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Four go-rounds in, and each ride on the Shield vs. Wyatts carousel remains as much of a thriller as the WWE Universe is ever likely to see. Despite their numerous clashes, WWE’s two rowdiest factions still can’t wait to get their hands on each other; the six men began brawling before the bell even rang on their latest Authority-mandated clash. Once things settled into a groove, it was high-flying Seth Rollins and then now-former U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose who found himself isolated by The Wyatts.

The Hounds wisely unleashed Rollins at a decisive moment to equalize the match, and that he did (standing senton!!) until Harper cut him short and tagged in Bray Wyatt to follow up. The aerialist managed to hang tough and tag in Roman Reigns, but the big Hound’s rampage was thwarted by Evolution, whose interference allowed Bray to execute Sister Abigail for the victory. It was the post-match display that really left The Shield in tatters, as the Hounds suffered RKOs, Pedigrees and, ultimately, a Triple Powerbomb to Roman Reigns – adaptation at its finest.

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Evolution meets revolution this Sunday, but it seems The Shield have already converted one surprise Superstar into an acolyte: no less a competitor than Ric Flair himself handed The Hounds of Justice his personal endorsement. Soon after, Roman Reigns came out swinging against Randy Orton and was met in kind by the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion, who jabbed his thumb, Flair-style, into Reigns’ eye and hurled him into the steps.

An inevitable brawl between the remaining members of Evolution and The Shield broke out just as Reigns found his footing, and the former WWE Tag Team Champion decided to join his brothers rather than pin The Viper.

The referee threw out the match as chaos escalated, yet Evolution showed no such hesitance when it came to the dismantling of The Shield. The Hounds were able to beat back their attackers at the last moment, though it was telling that the only time Evolution truly looked shaken was when Triple H barely dodged a Triple Powerbomb: The blast from the past narrowly escaping what could very well be their future.

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Evolution makes their way to the ring consisting of Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista. All three men are wearing business attire. Orton is the only one without a tie. The crowd is warmly receiving Evolution for the most part. Triple H says he laughs every time he thinks about it. His voice is extremely hoarse tonight. Imagine what it feels like. Imagine telling the whole world that you were the baddest guys on the planet every week, and then one day your daddy comes out and spanks you in front of the whole world. That’s humiliating and humbling, and it’s just the beginning. Randy Orton says it sometimes takes a single spark to set the world on fire. In this case, it was one careless act by The Shield that set into motion the gears of their destruction. That led to the reformation of the most dominant, fearsome group ever: Evolution. A video package then plays highlighting Evolution’s past. There wasn’t any mention of Ric Flair, though.

Back to live action, Batista asks if they get it. Batista says there is thirty-one World Titles between the three of them. The Shield has absolutely no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into. Batista says, “Deal with that.”

The Shield’s music hits, and they make their way to the ring through the crowd to a great reception. Evolution leaves the ring as The Shield gets in the ring. Dean Ambrose says last week wasn’t the first time they were beaten up, and it won’t be the last. Ambrose said they did a real number on them. Ambrose has a question for Triple H: do they look humbled to him? Ambrose says there is a reason Triple H hired them to protect him and his creampuff Randy Orton. Everyone knows they are the meanest, nastiest, dirtiest, most ruthless animals in the industry. The dogs are hungry and angry.

Seth Rollins says Ambrose is angry, and he has every right to be after what Evolution did. Evolution and twelve other guys. For Batista to say that they have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into – they have every idea since they started this. Rollins will give them some reality. Evolution doesn’t want to fight right now. They talk about how powerful they are and how they were built for dominance. They aren’t, though. In two weeks, they’ll come face to face with the Hounds of Justice, and it will be an all-out war. When push comes to shove, they won’t look for Evolution. Randy Orton will look out for himself. Batista has a lot of Hollywood obligations, so he’ll be looking out for himself. As for Triple H, he’ll do what he always does. He’ll do what’s best for the boss. What they’re looking at is the most dominant force in the history of this company. In two week at Extreme Rules, they’ll rip them to pieces. This little reunion that they’re so proud of will come to an abrupt halt. When Triple H made the match, he put a nail in his own coffin. At Extreme Rules, they’ll be the hammers that drive it home.

Roman Reigns takes the microphone. He talks about how they gave them an ultimatum last week, so he has one for them. In a few moments, he’s going to drop the microphone, and they’ll come up the ramp to beat their asses. They have two options: they can try to fight, or they can be creampuffs and try to hide. The Shield begins to come up the ramp when the eleven men from last week’s main event come out to stand by Evolution. Triple H says there is always an option three. In life, you either adapt or perish. That is Evolution. The Shield stands back and yells at them as Triple H smiles back.

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Given The Shield’s continuing defiance of the corporate power, it was no surprise that, after teasing a mystery opponent for the trio, The Authority assembled a host of Superstars to face The Hounds of Justice in an 11-on-3 Handicap Tag Team Match in Raw’s main event. What was surprising was who emerged to spell ultimate doom for the men in black.

Rollins found himself the victim of a plus-sized numbers game from the super team, battered by Slater, McIntyre, O’Neil, Rusev & Ryback in quick order. Reigns came to the rescue by Spearing “The Big Guy” outside the ring; the subsequent melee ended both the bout and, seemingly, The Shield’s chances of leaving Birmingham upright. But the exclamation point came in the form of Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton – reunited as Evolution – who administered RKOs, Batista Bombs and one final Pedigree to the overpowered Hounds of Justice. Perhaps it’s not all that surprising: After all, The Shield did cross the line in the sand. What did they expect?

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Triple H has made a habit of cutting Daniel Bryan’s World Title reigns short. But habits were, of course, made to be broken. The Game seemingly had entrusted The Shield to make sure Daniel Bryan didn’t leave New Orleans with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Alas, Kane exposed The Game as the architect of his recent attacks on The Hounds, so they weren’t much interested in supplanting a pre-match beat down of The Beard by Randy Orton, Batista and Kane himself.

The referee only rang the bell – on The Game’s orders – after that mauling had concluded, and The Shield made themselves known before Triple H could pin the felled Bryan. With Kane, Orton and Batista frothing for a fight and The Shield looking for some payback, The Game was unable to corral his lieutenants into order and ate a Spear from Reigns that ended the match with a DQ; though Triple H ended up worse for wear after The Shield drove his men from the ring and Bryan himself blasted him with the Running Knee

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Reigns is chopped back into the corner. Kane stays on the offensive and hits a sidewalk slam. Cover, but Roman kicks out. Reigns starts to swing away on Kane. Reigns plants Kane with his head on the apron. Reigns runs and leaps for his signature apron dropkick. Reigns heads to the corner and sets up for a spear or punch.

The New Age Outlaws start to walk towards the ring. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose comes in from behind and attacks the Outlaws. Kane charges at Reigns. Roman dodges and hits a Superman Punch. The rest of the Shield runs into the ring and attacks Kane which causes the disqualification.

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