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There was no feeling-out process between the two teams as the action was already at maximum levels of intensity before the bell even rang. Once the match officially got underway, Strowman’s squadron quickly isolated Seth Rollins, and The Monster Among Men went for a top-rope splash onto the prone Architect below. Rollins managed to dodge the ring-rattling splash, however, allowing him to tag in Dean Ambrose and send the match into a new gear.

The crowd of 70,309 could practically feel the entire complexion of the contest change when Ambrose, while re-entering the ring, took a Roman Reigns Superman Punch intended for Drew McIntyre. The strike sent Ambrose hurtling back to the outside floor, and the questions concerning Ambrose’s allegiance to The Shield over the past several weeks immediately resurfaced.

The timing could not have seemed any worse for that inadvertent strike. In the match’s pivotal moments, it even almost appeared that The Lunatic Fringe was cornering Reigns and Rollins alongside Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre. But that wasn’t the case, and Ambrose rejoined his Shield brothers in clearing the ring of their opposition, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

Braun Strowman made sure the battle was far from over, tackling virtually everyone in the match. But when The Monster Among Men charged toward Ambrose on the outside, intent on demolishing him, Reigns intercepted him, Spearing Strowman through the barricade. As Ambrose re-entered the ring, Rollins provided additional cover by taking out McIntyre. Ziggler dispatched The Architect, but the distraction gave Ambrose time to secure the victory for The Hounds of Justice, connecting with Dirty Deeds on The Showoff in what could only be described as an absolute melee at “The G.”

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