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The Shield

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Roman Reigns accomplished what Dean Ambrose couldn’t when he pinned The World’s Strongest Man on Raw. Despite continuous signs of tension within the ranks, The Hounds of Justice look ready for their battle with The Wyatt Family this Sunday after defeating Sin Cara and Los Matadores on WWE Main Event.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Shield

Joey Styles: With all due respect to The Von Erichs and Fabulous Freebirds, I think The Hounds of Justice is the most dominant three-man team I have ever seen. However, I truly believe there is a crack in The Shield, specifically between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. When the wild and weird Wyatt Family exerts extreme pressure at Elimination Chamber, the crack will become a complete split. I see the Bray and his followers winning what will be the greatest Six-Man Tag Team Match in WWE history. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

John Clapp: It’s around this point of the card that you begin to realize just how truly stacked this year’s Elimination Chamber is. The potential for new matchups is invigorating — for instance, I’m hoping to see Harper and Ambrose tie up — and there are a ton of options for how this fight could play out. Tough to call, but I give the match to The Hounds of Justice, with Reigns’ potent Superman Punch and spear leading to the winning pinfall. WINNERS: The Shield

Alex Giannini: I’m gonna be honest here, guys: I almost don’t care which faction actually wins. I just want to watch this match unfold. It’s the two most dominant three-man factions in WWE today — and possibly ever — and I can’t wait to see them engage in all-out ring warfare. The mind games are over; now it’s time to come out and play. In the end, I’m thinking the power of Roman Reigns will propel The Shield to victory. But at what cost will they prevail over the terrifyingly unpredictable Wyatts? WINNERS: The Shield

Anthony Benigno: Eep. This is going to be less a match and more of the war it’s being touted as, and both factions are prepared for battle. The edge would go to the more seasoned Shield nine days out of ten, but given the rising tensions within The Hounds’ doghouse, the idea of them toughing it out against the hive-minded Wyatt clan is a little bit more than I’m willing to believe. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

Jake Grate: This is a match that anyone with a pulse has been waiting to see. The Hounds of Justice have been fraying at the seams of late, while The Wyatt Family has presented a united — and freaky — front. Additionally, Bray Wyatt’s singular, sermonizing leadership keeps his followers in check, while the more egalitarian Shield lacks a leading presence. I expect WWE’s creepiest family to get a huge victory and seize the title of WWE’s most dominant force. WINNERS: The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family: 3, The Shield: 2

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Renee Young is backstage with The Shield and asks about Roman Reigns’ matchup with Mark Henry later in the night. Dean Ambrose says he is surprised Henry is showing up after the beating he gave him last week, and Reigns asks him what he’s talking about because he lost to the World’s Strongest Man. Ambrose says he softened him up for Reigns. Renee asks if they all need to get on the same page, and Seth Rollins says they are bred for war. Ambrose says The Wyatt Family is an illusion, and Reigns says they don’t back down.


Sheamus vs Randy Orton’s match ended up in a no contest after The Shield attacks Sheamus. Cena and Bryan rush down to the ring, followed by Cesaro. The Wyatt Family music hits and the three men appear in the ring once the lights come back on in the arena. They finally mix it up with The Shield and the numerous combatants all brawl as the show goes off the air.

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Video:: Renee Young interview with The Shield

Here’s the video of The Shield after their match against CM Punk exclusive from TLC 2013 DVD. Enjoy!

video credit: deanambrose.co.vu

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The Shield

Previous Rank: #2 || Current Rank: #2

Dean Ambrose defended the United States Title against Mark Henry on Raw due to a technicalilty (namely, his meddling Shield cohorts). However, The Hounds of Justice united in tag team action on SmackDown and remain singularly focused on facing The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber 2014.