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#25: Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose — WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match (WWE Money in the Bank)


Fittingly enough for the climax of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose’s brutal, two-year rivalry, this Ladder Match was complete carnage from start to finish. The two competitors made weapons out of ladders, chairs, ring ropes and anything else in reach. Every moment was more explosive than the next, leading up to the unbelievable finale when a literal tug-o-war for the title atop the ladder led to both Superstars crashing to the canvas with the coveted prize in their hands. The Lunatic Fringe lost his grip as they hit the floor, allowing Rollins to walk away with the victory by the narrowest of margins. — MIKE BURDICK

#21 Seth Rollins vs. Neville — WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match (Raw, Aug. 3)

WE SAID: The very particular nature of Seth Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Title Open Challenge — Superstars taller than six feet or heavier than 200 pounds need not apply — yielded not only a challenger Rollins hadn’t bargained for, but also one of the most breathtaking defenses of his reign. Looking to make the most of the rare opportunity, Neville showcased his post-modern offense (corkscrew moonsaults, deadlift German suplexes and reverse ’ranas, to name a few) while racking up one near-fall after another. In the end, The Architect prevailed, but unlike gravity’s relationship with Neville, nobody who saw the match will ever forget it. — JOHN CLAPP

THEY SAID: “Honestly, the first thing I do when I think about that match is kick myself, because I had the WWE World Heavyweight Champion beaten if it wasn’t for my mistake. I had his leg on the ropes and I cost myself a historic moment, but I’m still very proud of the match and how far I took Seth. Under different circumstances it could have easily been a different outcome.” — NEVILLE

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Roman Reigns’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign has barely even begun, but Seth Rollins has already chimed in on his former Shield brother’s long-gestating ascent to the supreme prize. The Architect, who was slated to defend the title against Reigns at Survivor Series before an injury took him out of action, sent an ominous tweet to The Big Dog that wasn’t so much of a congratulations as a warning of things to come, imploring Reigns to enjoy the title “while it lasts” and to “keep the throne warm” until Rollins returns.

#33 The Shield — “Special Op”

The voices of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns filled the arena, crackling through military walkie-talkies as they called out seemingly random terms: “Sierra. Hotel. India. Echo. Lima. Delta.” Anyone who ever did a stint in the Boy Scouts immediately recognized the phonetic alphabet spelling of the word Shield, but by that time it was already too late. The punishing crunch of militant guitars had kicked in and The Hounds of Justice had encircled their yard — the ring — ready to devour their latest prey. — JOEY STYLES

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has torn his right ACL, MCL and medial meniscus, and will not be able to defend the title against Roman Reigns at Survivor Series. A tournament to determine a new champion will instead take place at the event.

As first reported on Twitter by ESPN, Rollins suffered the injury last night at a WWE Live Event in Dublin, Ireland, and is expected to miss six to nine months of action.

Details surrounding the Survivor Series tournament have not been finalized. The event takes place Sunday, Nov. 22, and will air live only on WWE Network.

Stick with WWE.com for more information on this breaking news story as it becomes available.

Alfred Konuwa of Forbes.com wrote a short article about the WWE Champion, Seth Rollins. Read the article below:

The Seth Rollins experiment is over, and it worked.

As a first-time WWE World Heavyweight champion, it’s easy to view Rollins’ current run as a transitional period until WWE finds its actual replacement for the heroic John Cena. But even as a heel, Rollins is delivering both in and out of the ring as WWE’s breakout star of 2015.

Forget an experiment, this could quickly grow into a dynasty.

On Friday, Pro Wrestling Illustrated released its annual PWI 500 list of the best professional wrestlers in the world. Rollins topped the list, becoming the first pro wrestler under the age of 30 to do so since Randy Orton in 2008.

Certainly this indicates a changing in the guard (Cena was ranked second), but for reasons beyond the PWI 500.

Rollins’ performances in big matches on pay-per-view are eerily similar to similarly-sized legends such as Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. Hart recently told Sports Illustrated  ”Seth Rollins is one of the hardest-working wrestlers I’ve ever seen.” He went on to note “he’s one of those rare guys in the industry today who is an innovator and a guy who creates new ideas, moves, and psychology.”

Many of WWE’s key performance indicators have remained steady, and in some cases increased, in the four months that have been tracked throughout Rollins’ title reign. WWE’s corporate website features key indicators for the second quarter of 2015, which begun shortly after Rollins’ shocking WWE World Heavyweight Championship win at WrestleMania 31. According to these statistics:

  • Paid subscribers for the WWE Network increased in 2Q-15 from 700,000 to 939,000. Rollins appeared in the main event for four of the six WWE Network live specials during that span, including every live special that was also offered on pay-per-view.

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Seth Rollins

The WWE Universe might not necessarily be in agreement on this, but let’s be honest: Seth Rollins isn’t just blowing smoke when he calls himself “The Future of WWE.” Handpicked by The Authority to usher in a new era of sports-entertainment, The Architect shocked the world when he rushed the ring in the middle of WrestleMania 31’s main event to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat both Roman Reigns and defending champion Brock Lesnar on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Since that career-defining accomplishment, Rollins has turned back challenges from Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton, survived a one-on-one encounter with The Beast Incarnate with his title reign intact and captured John Cena’s United States Championship, becoming the first Superstar in history to hold the U.S. and WWE World Heavyweight Titles simultaneously. Before the age of 30, this incredible athlete has accomplished what it takes some competitors a lifetime to achieve. Forget potential: The future is now. — JAMES WORTMAN