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Dean Ambrose comes down to the ring with The Shield to issue his open challenge. Mark Henry accepts the challenge.Ambrose immediately pushed back so he exits the ring to catch his bearings. Ambrose ducks under Henry in the corner and lands some punches. Henry responds with a big boot to the face. Ambrose is tossed into the corner arm first. Henry repeats the move a few times. Ambrose continues to be manhandled until he is tossed out of the ring as the show heads to commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose has managed to capitalize. Ambrose works the formerly injured arm of Mark Henry. Henry responds by fighting back and hitting a World’s Strongest Slam. Cover, but Seth Rollins comes in to make the save. The referee calls for the bell.

After the match, Reigns hits a spear to keep Mark Henry down.

The Wyatt Family slowly makes their way down to the ring and towards The Shield. Both groups are outside the ring and staring at each other from opposite sides. The Shield is the first group to climb up on the apron. The Wyatts join them. Reigns enters the ring first. Bray looks to join him, but instead gets off the apron. The rest of The Shield joins Reigns in the ring.

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The Maniac

The Shield’s five-tool player is clearly Seth Rollins, who possesses both Ambrose’s ingenuity and Reigns’ fury with the athleticism of 10 men and the self-preservation instincts of none. The former WWE Tag Team Champion — trained in the hardscrabble halls of the independent scene — typically puts his body on the line in a way his fellow Shield-mates don’t, and he reaps great rewards as a result. He also has the tendency to get into his opponents’ heads, mimicking their signature maneuvers and taunts during moments of dominance (check The Shield’s match against The Undertaker & Team Hell No; Rollins mocks The Deadman’s throat-cut gesture and the former WWE Champion nearly blows a gasket on the apron).

As for Harper, the guy is crazy like a fox. Bray will convulse and yell in between atom-bomb maneuvers and Rowan will blindly pulverize anything he’s pointed at, but Harper thinks while he competes. You can see the creaky wheels turning in what might otherwise be an empty head, and the result is unsettling. His wild “YeahYeahYeahYeah” lolling suggests pure lunacy, but the heartless efficiency with which he executes the discus clothesline shows that Harper’s the member of The Wyatts who’s most likely to counter a coordinated attack by someone like Rollins, and the most likely to do something truly, terribly unexpected himself.


The Shield

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Though The Shield can’t decide who among their ranks is running the show, their results as of late should be enough for the WWE Universe to believe in. In between internal arguments, The Hounds of Justice collected victories in tag team matches on Raw and SmackDown.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns of The Shield teaming up against Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler in a tag team match, with their stablemate Seth Rollins doing commentary. Reigns hit Ziggler with the Spear and tagged in Ambrose to finish the job sand score the pin. After the match, the Wyatts, who take on The Shield in a Six-Man Tag Team match at Elimination Chamber, interrupted them, shutting down the lights and cutting a promo on the TitanTron.

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Forget the fact that the self-styled Hounds of Justice wrestle all their matches in riot gear, or that Dean Ambrose seems like the kind of skeezy, crooked detective who stumbled fully-formed out of an Elmore Leonard novel (for the record, Seth Rollins is the loose-cannon beat cop, and Roman Reigns is the terrifying rookie). This trio’s MO from day one has been “justice,” which they have dispensed in uncompromising, brutal and — yes — machine-like fashion. They’re already the collective future of WWE. Why not the future of the law as well?