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At Extreme Rules, the WWE Universe watched in astonishment as The Shield adapted and Evolution — at least on this night — perished during a raucous six-man brawl. For more than 20 minutes of uncontainable action, two of the most destructive factions in WWE history warred in a grueling fight that sprawled throughout New Jersey’s IZOD Center and culminated with Michael Cole’s call, “The times, they are a-changing!”

Indeed, the old guard fell to the new guard, as Roman Reigns pinned Batista after a Spear, demonstrating exactly what “true power” looks like.

The road to victory, however, was anything but easy for The Hounds of Justice. Despite speculation that their admittedly “massive” egos would be their downfall, Evolution’s veritable all-star lineup of WWE COO Triple H, Randy Orton & Batista — with a combined 31 World Title reigns among them — worked cohesively, and dominated much of the bout.

Early on, Evolution effectively isolated first Seth Rollins and then Dean Ambrose. The Game turned The Shield’s Architect inside-out with a vicious clothesline, and with Rollins hanging off the ring apron, Batista found opportunity to boot the blond-and-black-haired highflier in the skull. Ambrose managed to lock in a Figure-Four Leglock — alluding to “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, a founding member of Evolution who publicly endorsed The Shield days ago — but the advantage was short-lived.

Reigns’ Spear attempt outside the ring was sidestepped by The Game, causing The Powerhouse to slam into the steel steps. A dive to the floor by Rollins was similarly avoided by The Cerebral Assassin, leaving Rollins in a heap on the floor.

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The Shield

Previous Rank: #5 || Current Rank: #1

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Dean Ambrose claim the top spot in this week’s rankings after showing Evolution that they are capable of adapting in the face of insurmountable odds. Will The Hounds of Justice prevail at Extreme Rules when challenged with a lesson in Evolution?

With his fellow Hounds of Justice banned from ringside and a match against Evolution imminent at Extreme Rules, the odds were stacked against Dean Ambrose retaining his gold in SmackDown’s Fatal 4-Way main event. However, with The Lunatic Fringe’s nearly 350-day reign as United States Champion on the line, an early 3-on-1 assault on the titleholder quickly turned into every Superstar for himself.

At the height of the action, after Ambrose was sent spiraling into the timekeeper’s area, Curtis Axel, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio all attempted to make their claim for the coveted championship. When Ryback hit Shell Shocked on Del Rio, only Axel’s interference stopped The Human Wrecking Ball from reigning supreme. The son of Mr. Perfect then tried to steal the victory, but the lone Hound of Justice remerged in time to pick up the swift pin on his unsuspecting foe.

After the match, RybAxel looked to take their frustrations out on the secluded Shield member, until Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins arrived and delivered swift justice that ended with a Triple Powerbomb on Axel.

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