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Spearing Jinder Mahal through a wall was among the coolest things Roman Reigns has ever done, and if Monday is any indication, The Big Dog will be paying the price for a long, long time. The Modern Day Maharaja both made his presence felt during Reigns’ match with Kevin Owens — where his interference earned Reigns a DQ win — and got the last word after a subsequent tag team match that was sanctioned after Seth Rollins came to his Shield brother’s side.

It was almost immaterial that Rollins & Reigns actually won the tag match — Rollins stomped Owens after a wild brawl and a flurry of attempts at his devastating signature move — because Mahal obliterated both of the victors atop the ramp with a steel chair with such ferocity they could barely make it to their feet after. Rollins took a tumble off the stage at The Maharaja’s hands, but the former WWE Champion saved a little something extra for Reigns, driving the steel into his rival’s gut before making a triumphant exit. The only question now is whether Mahal can withstand Reigns’ inevitable retaliation. Luckily, a singles match between the two at Money in the Bank will provide the answer.

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