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Looking to clear his head and begin anew following the collapse of The Shield and the betrayal of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins took one step closer to being named the best in the world by toppling Bobby Lashley in a WWE World Cup First-Round Match. With hype man Lio Rush cheering him on, Lashley showed awe-inspiring aggression, rocking The Architect with a brutal slam in the early going. Rollins struggled to regain his bearings for minutes afterward, allowing Lashley to continue his powerful onslaught. Even when The Kingslayer scored some offense, landing back-to-back suicide dives against The Rocky Mountain-Made Machine, he still showed the effects.

Lashley tried repeatedly to put Rollins away, but the reigning Intercontinental and Raw Tag Team Champion had resiliency on his side, as well as a distinct speed advantage. The latter attribute came into play when Rollins leapfrogged over a charging Lashley and suddenly walloped him with the Stomp to claim the pinfall victory and advance to the Semifinals.

Seth Rollins took the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler. He took the Raw Tag Team Championship from Dolph Ziggler. And, in many ways, he even took the workhorse-appreciation adulation of the WWE Universe from Dolph Ziggler. But he won’t get to call himself best in the world because Seth Rollins’ biggest “problem” followed him to WWE Crown Jewel and cut his evening short, allowing The Showoff to advance to the WWE World Cup’s final round.

Yes, even though Ziggler is the one who technically punched — or kicked, rather — his ticket to the finals of the bracket, Drew McIntyre once again proved to be the deciding factor despite spending most of the match simply providing cover for his associate. Ziggler, who was still nursing a mangled ankle courtesy of first-round opponent Kurt Angle, relied heavily on his amateur wrestling background to keep Rollins from tapping into his arsenal. Each time the Intercontinental Champion started to close the gap, McIntyre would rear his head, getting in Rollins’ face and giving Ziggler time to rally.

As Rollins began to gain more consistent momentum down the stretch, however, he made a point to target the Scotsman where he could, even taking him out with a suicide dive through the ropes. It was an effective strategy that, perhaps motivated McIntyre to get involved in a more concrete sense: After trading big moves and near-falls with The Showoff, Rollins had Ziggler right where he wanted him when he pushed The Showoff off the top rope and seemingly aggravated his ankle. But when the ref went to check on Ziggler, McIntyre shoved Rollins from behind, sending the Intercontinental Champion tumbling straight into a superkick that ended the match and sent Ziggler to the final round.

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