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PITTSBURGH — WWE Extreme Rules went as old school as it could in its main event, with Dolph Ziggler defending the Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins in a 30-Minute WWE Iron Man Match that was decided at a score of 5-4 after the marathon contest stretched into overtime. True to form, both Superstars delivered on their respective MOs, with Seth using his heart and skill to earn his falls, while Dolph won by any means necessary, plus a heavy dose of his enforcer Drew McIntyre.

In Ziggler’s defense, he had to get creative to stay in the running: Rollins rocketed to a 2-0 lead within eight minutes, pinning The Showoff with La Magistral at 25:50 and administering the Stomp at 22:02. McIntyre, who had been lurking at ringside, struck after the second fall, mauling Rollins to the tune of a disqualification around the 21-minute mark, bringing Rollins ahead with a score of 3-0.

McIntyre was ejected due to his actions, but he Claymored Rollins on the way out, and Dolph made good on The Scottish Terminator’s contributions: The champion scored three falls within two minutes by first pinning a depleted Rollins, then administering a Superkick and Zig Zag for falls two and three to tie the score. Ziggler took his first lead at about 15:53 by pinning The Kingslayer with his feet on the ropes and reverted to a purely defensive gameplan after that, relying on holds and keep-away in an attempt to bleed the clock and keep his 4-3 advantage safe. Rollins evened the score with 3:08 left by slingshotting Ziggler into the turnbuckle and pinning him with a sunset flip, but a Stomp that would have decided the grueling bout came with too little time on the clock for Rollins to get the pin.

With the contest ruled a draw, Ziggler retained due to champion’s advantage, but Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, looking for a decisive result, hit the scene and restarted the match in sudden death. The result was truly sudden: McIntyre resurfaced immediately on the apron to distract Rollins, and Ziggler hit a quick-strike Zig Zag to pin The Kingslayer and seal the bout, 5-4. Show stolen? Check. Show closed? Check. Title retained? Check. That’s a wrap, Pittsburgh.

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