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An impromptu performance review was likely not the way Seth Rollins wanted to close out the hottest year of his career, but there The Kingslayer was, staring down Triple H in a confrontation with the man who had gone from his biggest benefactor to his harshest critic.

The Game was less than impressed that Rollins was asking for his Intercontinental Title rematch — both because automatic rematch clauses are a thing of the past and because Triple H wasn’t sure Rollins was entitled to anything, no matter how many classics he had put on in 2018. (For the record, it was a lot). What The King of Kings wanted was his old ruthless protégé back, and Rollins obliged with a furious promise to burn his way through Bobby Lashley (his opponent tonight), Dean Ambrose, and anybody up to and including Brock Lesnar and the entire McMahon family, should they get in his way.

With Rollins revving up, Shane McMahon arrived to cool things down and clear the ring for the “Fresh Start Battle Royal” that would determine Ambrose’s next challenger for the Intercontinental Championship.

Give Seth Rollins credit for knowing his audience of one: He didn’t win the match Triple H gave him against Bobby Lashley, but The Kingslayer went for the next best thing and beat The All Mighty all across the Detroit city limits in a display that could only be called ruthless if one was going for understatements.

That Lashley technically got the win via disqualification will likely be little comfort to him since he came off as a Superstar who clearly messed with the wrong guy at the wrong time. Lio Rush got involved twice in the middle of the match — he and Lashley were all business and taking no chances; The All Mighty didn’t even pose — and when Rush attempted to interfere a third time, Rollins chased him down only to be blindsided by the former ECW Champion. And then, Rollins, rather than win the match, opted to give Triple H the ruthlessness he demanded, whaling on Lashley and Rush with a steel chair — cue the disqualification — before flattening The Man of the Hour with a Stomp. It wasn’t a display befitting the marathon man of 2018, but it was very similar to the heartless marauder of years past. And if the Raw Superstars thought workhorse Seth Rollins was a handful, just wait till they have to deal with the other guy all over again.

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