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The Authority Interrupts Cena and Ambrose’s Truce

Just when it looked as if John Cena and Dean Ambrose were ready to shake hands and call a truce in their mutual desire to get retribution on Seth Rollins; Corporate Kane, Randy Orton and Rollins appeared on the TitanTron. After pointing out some insulting things that the 15-time World Champion and WWE’s most unstable Superstar had supposedly said about each other in the past, Kane challenged them to prove their new peace accord against the combined force of him and The Viper in SmackDown’s main event.

Cena and Ambrose vs Orton and Kane

John Cena and Dean Ambrose remained obsessed with individually getting payback on Seth Rollins, but they turned their focus to battling Corporate Kane & Randy Orton in SmackDown’s main event. When Mr. Money in the Bank emerged in the height of the hard fought match, however, Cena abandoned his tag team partner and ignited a brawl with his foe that stretched all the way to the back. The actions of the 15-time World Champion left the war-torn Ambrose to face the combined aggression of his opponents alone, and the fact that their double-team brought an end to the match by disqualification couldn’t have mattered less. After Kane hit the chokeslam on the unstable Superstar, WWE’s Apex Predator finished him off with the RKO. By the time Cena returned to the ring, the damage had already been done.

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The Authority Demanded Ambrose to return Seth Rollins’ MITB Briefcase
Forget hijacking Raw, The Authority has a bigger, more pertinent theft to deal with: Dean Ambrose’s burglary of the Money in the Bank briefcase on SmackDown, leaving The Authority’s crown prince temporarily without his golden ticket. Adding to their problems at the start of Raw was the threat of Brock Lesnar having to deal with Seth Rollins for his Night of Champions sneak attack. But Rollins put Paul Heyman’s mind to rest on that matter relatively early on by insisting he attacked The Beast Incarnate of his own accord.

Yet even after The Authority did manage to make contact with Ambrose, who appeared on the TitanTron and dared Rollins to get the briefcase himself, the corporate power had to contend with one more obstacle. That would be John Cena, who stormed Triple H & Co. and sent Rollins scurrying for cover for the second straight week.

Dean Ambrose Returned Seth Rollins’ MITB briefcase
Dean Ambrose is nothing if not a generous man. Not only did the former U.S. Champion prove himself to be a true man of the people by handing out some stolen merchandise — Roman Reigns T-shirts for everyone — but he even returned Seth Rollins’ Money in the Bank briefcase. Granted, it took some intimidation from Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury — “the Cruiserweight division,” as Ambrose called them — to convince him to hand over the goods. Turns out, Ambrose just wanted the biggest audience possible for his ultimate humiliation of Rollins: The unstable Superstar had rigged the briefcase to spew green gunk all over The Aerialist’s suit (shades of another cruiserweight) while the rest of The Authority’s cronies laughed and laughed.

Main Event Match
Lesson of the night? Don’t disrespect Mr. Money in the Bank. Even when they lost, The Authority won in Raw’s main event as Seth Rollins administered his long-promised punishment to Dean Ambrose following a disqualification loss by his Authority-mates, Kane & Randy Orton, to Ambrose & John Cena. The corporate competitors certainly avenged their humiliation at Cena and Ambrose’s hands the previous week as well. After Rollins struck — moments after Ambrose planted Orton with Dirty Deeds — they took advantage of a squabble between the fan-favorites to tear the twosome apart with Chokeslams, RKOs and, as a final exclamation point, Curb Stomps for each atop the Money in the Bank briefcase itself.

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Below are the highlight of Quad-City Times’ Interview with Moline native and WWE Superstar, Seth Rollins. Check out the full interview by clicking the link below:

Standing backstage, the disappointed Chicago Bears fan analyzed his team’s 38-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers earlier Sunday.

“They just couldn’t stop Aaron Rodgers,” he said.

Lopez arrived in the Quad-Cities early Sunday morning and caught up on rest at home before his Sunday night battle against WWE champion John Cena.

“Any time I can get home and have an extra night in bed, I’ll do it,” he added.

Sporting a Milltown Coffee T-shirt, gym shorts, ankle socks and a heat pack on his back, Lopez enjoyed a snack from Chipotle Mexican Grill as he waited for his turn in the ring, one of his only pre-match rituals.

“It’s not a weekly game where you get pumped up,” Lopez said. “We’re doing this every night, but I’ll get pumped up right before the music hits backstage.”

Almost 100 friends and family members, including his mother and stepfather, attended the event, along with students from The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy, which Lopez leads at QC CrossFit in Moline.

“I think they’re more excited than I am,” he said.

In the last match of the night, which turned into a tag-team battle, the crowd roared loud for the Quad-City native, but John Cena and Sheamus defeated Seth Rollins and Antonio Cesaro.

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The Curb Stomp is as breathtaking as it is brutal. When Seth Rollins executes the devastating maneuver on a fallen foe it’s as if he is jumping in slow motion with his foot finding the back of his opponent’s head. Then, like snuffing out a cockroach, The Architect thrusts his foot down, smashing the unfortunate recipient’s face straight into the ground below.

The high-flying Rollins could easily pull off a stunning top-rope maneuver, but instead he chooses to stomp his adversary’s head into the ground. It may not be pretty, but it sure is cool. — SCOTT TAYLOR