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Did you think becoming a father (congratulations, by the way) was going to stop The Miz from making his presence known as WrestleMania draws near? Absolutely not. The Intercontinental Champion showed up to Raw as motivated and focused as ever to retain his title at WrestleMania, scouting every second of the latest one-on-one bout between his two challengers: Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor.

What he saw was a first-rate battle between two old foes whose rivalry still simmers and, perhaps, a path to keeping his gold and bringing it home to his daughter. Miz proclaimed on commentary that his ideal scenario was for the WrestleMania Triple Threat to go long, thereby sapping Rollins and Bálor of their respective strengths and allowing Miz to pick up the win. The Raw match certainly stretched on far longer than a typical contest, to the point that the two former World Champions resorted to wild haymakers and whatever big moves they could muster while Miz urged the match to stretch on as long as it could.

Rollins, who made it very clear that he wanted the “momentum” that a win could give him, seemed to pull an answer out of thin air each time The Extraordinary Man began to roll, even kicking out of Bálor’s previously successful rollup of the superplex-Falcon Arrow combo at the last second. Finn showed some resilience of his own, escaping a running powerbomb into the barricade and dropkicking The Kingslayer into the blockade instead.

The match came down to dueling rollups, which Rollins managed to writhe free of and achieve the win by stomping Finn into the mat, but it’s Miz, with his title held high, who goes into WrestleMania as the most energized of all the combatants — and, with Monroe Sky watching, maybe the most motivated as well.

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The Miz’s game plan leading into WrestleMania has been to pit Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins against each other in the hopes they’ll be too preocupied with each other to mount a proper challenge for the Intercontinental Title. Turns out two (or three) can play that game.

Playing off escalating tensions between Miz and The Miztourage, who have been less than efficient in their duties lately, The Kingslayer arrived early to his and Bálor’s “Miz TV” interview to stoke the animosity between the Intercontinental Champion and his supporting cast. He did is pretty good job of it, as an aggravated Bo Dallas muttered that Miz was a “phony A-Lister who can’t fight” into the mic after a lengthy berating. Bálor arrived to pile on by goading Dallas into insulting his boss a second time, leading to a slap across the face from The Awesome One that he tried to play off as “firing up” his enforcers. It seemed to work, too … until Miz implied that he was a better Intercontinental Champion than Mr. Perfect, leading to some raised eyebrows from Curtis Axel.

With Miz having shoved both his loafers in his mouth, he quickly found himself surrounded by The Miztourage and Rollins and Bálor — though the whole confrontation turned out to be a ruse to goad Seth and Finn into a beatdown from Bo & Axel. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson’s arrival sent The Miztourage packing, and it kick-started a brawl among the three WrestleMania opponents that ended with Miz, Rollins and Bálor all fighting over possession of the Intercontinental Title. Finn came out on top in the scramble, knocking Rollins to the mat and stepping over him to hoist the championship above his head. Retribution may yet be in the cards for The Kingslayer, however, as he and Bálor will clash next week on Raw just six days before WrestleMania.

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Seth, we’ve heard you’re a big fan of FIFA 18, especially playing as West Ham United. What is it about the Hammers that makes them such an appealing side to use?

To be honest, before I found West Ham, I sucked. I sucked at FIFA 18. I was getting my butt kicked by all the Europeans in the locker room and I was getting laughed at because of how bad I was.

I kept trying a bunch of teams, but I wasn’t a big soccer guy, so I found it difficult to find a side that suited me. I ended up playing with the Hammers one time, and I just fell in love. I just started winning and, once you start winning, you can’t stop. I wasn’t going to stop either. West Ham became my team.

Who are your top guys on FIFA 18 for West Ham United?

I like Chicharito. I like Lanzini. Those are my guys – Lanzini and Chicharito. They are always my top goalscorers. I like all the big names and I felt like I could get the job done with those guys better than any other team.

I’ve also got to give credit where it’s due to Joe Hart. He’s my starting goalkeeper and he has won me a lot of games. Defensively, I’m far from being the best FIFA player. The Hammers are a good defensive team, but me personally not so much, so Hart has been the glue that holds it together for me.

Has playing as West Ham on FIFA 18 made you a supporter of the Club?

I suppose it has, yeah. I don’t follow the Premier League really closely but I do enjoy hearing the stories from our European guys. They tell me about the results now and when something happens with West Ham. It’s really cool and it was also really awesome that, when the Club found out I was a fan, they sent me a kit with my name on. That was sweet!

Who else on the WWE roster likes playing FIFA 18?

It’s a big thing for our European guys. You’ve got Cesaro. You’ve got Sheamus and Finn Balor. Then you’ve also got Apollo Crews. Kalisto and Gran Metalik play as well. We’ve got a well-versed array of WWE Superstars who get into the FIFA competition.

It’s been a lot of fun and it’s really easy to pick up and go with on the road. For me, there’s nothing better than whooping some European butt on FIFA 18. I feel pretty proud of myself after a win.

Who’s the best in the locker room?

That’s a tough one. It kind of goes all over the place. Apollo is really good but Gran Metalik is also really good as well. It’s a really tough one to answer.

I fancy myself as a player that’s getting better and better every day. I’m constantly improving and finding new tactics to use as West Ham. I’ve beaten Apollo and Gran Metalik but they’ve also beaten me. It’s a very close group of players in that regard.

Which member of our team would make the best WWE Superstar, and would you welcome that individual into your tag-team, The Shield?

I would have to say Marko Arnautovic. I’m not sure he would be able to get into The Shield, mind you. That’s a pretty exclusive team. But Arnautovic is my guy.

I think he would cross over very well into the WWE. He’s a big lad with strong legs and a great attitude. I have no doubt he would make a great character for WWE to have.

Do you have a message for the West Ham players?

Go out there, work hard and hope for some luck. West Ham is a traditional Club that always puts their best foot forward and I hope the team can climb up the table.

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