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“It is one of the biggest attractions of the Monday Night Raw roster . Seth Rollins has become a reference both as a solo artist and as a partner with his fellow The Shield. He is currently an intercontinental champion and dreams of making this title even bigger.

In the hours leading up to the Raw celebration , Seth Rollins wanted to share a few minutes with Planeta Wrestling to talk about the WWE news. These were his words:”

Planet Wrestling : Is The Shield the most important thing on Monday Night Raw today?

Seth Rollins : Yeah, well, maybe now the most important thing in WWE is PPV Evolution. I love The Shield obviously as a member of the group that I am and I think we deserve the spotlight and a main site in the show, but for me what is happening with the Evolution PPV is bigger than the wrestling itself; what the company is doing, what the women are doing … I really want the day to come and I think they deserve all the attention, not only for a matter of wrestling but of humanity.

What are your plans for the short-term intercontinental title?

I hope to be able to defend it shortly. It seems that I stayed a bit stuck in a meaningless story with Braun, Drew and Dolph and I hope that now that they are not a group I can do what I have always wanted to do, which is to defend the intercontinental title and have the best matches in the world. planet. That is my plan and I hope I can carry it out and earn my money.

Recently WWE has published the top 5 of the greatest betrayals in WWE history placing at number 1 the betrayal of Seth Rollins to The Shield, what do you think about this?

It was an iconic moment that broke many hearts. I think that at the end of the day if you think about it, it was obviously horrible, very bad, but it catapulted me as a fighter and to reach a level that I might never have reached if we had not separated. It was the sacrifice that some of us had to make and I have swallowed a lot of garbage for a long time because of what I did, but I am happy that it has gone down in WWE history and that it is a classic moment, for all the wrong reasons, but I think it helped us all by seeing it with the perspective of time.

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