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Seth Freaking Rollins!. He’s really freaking good. Did you know that he took the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Brock Lesnar? Or that he’s the only man to cash in a Money in the Bank contract in the main event of WrestleMania? Or that he’s the only human being to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships simultaneously? If you don’t, worry not: He’ll tell you soon enough. And if you somehow manage to tune out his (justified) boasts, it won’t be long until this hybrid athlete’s skills in the ring turn you into a believer. A veteran of the independent scene who’s more ninja than wrestler, Rollins set up shop as one of WWE’s on-the-spot history makers from the second he walked in the door. From his reign as the first-ever NXT Champion to his vaunted time as the “Architect” of The Shield, Rollins’ first two years in WWE were a master class of evolution. Coincidentally enough, that’s the name of one of the factions he and his fellow Hounds of Justice managed to upend in their near-spotless two-year run throughout WWE’s ranks. He’s even better flying solo, racking up accolades faster than WWE can produce them. Within 15 months of The Shield’s breakup, Rollins had won a Money in the Bank contract and converted it into the WWE World Heavyweight Title and added John Cena’s U.S. Title to his trophy case. Is it even possible to hold this ascendant athlete down? If you’re lucky, but only for the short-term. As he’s fond of saying, Seth Rollins is the future, and the future can’t be stopped.

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"I think Seth Rollins is a perennial champion for the next decade. I think in the same way that John Cena and Randy Orton are multi, multi-time champions from 2005 on, I think that is now Seth Rollins' position."

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Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus & Cesaro to become the new RAW tag team champions.

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Seth Rollins will start the match out against Jinder Mahal. They circle the ring and lock up. Mahal wrenches the arm and applies a hammerlock. Rollins transitions to a hammerlock of his own. Mahal escapes and twists the arm, but Rollins rolls to reverse the pressure and kips up before applying a waistlock. Mahal gets out and hits the ropes only to eat a picture perfect dropkick from Rollins. Rollins hits the Three Amigos before tagging in Dean Ambrose, who hits Mahal with a low clothesline for a two count. Ambrose drops a quick elbow and stomps him. Ambrose punches him in the forehead before tagging in Rollins. Mahal quickly knees and punches Rollins before tagging in Drew McIntyre. McIntyre punches him before hitting a suplex. McIntyre gyrates while pointing at Roman Reigns. McIntyre stops Rollins from making a tag. Rollins flips through a back suplex, rolls under a clothesline, and tags Ambrose in.

Ambrose clotheslines McIntyre down and elbows Mahal off the apron. Ambrose takes McIntyre down and punches him. Ambrose blocks a headlock takeover. There appears to be a little miscommunication between the two men, but they get back on track after Ambrose gives him a knee to the midsection. Ambrose punches him while against the ropes before hitting a dropkick. Mahal runs into the ring, and Ambrose ducks the clothesline attempt. Rollins then throws Mahal out of the ring and takes him down with a plancha. McIntyre shoves Ambrose into the ropes, but Ambrose bounces right back with a clothesline. Ambrose then hits him with Dirty Deeds for the win.

Kane’s pyro explodes, and he comes out to the stage with the New Age Outlaws. All three men are dressed in suits. Kane congratulates them on their win. Kane says what they did to 3MB is exactly what they’ll do at WrestleMania. However, they’ll do it like men. They are not going to ambush them like they did to their next opponents. Rybaxel then comes to the ring.

-Commercial Break-

We join the match in progress to see Ryback elbow Ambrose down. Curtis Axel is tagged in, and he runs into a drop-toe-hold. Ambrose applies a death-lock and rips at his face. Axel fights up to his feet and knees Ambrose in the midsection. Kane and the New Age Outlaws are watching from the top of the ramp. Axel throws Ambrose onto the apron. Ambrose shoulders Axel in the midsection and punches Ryback off the apron. Axel then clotheslines Ambrose in the back of the head to knock him off the apron. Axel punches him at ringside before throwing him into the ring. Ryback is tagged in, and Axel shoves Ambrose’s face into his knee. Ryback body slams him down and goes to the second rope. Ryback tags Axel in as he hits a body splash. Axel then hits a second rope elbow for a near fall. Axel kicks away at him before tagging Ryback back in. They double-team Ambrose before Ryback goes for a delayed vertical suplex. Ambrose then counters into a DDT.

Rollins and Axel are tagged in. Rollins clotheslines Axel and knocks Ryback off the apron. Rollins boots Axel in the face and hits a flipping neckbreaker off the second rope. Rollins forearms him in the corner and dropkicks him down. Rollins sends him into the ropes, but Axel holds on. Rollins charges him, and Axel back body drops him to the apron. Axel tries to knock him off, but Rollins avoids it and kicks him in the face. Ryback tries to attack him from ringside, but Rollins jumps over his strike and kicks him in the face. Ambrose then takes him down and punches away at him. Rollins then back body drops Axel out of the ring from the apron. Rollins then hits the ropes and hits Rybaxel with a summersault senton. Rollins celebrates at ringside before throwing Axel into the ring. Rollins springboards into a kick from Axel. Axel goes for the Perfect-Plex, but Rollins gets out and kicks him in the face. Rollins hits the Curb Stomp for the win.

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Video:: The Shield vs 3MB and Rybaxel
Video:: The Shield vs Rybaxel continues

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Candids from Smackdown Taping for March 28th episode has been added to the gallery. Thanks to DEJAH WHITED for donating the photos.

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Scan from th April issue of WWE Magazine has been added to our gallery.. Thanks to AMANDA LEE for the scans.

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Last night in Boston, Massachusetts John Cena joined forces with The Shield in facing Kane and The Wyatt Family. The said match happen as a Dark Match for Smackdown. Enjoy some fancams below:

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Candids from WWE Road to Wrestlemania in Trenton, New Jersey has been added to our gallery. A huge thank you to MICHELLE PERLMAN for the photos.

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Even a Real American isn’t immune from the long arm of justice, as Jack Swagger & Cesaro found out when they battled Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins on Raw. Believing Zeb’s boys were equally responsible for their thrashing on SmackDown, The Shield took the fight to their opponents before the bell even rang and coasted to an early advantage when the match began.

Cesaro helped the Americans right the ship by sending Ambrose for a 20-rotation Cesaro Swing, but a series of slaps to the face spurred the “lunatic fringe” into action. Ambrose laid out Cesaro, tagged in Rollins and “the aerialist” took off, breaking free of Swagger’s Patriot Lock to seal the match with a stomp to the head.

Moments later, The Shield finished their tour of vengeance with a Triple Powerbomb through the commentary table to Cesaro, but it seems all their conflict against The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations will soon come to a head: Per Kane’s orders, at WrestleMania, The Hounds of Justice will face Kane & The New Age Outlaws.

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Video:: The Shield vs Real Americans continues – WWE App Exclusive
Video:: The Shield attacks Rybaxel

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