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Seth Rollins vs Ghostface (Scream)


Ghostface: You can run, but he’ll catch you. The masked killer from the “Scream” series loves to taunt his prey, calling them for a creepy Q&A before giving chase. His love of movie clichés fools his targets into thinking he’s just a friend playing a prank, but the joke’s on them.Seth Rollins gets stitches after.

Seth Rollins: Anyone who readily stomps a former friend through cinder blocks is too ruthless to mess with. Seth Rollins does what’s best for business and betrays anyone in his way, whether it’s Dean Ambrose or Brock Lesnar. He’ll flash you a smile, while hiding a knife behind his back. — JEFF LABOON

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Dean Ambrose thought he was the most dangerous man to set foot inside the place where rivalries are settled. The WWE Universe likely thought so, too. Seth Rollins may not have initially, though he was definitely convinced before all was said and done. But for all the inspired brutality The Lunatic Fringe unleashed within the 20-foot wide and tall, five-ton steel structure, he turned out to be second best when Bray Wyatt made his return and laid waste to the former United States Champion, robbing him – once again – of his promised payback against Rollins for the unconscionable betrayal that reduced The Shield to ruins.

– 15″ x 17″
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– Includes actual piece of used ring canvas from Hell In A Cell 2014

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Randy Orton confronted Seth Rollins

What do you do when your younger, faster counterpart upstages you in the most must-win environment WWE has to offer? Well, if you’re Randy Orton and your would-be usurper is Seth Rollins, you steal your thunder right back. The Apex Predator picked the perfect moment to sink his fangs into Rollins, too. Orton shut down the would-be coming out party for The Authority’s appointed “standard-bearer of WWE” (thrown in honor of Rollins’ dubious Hell in a Cell victory) with a red-faced tirade. He followed with a — yep — RKO outta nowhere that dropped Mr. Money in the Bank like loose change and a smile splayed across the once (and maybe future) Face of WWE.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena

Propensity for selling out aside, it’s a testament to Seth Rollins that he fell off the side of a Hell in a Cell and ate an RKO within 24 hours and still showed up for his main-event match against John Cena on Raw. Mr. Money in the Bank was impressive given his injuries, but considering that every blow from Cena targeted Rollins’ ribs, the former WWE Tag Team Champion understandably leaned on Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble, aka J&J Security to provide underhanded interference.

Rollins ultimately battled his way into the advantage on his own in impressive fashion, as he utilized the steel steps and announce table to his advantage while still remaining within the rules. He found himself locked in an STF all the same, though Kane’s timely arrival ended the match in a disqualification favoring Cena. Happily, Dolph Ziggler soon arrived to even the odds … followed by the entire locker room in an apparent group audition for Team Cena and Team Authority alike that ended with Cena and The Authority staring down above the fray. So who’s it gonna be?

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