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House Rollins


From the ashes of House Shield there arose three separate dominions: The noble House Reigns, the nomadic House Ambrose, and most insufferably of all, the self-aggrandizing House Rollins. Having thrown in with the King of the WWE Universe to secure his own future and shatter the bond of House Shield brotherhood, Seth Rollins is surrounded by many hangers-on but few true friends. Only his chiefs of security, Sirs Noble and Mercury, seem to place a nonmonetary value upon his safety. Still, his chicanery has paid off, as Rollins currently claims the highest seat in the WWE Universe and wears his treachery like a badge of honor. He brands his house with the seal of a broken shield to remind all of what he has done … and what he may yet be capable of.

The Former Shield Members will battle in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

When they arrived at WrestleMania 29, they were brothers. At WrestleMania 32, they’ll be bitter rivals battling for WWE’s top prize.

With his WrestleMania Moment stolen, Roman Reigns will hunt down Seth Rollins and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship with all his might over the next 12 months. Yet, fight as Reigns may, Rollins will use The Authority to remain champion and keep him oppressed. Until Royal Rumble, that is, when Reigns defies the odds and becomes the first Superstar since “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to win the titular match in back-to-back years, forcing Rollins to settle things once and for all at The Show of Shows.

But what about Dean Ambrose? The Lunatic Fringe is beginning to crack over his failures to win championships and keep Rollins from cashing in. Instead of letting it break him, though, he’ll use it to put on one of the grittiest performance in Money in the Bank history, winning the coveted contract this year. To torment Rollins, Ambrose will tease him with cash-ins for months. Once Reigns wins the Royal Rumble Match, The Lunatic Fringe will take the opportunity to prove to his former brethren that they shouldn’t treat him as an afterthought.

Ambrose announces in advance that he will cash in his contract at WrestleMania 32, setting The Grandest Stage of Them All for a battle fans have been salivating to see since the brothers became rivals. Believe that. — MICHAEL MURPHY

This week, WWE kicks off its 10-day Live European Tour, and its Superstars and Divas couldn’t be more excited.

“The first tour you ever do is special,” recalled Seth Rollins, who has even more reason to enjoy it this time out. “I think I’m coming into my fifth international tour, and doing it as a WWE World Heavyweight Champion this time is something that I’m really proud of.”

“Every town we go to, every country, every city, it doesn’t even matter – [the fans] all have their own individual personalities,” Rollins added, trying to put the well-reputed European crowds’ exuberant nature into perspective. “They all stand out for their own reasons.”

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Seth Rollins cashed in Money in the Bank and became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

At the height of a career changing WWE World Heavyweight Title WrestleMania main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins sprinted to the ring without warning and declared that he was cashing in his Money in the Bank contract. Since the match-in-progress had not yet concluded, the grueling contest was instantaneous transformed into a Triple Threat Match.

Rollins attempted to take full advantage of his war-torn opponents. Still, The Beast Incarnate roared back and lifted the “Future of WWE” into position for an F-5. At that moment, though, Reigns reengaged and speared Rollins right out of Brock’s arms. But before he could cover, Rollins hit his one-time “business associate” with the Curb Stomp and pinned him to capture the illustrious title!

@JoeyStyles: The anti-Authority trio of The Showoff, The Big Guy & Erick Rowan has yet to fully taste vindication since being fired and, as a result, humiliated by The Authority. Unfortunately for all three, they are not going to get their hands on Triple H and Stephanie McMahon any time soon. That being said, Authority enforcers Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show will be lined up like bowling pins at WWE Fastlane. While Rollins has looked picture perfect lately, I can’t remember the last time Kane and Big Show had a decisive victory. I expect this match to end with the half-suit-wearing former demon getting his shoulders pinned to the mat as the result of a Zig Zag. WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan.

@HowardFinkel: There is absolutely no love lost between these two teams, and I look for a combative contest. However, there are two underlying factors: First, all is not well between Kane and Big Show — how will that play out (if at all)? Second, will we see the involvement of the pesky J&J Security, who have no business being at ringside during Rollins’ matches? Ultimately, the dissension between The Authority’s giants will result in a victory for the Ziggler/Ryback/Rowan trio. WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan

Jeff Laboon: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan are sick of getting held back. Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan defeated The Authority once, and they can do it again. WINNERS: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan

Mike Murphy: This is quite possibly the hardest match to call of the event. On one side, you have a unified Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan going up against a dysfunctional Kane and Big Show, with Seth Rollins set to be his team’s mediator. However, The Authority always seems to have something up its sleeves to secure victory. WINNERS: Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

John Clapp: Big Show and Kane have clearly hit a snag as partners, but if we’ve learned nothing else, we know The World’s Largest Athlete and The Devil’s Favorite Demon are exceptionally capable of forgiveness (or, at least, forgetfulness) when it comes to in-ring flare-ups. Expect the big men to work more cohesively than anyone would reasonably assume, and the pair of giants — combined with the self-proclaimed “future of WWE” — will be too much to topple. WINNERS: Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show

Dolph Ziggler, Ryback & Erick Rowan: 3; Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show: 2

Seth Rollins vs. Austin Aries — ROH World Championship Match: ROH Final Battle 2009

“My toughest match ever was a match that went to a 60-minute draw with Austin Aries in New York City, which is notoriously a very difficult crowd. Wrestling for an hour after two-and-a-half hours of other matches that tore the house down was very challenging, especially for me. It was early on in my career, and I really wanted to make a name for myself at that point.

“I’d never done an hour before. That was crazy to me. The prospect of having to wrestle for 60 minutes was daunting. I was probably 23 or 24 years old, and just trying to survive most of the time in front of that crowd. Mentally, it was the toughest one I’ve ever had. It was a learning experience more than anything. I was able to look back on it and take a lot from it, even though it wasn’t my best effort. I’ve had longer matches since then, so if I had went out there now and had that task in front of me, I’d feel much more prepared for it.” — SETH ROLLINS