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Dean Ambrose Answers Seth Rollins’ Open Challenge

Due to Roman Reigns’ emergency surgery just one night before Night of Champions, he was unable to compete in his match against Seth Rollins.

However, after forcing official Charles Robinson to count-out Reigns and give Rollins an official win via forfeit, Mr. Money in the Bank issued an open challenge. What Rollins didn’t anticipate was the challenge being answered by the personification of chaos – Dean Ambrose.

Out of action since a devastating Curb Stomp on top of cinder blocks on Raw weeks ago, Ambrose returned with a vendetta and vengeance on his mind. After exiting a yellow cab that tore into the back of the arena, Ambrose charged the ring and unleashed his rage at Rollins’ expense.

The unstable Superstar took the fight into the WWE Universe, prompting The Authority to order security to contain the madness. However, Ambrose leapt off of an entrance stage video wall first onto the entire security team and then his assault on his former Shield partner.

As the one-sided brawl found its way back to the ring, Ambrose prepared to add an exclamation point in the form of a steel chair – before being tackled by security, handcuffed and removed from the arena.

Although Ambrose most certainly rained on Rollins’ parade, The Authority protected by Mr. Money in the Bank, well aware that with Ambrose back, Rollins has a target on him.

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar

Seth Rollins stormed the ring and nailed the Cenation leader with his Money in the Bank briefcase, giving Cena the disqualification victory but, unfortunately, not the title. While the prone WWE World Heavyweight Champion slowly began to stir, still feeling the effects of Cena’s onslaught, Rollins Curb Stomped Lesnar. The Architect’s path to sports-entertainment’s grandest prize was clear: Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Retreat.

However, just as Rollins was about to capitalize on a dazed Lesnar, Cena intervened and chased off Mr. Money in the Bank

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To buddies at the gym, he’s just Colby Lopez, the guy they’ve known for years, but to hundreds of thousands of pro wrestling fans, he’s superstar Seth Rollins.

Next Sunday, Lopez — as Rollins — will take center stage at the iWireless Center to battle World Wrestling Entertainment, or WWE, champion John Cena.

The dream he’s living started in the ticket line at the arena in Moline. In 2002, as Lopez waited for WWE SmackDown tickets outside of what was then The Mark of the Quad-Cities, he recalls emulating the moves of his idols, Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels.

The 28-year-old Buffalo native, who now has more than 616,000 followers on Twitter, has become famous for his own finishing moves and recently performed in his second WrestleMania, the longest-running professional wrestling event in history that airs every spring on pay-per-view.

“That’s the stuff you don’t even think about when you’re dreaming as a little boy,” Lopez said.

Following his WrestleMania debut, the Davenport West graduate moved back to the Quad-Cities in the spring of 2013. Hoping to get more involved in his hometown, Lopez teamed up with friends to organize a wrestling academy for aspiring professional wrestlers.

At the end of last month, the part-time Quad-Citian premiered the first session of The Black & The Brave Wrestling Academy.

A CrossFit-enthusiast himself, Lopez partnered with QC CrossFit in Moline, and friends from Scott County Wrestling to lead the 12-week crash course in professional wrestling.

“I wanted to use my little bit of fame to give back to the community and independent scene that brought me up,” Lopez said during a recent training session inside the gym at 3800 River Drive, Moline.

“It’s nice to travel the world, but big cities are hectic, so it’s beautiful to come home to a quiet spot where everybody knows everybody.”

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Roman Reigns seemed to be on the verge of overcoming Rusev’s powerful assault before Seth Rollins arrived to cut off the black-clad Superstar’s comeback. Mr. Money in the Bank’s plan backfired, however, as he ended up inadvertently nailing The Super Athlete with his briefcase, resulting in a disqualification victory for The Hero of the Russian Federation.

Reigns and his former Shield “brother” continued to battle outside the ring as The Powerhouse chased his Night of Champions opponent through the WWE Universe

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Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns


@JoeyStyles: Arguably, since the split of The Shield, Roman Reigns has had the most successful singles career of the former Hounds of Justice. The Superman Punch and Spear have beaten opponent after opponent, including former WWE and World Heavyweight Champions Kane and Randy Orton. Seth Rollins is a phenomenal athlete and his Curb Stomp may be the most punishing strike in WWE. However, Reigns is on a roll and his momentum will carry him past the former Architect of The Shield. Believe in Roman Reigns, who will one day be WWE World Heavyweight Champion … after Brock Lesnar retires and relinquishes the title. WINNER: Roman Reigns

@HowardFinkel: For me, this match is too close to call. Both men have been going great guns and certainly know each other very well. However, Rollins ekes out the win. Memories will not be short, based on the loss Rollins suffered to Reigns last Monday on Raw, and I just think that result will be one of the catalysts that propel Mr. Money in the Bank to a hard-earned victory. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Scott Taylor: Seth Rollins is a man with a plan. I fully expect The Architect to come prepared with a well-thought-out blueprint to defeat Roman Reigns. On the other hand, the powerhouse Reigns has been unstoppable as of late, delivering Superman Punches and Spears like a man possessed. Even with The Authority backing up Mr. Money in the Bank, I don’t think Reigns’ meteoric rise can be slowed down. WINNER: Roman Reigns

James Wortman: Less than a week before Night of Champions, the WWE Universe witnessed these two former “brothers” go at it live on Raw, and it was Roman Reigns who sealed the victory with a Spear. Seth Rollins isn’t the type of guy to go into a rematch without carefully studying the mistakes of the past, and it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Mr. Money in the Bank doesn’t enter this contest with at least three backup plans. This one goes to The Authority. WINNER: Seth Rollins

John Clapp: It’s obvious Rollins wants to prove to Triple H that The Game’s investment in him has been a wise one; Rollins’ eagerness to impress has even been the cause of subtle tension between he and Orton. By losing to Reigns on Monday, however, has Rollins lost his shine? If his frustration doesn’t cause him to lose composure at Night of Champions, Rollins will make certain he defeats his former tag partner, whose offense (and limitations) Rollins already knows all so well. He’s identified Reigns’ few weaknesses, I’m sure; let’s see if he can exploit them. WINNER: Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins: 3, Roman Reigns: 2