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On the first WWE Main Event following WrestleMania, The Shield battled their heated rivals – Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan – in Six Man Tag Team action. Both trios were determined to show their strength in numbers and the unorthodox styles of each respective Superstar left the Cajundome with an explosive powder keg of a showdown.

The Wyatts relied on their strength and teamwork throughout the contest, but the chaotic nature of The Hounds of Justice balanced the offensive strategy of The Wyatts. Nevertheless, the sheer power of Harper and Rowan kept the scales tipped in their favor, but The Shield showed their resilience and continued to fight.

Although The Wyatts unleashed a great deal of punishment and seemed to have the contest decided, The Shield’s brand of justice – now with the support of the WWE Universe – was righteous on WWE Main Event. After countering Sister Abigail’s Kiss, Dean Ambrose managed to tag in Seth Rollins who soared high in the air and almost single handedly disposed of The Shield. The Wyatt Family fought back but The Hounds of Justice were in sync and showed their dominance with Ambrose picking up the victory.

Following the contest, The Shield had a few choice words for The Authority, explaining that they’ve now found out what happens when The Shield is tested. Roman Reigns especially took exception with Triple H, but The Hounds of Justice declared they were prepared for war – citing that The Authority is an injustice that must be stopped

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Triple H has made a habit of cutting Daniel Bryan’s World Title reigns short. But habits were, of course, made to be broken. The Game seemingly had entrusted The Shield to make sure Daniel Bryan didn’t leave New Orleans with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Alas, Kane exposed The Game as the architect of his recent attacks on The Hounds, so they weren’t much interested in supplanting a pre-match beat down of The Beard by Randy Orton, Batista and Kane himself.

The referee only rang the bell – on The Game’s orders – after that mauling had concluded, and The Shield made themselves known before Triple H could pin the felled Bryan. With Kane, Orton and Batista frothing for a fight and The Shield looking for some payback, The Game was unable to corral his lieutenants into order and ate a Spear from Reigns that ended the match with a DQ; though Triple H ended up worse for wear after The Shield drove his men from the ring and Bryan himself blasted him with the Running Knee

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The Shield comment on their impressive win at WMXXX

The Shield’s enforcer unleashed massive simultaneous Spears onto Dogg and Gunn before turning his attention to Corporate Kane, sending the Director of Operations soaring out of his slacks. From there, a pinfall was all but inevitable. Rollins and Ambrose hoisted an Outlaw each to Reigns’ arms, and the trio executed what can only be referred to as a “double-Triple Powerbomb.” It was Rollins who scored the one-two-three, but this was a win felt by all in attendance.

Blink and you missed it, but this was as impressive and decisive a victory as ever by The Shield. And on The Grandest Stage of Them All, to boot. On this night in New Orleans, Rollins, Ambrose & Reigns proved to be more than just Hounds. They’re bona fide heroes. And you can believe that.

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