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There will be no escaping for Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell. Mr. Money in the Bank will be locked inside the terrifying structure with the man who has been hunting him down for months, a man who once considered him a brother: Dean Ambrose.

The unstable Superstar has been fuming at Rollins since he stabbed him and Roman Reigns in the back, shattering the seemingly unstoppable force known as The Shield. The Lunatic Fringe is hell-bent on getting retribution, but has rarely been able to get his hands on his former “business partner” in a fair fight. In fact, Ambrose was nearly taken out of action permanently when Rollins Curb Stomped him headfirst through a pile of cinder blocks.

Ambrose had a roadblock in his road to retribution – John Cena. The 15-time World Champion was furious with Mr. Money in the Bank after Rollins cost him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by clobbering him with his golden briefcase during his match against Brock Lesnar at Night of Champions. The Lunatic Fringe and Cena were unable to come to an agreement on who got the first crack at Rollins.

Instead, The Authority forced the two to face off on Monday Night Raw in a Contract-on-a-Pole Match, with the winner earning the right to enter the Cell with Rollins. In a vicious match, the unstable Superstar emerged victorious, earning the match with Rollins he’s been hungry for.

Seth Rollins won’t have The Authority to back him up, nor will he be able to run away once he’s locked inside the treacherous structure with The Lunatic Fringe. Will Mr. Money in the Bank be able to put Ambrose behind him, or will the unstable Superstar get the justice he’s been seeking for months?

Find out at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, Oct. 26, at 8 ET/5 PT, live on WWE Network!

Seth Rollins vs Jack Swagger

The Authority’s “Hell”-bound golden boys went two-for-two on Raw after Seth Rollins defeated Jack Swagger, giving himself a big win to help carry him toward the place where rivalries are settled forever. Defeating Swagger was a surprisingly grueling task for the fleet-footed Mr. Money in the Bank, whose aerial attacks initially paid small dividends against the power maneuvers that tossed him around like a flour sack.

The presence of Randy Orton at ringside didn’t put Rollins’ mind at ease, either, but what did save The Aerialist was a superkick that knocked the kneeling Swagger unconscious, and the roll-up moments later that denied The Real American a surefire victory. However, it was Orton’s post-match RKO to the former World Champion that nearly brought the two company men to blows before cooler heads prevailed … at least this time.

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Seth Rollins Meet and Greet by Mix 106.1

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