed all challengers, and, in doing so, has elevated the already prestigious championship, bringing it almost on par with the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

Not just eager to even the score against Cena, Rollins has stated it is his goal to add hardware — the U.S. Title — to his collection. The Architect is also likely determined to prove he is not a lame-duck champion, as some of his critics suggest. Rollins has repeatedly benefited from outside interference during his title reign, allowing him to retain the championship against the likes of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton. A win over WWE’s top thoroughbred in the venerable Cena would go a long way toward silencing the doubters.

Which Superstar will leave SummerSlam and Brooklyn as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the United States Champion? Will Cena — arguably WWE’s most reliable big-match performer — make history with another World Title win? Or will Rollins finish what he started on Raw and finally prove himself superior to WWE’s tireless workhorse?

Don’t miss all the action when the two champions stand toe-to-toe at SummerSlam, available live, only on the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, Aug. 23. Don’t forget: This year’s Biggest Party of the Summer is a special four-hour event that begins at a start time of 7 ET/4 PT.

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