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Gameswelt.tv interview with Seth Rollins during Wrestlemania XXX Axxess

Special thanks to ROSILEIN for sending us the link of this interview!

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Seth Rollins speaks with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca on Wrestlemania Weekend about the birth, longevity and possible breakup of The Shield, the future of the WWE, working as a babyface and more!

Given The Shield’s continuing defiance of the corporate power, it was no surprise that, after teasing a mystery opponent for the trio, The Authority assembled a host of Superstars to face The Hounds of Justice in an 11-on-3 Handicap Tag Team Match in Raw’s main event. What was surprising was who emerged to spell ultimate doom for the men in black.

Rollins found himself the victim of a plus-sized numbers game from the super team, battered by Slater, McIntyre, O’Neil, Rusev & Ryback in quick order. Reigns came to the rescue by Spearing “The Big Guy” outside the ring; the subsequent melee ended both the bout and, seemingly, The Shield’s chances of leaving Birmingham upright. But the exclamation point came in the form of Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton – reunited as Evolution – who administered RKOs, Batista Bombs and one final Pedigree to the overpowered Hounds of Justice. Perhaps it’s not all that surprising: After all, The Shield did cross the line in the sand. What did they expect?

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The Shield

Previous Rank: #8 || Current Rank: #3

A dominating showing at WrestleMania 30, followed by an impressive victory over The Wyatt Family on WWE Main Event, catapults The Shield up to No. 3 on this week’s rankings. With their sights set on The Authority, there is no telling what the red-hot Hounds of Justice have in store for WWE’s power players.

Kane sends Bryan into the barricade as Batista sends one of the Usos into the steel steps. The Usos are put in the ring, and Orton hits one with an RKO. Batista gives the other a Batista Bomb. Kane begins to clear off the commentary table. Kane goes to Chokeslam Bryan through the table, but The Shield comes through the crowd to stop him. They attack Kane and get on the apron to target Orton and Batista. Orton and Batista quickly roll out of the ring as The Shield gets in. Kane tries to attack The Shield from behind with a chair, but Bryan takes him out with a Busaiku Knee Kick. A big “YES” chant breaks out. Bryan motions for The Shield to hurt Kane, and they give Kane a Triple Powerbomb. The Shield and Daniel Bryan stand tall in the ring as Orton and Batista look on from the top of the ramp.

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