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For the WWE Universe, the letters WCW usually bring to mind Hollywood Hogan, Sting or even Eric Bischoff. However, in the Twitterverse, the hashtag stands for “Woman Crush Wednesday,” and it presents a weekly opportunity for lovelorn men to gush over an attractive member of the opposite gender.

Our confusion over #WCW got us thinking: Which women of the squared circle did today’s WWE Superstars have crushes on growing up? Find out who pined for the blonde bombshell Sable, the elegant beauty Miss Elizabeth and the totally out there Luna Vachon!


Ever the ladies’ man, Seth Rollins could not decide on just one crush. He chose both Gorgeous George and Major Gunns from WCW. These lovely ladies served as valets for Randy Savage and The Misfits in Action, respectively.

“They didn’t look like wrestlers to me, because they weren’t,” The Architect of The Shield recalled. “They had platinum blonde hair and they were all dolled up and had banging bodies. And at 14 years old, seeing women who looked like that blew my mind.” [Laughs]

Joey Styles: Individually, the three members of Evolution can probably beat the three members of The Shield. However, re-editing an entrance video does not make Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton the same cohesive unit that they were a decade ago. As a whole, The Shield is stronger and, to quote Aristotle, “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” WINNER: The Shield

Howard Finkel: I am going with The Hounds of Justice to emerge victorious, in what I believe will be a closely contested contest. The difference maker to me is the cohesiveness of The Shield against the potential egomaniacal tendencies that I feel could surface amongst the members of Evolution. It’s just a premonition that I have. WINNER: The Shield

Ryan Murphy: Daniel Bryan proved at WrestleMania 30 that you can fight city hall, but there’s no way The Shield are going to realize the same thing. Triple H has seen what happens when he lets a Superstar get bigger than he can control and he’s not going to let it happen again with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns. Expect the old guard to take this one — by any means necessary. WINNER: Evolution

Bobby Melok: Though Ambrose, Reigns & Rollins have the upper hand at the moment after taking out Evolution’s hired goons, Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista have been waging war for far longer than The Shield. In the battle that is sure to unfold Sunday, the winner will be the team that can bend the rules to its advantage. I give the veteran Evolution the edge. WINNER: Evolution

John Clapp: The Hounds of Justice ate up The Attitude Era at WrestleMania, but are they capable of stopping the most dominant faction of The Ruthless Aggression Era? The Shield always seems to adapt to their situation. This six-man brawl will be a harsh Reality Era check for The Game. WINNER: The Shield

The Shield: 3, Evolution: 2

With The Shield and The Wyatts running roughshod, WWE.com is wondering if the Superstars are ready for the stakes to be raised. See what the locker room thinks of a WWE Six-Man Tag Team Championship.

Six-Man Tag Team Matches have been the premier form of combat in WWE since The Shield stormed on the scene at Survivor Series 2012. Since that night, Superstars have been teaming up in trios to try and take out The Hounds of Justice, and it’s led to some of the most thrilling bouts in WWE history. But what is it about these melees that gets the WWE Universe so pumped up?

“There’s so many elements involved,” Seth Rollins explained to WWE.com. “There are six guys, all with different styles. The way those two teams interact with each other creates a lot of combustible elements that gets the energy higher.”

The potential for a Six-Man Tag Team division in WWE runs deep.  It wouldn’t just be a three-team race for the titles between The Shield, The Wyatts and whatever super-trio of singles Superstars felt like challenging them. All three members of 3MB can get in on the action, rather than forcing one member to sit out. Even the fun-loving Los Matadores & Sin Cara have shown they can hang with WWE’s dominant trios, bringing the fight to The Shield and The Wyatt Family in recent weeks. Plus, the new titles could light a fire under struggling Superstars, creating new trios on a regular basis.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” he said about the creation of new championships. “But if there were Six-Man Tag Team Titles, they would be The Shield’s for the taking. Nobody would touch us — not even The Wyatts.” – Rollins was a little more optimistic, though still a little unsure of the concept.

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Another article has been posted on JR’s blog and once again, he mentioned Seth Rollins

“Just a casual observation but Seth Rollins has stood out recently on WWE TV and has illustrated how one maximizes their minutes.”

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Hotel-Oscar-Lima-Yankee-Charlie-Romeo-Alfa-Papa.The WWE Universe knew The Shield’s first-ever match — a TLC collision against Ryback & Team Hell No — would leave the brand-new Barclays Center strewn with debris when all was said and done. What nobody thought was that Seth Rollins would nearly be reduced to part of the wreckage in the process.

Towards the end of the match, Ryback found himself battered with chairs and laid out atop a table by all three Shield members near the entrance. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns left Rollins to deal with The Human Wrecking Ball, and “the aerialist” of The Shield obliged by scaling the ladder for an airborne strike.

Would have worked fine, too, except “The Big Guy” recovered, pursued Rollins up the rungs and swatted him like a fly, sending the future WWE Tag Team Champion tumbling through three of four nearby stackedtables en route to the concrete floor. A nasty collision between Rollins’ head and the corner of a table stunned the WWE Universe into silence, but Rollins, eventually, popped up in one piece and went on to dominate anyone and everyone alongside his brethren in a run that continues to this day. All in a day’s work for The Hounds of Justice. — ANTHONY BENIGNO