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Renee Young is backstage with The Shield and asks about Roman Reigns’ matchup with Mark Henry later in the night. Dean Ambrose says he is surprised Henry is showing up after the beating he gave him last week, and Reigns asks him what he’s talking about because he lost to the World’s Strongest Man. Ambrose says he softened him up for Reigns. Renee asks if they all need to get on the same page, and Seth Rollins says they are bred for war. Ambrose says The Wyatt Family is an illusion, and Reigns says they don’t back down.


Sheamus vs Randy Orton’s match ended up in a no contest after The Shield attacks Sheamus. Cena and Bryan rush down to the ring, followed by Cesaro. The Wyatt Family music hits and the three men appear in the ring once the lights come back on in the arena. They finally mix it up with The Shield and the numerous combatants all brawl as the show goes off the air.

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Video:: Renee Young interview with The Shield

Here’s the video of The Shield after their match against CM Punk exclusive from TLC 2013 DVD. Enjoy!

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The Shield

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Dean Ambrose defended the United States Title against Mark Henry on Raw due to a technicalilty (namely, his meddling Shield cohorts). However, The Hounds of Justice united in tag team action on SmackDown and remain singularly focused on facing The Wyatt Family at Elimination Chamber 2014.

Christian starts off in there against Roman Reigns. Christian goes for a cross body but Reigns catches him. Christian wiggles out and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus and Reigns go blow for blow with each other for a minute. Ambrose gets the tag and shortly works over Sheamus before Bryan gets the tag. Dropkick in the corner and a top rope huracanrana from Bryan. He gets the Yes Lock in and the Shield come in and have a stand off with Bryan, Sheamus and Christian. Ambrose tags in Reigns. The Shield works over Bryan in the corner before tagging Sheamus back in. Sheamus works over Rollins in the ring. Clubs to the chest from Sheamus. Rollins knocks Sheamus off the ropes and Reigns gets the tag and dropkicks him on the apron in the head. Sheamus gets beaten down a bit before Christian makes the hot tag and takes over. Sheamus accidentally Brogue Kicks Christian and gets taken out by Reigns. Ambrose covers Christian for the win.

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Video:: 6 Man Tag Team Match

#6 10-Man Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Once an annual highlight of The Show of Shows, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match has been absent from the WrestleMania card since 2010 when it got its own spotlight pay-per-view. But WrestleMania XXX is the year we bring the money back. With the WWE World Heavyweight Title now standing as the most prestigious prize in WWE, the bout’s stakes would be higher than ever, and we know these 10 Superstars would go all out to become Mr. Money in the Bank.

Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and The Miz are three Money in the Bank winners that successfully cashed in their contracts to win a World Championship, thus making them ideal candidates — and potential favorites to win the battle. Included in that category — though his cash-in was unsuccessful — is Damien Sandow, a crafty and narcissistic Superstar that truly understands what it takes to ascend the ladder and collect the coveted briefcase.

Experience certainly helps, but isn’t necessarily key to winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. However, having no fear of taking risks is a prerequisite, making Kofi Kingston and Seth Rollins two Superstars whose unpredictability and athleticism would no doubt play in their favor. Similarly, Bray Wyatt — who could use the opportunity to prove he is everything he claims to be — could bring an unorthodox unpredictability to the bout. And, with no disqualifications, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan would surely be lurking in the vicinity.

As much as athleticism matters, sheer power and resilience are important qualities needed to absorb punishment and stay in the heat of battle. Mark Henry and Big Show — two of the largest and strongest WWE Superstars ever — have both previously competed in Money in the Bank Ladder Matches. They understand the risks involved and their size and power is enough to keep even the most agile high-flyer grounded.

However, power isn’t relegated to only size. Pound for pound, Cesaro is the strongest Superstar in WWE. His abilities and strength are uncanny, as evidenced by his knack for Cesaro Swinging everyone from The Great Khali to Tensai with relative ease. So long as he stays focused on the prize, Cesaro would grab the ladder and spin it around, taking out everyone in his way before ascending it to claim the Money in the Bank briefcase. — KEVIN POWERS

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Candids from February 10 episode of Monday Night Raw has been added to our gallery. Special thanks to LIZ for allowing us to have her amazing photos.

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