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#18 The Shield

If you were a Superstar who stepped into the ring against The Shield between 2012 and 2014, you knew you were probably going to lose. If you were the WWE Universe tuning into a Shield match during that same time, you knew you were about to get a master class from three young upstarts who didn’t care what the rules were, or whatever “top guy” of the day was standing in their path.

To the collective of Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns, every Superstar was simply a body waiting to be Triple Powerbombed into the mat, every potential victory a statement that had yet to be stamped and every crowd just believers waiting to be converted. There’s a reason they didn’t take a true blue loss for almost a year: Nobody, outside of outrageous circumstance or baffling good luck, could manage to beat them. And yes, it’s a shame Rollins had to betray his brothers to fast-track his own rise to the top, but there’s also a certain kind of logic to it. For these three marauders, there were truly no worlds left to conquer. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

#8 Seth Rollins — @wwerollins

It’s fitting that the most liked picture (54.8k) on Seth Rollins’ Instagram account is a shot of him from WrestleMania 31 holding his freshly won WWE World Heavyweight Championship high in the air. After all, The Architect’s account is a shrine to the hard work and dedication he put in to reach that point. Whether he’s racking up the miles on the road or putting in work at a CrossFit gym (which he does — a lot), Rollins’ Instagram account may not make you like the sniveling Superstar, but you’ll have a hard time not respecting him. — JAMES SUMMERVILLE


Money in the Bank isn’t easy to come by, and only a select group of Superstars can lay claim to winning the Ladder Match. See photos of every winner in these photos you can take to the bank.

1. Photos – Meet Every Mr. Money in the Bank

It’s been a rough week for Seth Rollins. At WWE Elimination Chamber, even though The Architect kept his WWE World Heavyweight Championship reign intact through nefarious means, it was Dean Ambrose who left the arena with the prestigious title. Keeping sports-entertainment’s grandest prize in an undisclosed location, The Lunatic Fringe delivered a rematch challenge to Rollins through Roman Reigns the following night on Raw, demanding a Ladder Match between the former “brothers” at Money in the Bank. The Authority seemed to balk at Ambrose, but after The Big Dog questioned Rollins’ legitimacy as champion, the infuriated “Future of WWE” launched into a wild tirade, accepting the rematch and affirming that he doesn’t need The Authority to help him fight his battles.

Proving that it was no mere emotional outburst on Raw, Rollins affirmed his solitary stance on SmackDown, taking full credit for all of his accomplishments, including the Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match victory — which Kane actually made possible — and his successful WWE World Heavyweight Championship cash-in against both Brock Lesnar and Reigns at WrestleMania.

Granted, Rollins can and should take credit for pouncing on the opportunity to seize glory on The Grandest Stage of Them All, but his inability to fully acknowledge the role that The Authority has played in his ascent raises several questions. Why is Rollins’ attitude emerging now, just when he and Kane were starting to get on the same page? Why is he openly defying Triple H, the man who anointed Rollins as “The Future of WWE” one year ago when The Architect destroyed The Shield?

It’s that sinister anniversary that reminds us that Rollins isn’t exactly a team player, and it was perhaps only a matter of time before Rollins had grown tired of appeasing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and being forced to “play nice” with Kane. If Rollins is finally showing his true colors, is he inadvertently setting himself up for failure as his Ladder Match with Ambrose approaches? Would it not be in his best interests to maintain his relationships within The Authority, just in case? If Rollins fails to capture the title next Sunday, would that conversely prove that he needs The Authority after all?

Or perhaps Rollins has us all fooled? The Architect is a master of manipulation, and it’s equally likely that Rollins is luring Ambrose into a false sense of security — or is playing mind games with The Authority itself.

Whatever happens next, rest assured that Rollins has his — and only his — best interests in mind.

At Extreme Rules, Randy Orton won’t be able to use the infamous RKO in his WWE World Heavyweight Title Match against champion Seth Rollins. On the flip side, Rollins won’t have the help of The Authority, since he and his serpentine opponent will be locked inside a Steel Cage. But which stipulation will provide the bigger disadvantage?

The RKO is one of the most devastating finishers in WWE history, perhaps because it can be executed from out of nowhere and with absolutely earth-shattering effects – whether its target is reeling from The Viper’s vicious offense or launching their own assault from the top rope. Simply put, no one is safe from the RKO. Orton demonstrated that fact very clearly on Monday Night Raw, when he used the maneuver against … well, everybody in sight.

But can Orton beat Rollins without it? Certainly, WWE’s Apex Predator has a full arsenal at his disposal, but nothing as devastating as the RKO. Then again, maybe the bigger question is whether he will be able to keep himself from using the RKO in the heat of the moment. When Rollins and Orton are in the thick of the action, fighting tooth-and-nail, will the Superstar with a history of impulse control issues be able to prevent himself from utilizing the move that will get him disqualified and prevent him from winning his 13thWWE World Heavyweight Title?

To his credit, Seth Rollins could very well be the “Future of WWE.” He’s the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, he’s smart and possesses tremendous ability. However, has he created his own Kryptonite by “buying in” to the complete support of The Authority? At Extreme Rules, the WWE Universe will finally get to see what happens when that support system is taken away. Can Rollins rise above his vicious opponent on his own merit? Certainly, the fierce competitor has proven his ability in a series of chaotic contests. Yet he has never faced a caged Viper, coursing with such personal venom at WWE’s most brutal pay-per-view of the year.

At Extreme Rules, see who will emerge from the steel cage with WWE’s most coveted prize in their grasp, Sunday at 8/7 C on WWE Network.

House Rollins


From the ashes of House Shield there arose three separate dominions: The noble House Reigns, the nomadic House Ambrose, and most insufferably of all, the self-aggrandizing House Rollins. Having thrown in with the King of the WWE Universe to secure his own future and shatter the bond of House Shield brotherhood, Seth Rollins is surrounded by many hangers-on but few true friends. Only his chiefs of security, Sirs Noble and Mercury, seem to place a nonmonetary value upon his safety. Still, his chicanery has paid off, as Rollins currently claims the highest seat in the WWE Universe and wears his treachery like a badge of honor. He brands his house with the seal of a broken shield to remind all of what he has done … and what he may yet be capable of.