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With The Miz having been Superstar Shaken back to SmackDown LIVE, The Miztourage are men without a country. And after their attempts to join up with both Seth Rollins and Finn Bálor went nowhere, Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel decided to prove their worth the old-fashioned way: By facing Rollins and Finn in a tag team match. It didn’t quite work out.

To be fair, however, The Miztourage showed off much of the in-ring acumen that led Miz to recruit them in the first place. Bálor found himself isolated in the early goings, but Rollins changed the match the second he tagged in, flying across the ring before stomping Axel and launching himself over the top rope to take out Dallas with a crossbody on the outside.

Finn provided the finishing touch — the Coup de Grâce, if you will — on The Axe Man, and that was that for a solid team-up between Seth & Finn. They make a solid tandem, but given that they’ll face off in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title on Friday (along with Miz and Samoa Joe), it’s safe to call this partnership one of convenience.

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