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The bell rings, and Rollins immediately begins punching him. Reigns pushes him away. Rollins punches him some more before Reigns reverses a whip. Rollins ducks a pair of clotheslines before getting out of the ring. Reigns chases him around the ring, and Rollins gets in the ring. Rollins then snaps him off the top rope before getting back into the ring. Reigns gets up and punches him down. Reigns punches him in the corner before hitting a shoulder thrust. Reigns throws him across the ring before punching him in the corner. Reigns hits a short-arm clothesline before attempting a Samoan Drop, but Rollins slides off and leaves the ring. Reigns chases him and grabs his leg as he tries to get into the ring. Reigns rips him out of the ring before driving him into the barricade and the apron. Reigns puts him in the ring and clotheslines him out of the ring. Reigns goes outside and slams him off the steel steps. Reigns slams him off the commentary table before throwing him over the table.

We come back from the break to see Reigns trapped in a chin lock. During the break, Rollins hit him with a sleep hold slam. Reigns fights up, so Rollins tries to suplex him. Reigns blocks it and hits one of his own. Reigns clotheslines him in the corner and punches him down. Reigns goes outside and goes for an apron dropkick, but Rollins moves. Rollins then dropkicks him off the apron before hitting a suicide dive. Rollins puts him into the ring and covers for a two count. Rollins waits for him to get up, and he goes for a stinger splash, but Reigns moves. Reigns hits a pair of clotheslines before sending him to the corner. Reigns hits a clothesline, but he misses a leaping clothesline. Reigns ducks a spinning heel kick and hits a back suplex side slam for a near fall. Reigns leaves the ring and hits a running apron dropkick. Reigns hits a Superman Punch. Rollins leapfrogs the Spear and kicks him in the face for a near fall!

Rollins goes to the top rope, but Reigns cuts him off. Reigns goes for a superplex, but Rollins blocks it. Rollins eventually slides off and gets him on his shoulders to hit a turnbuckle powerbomb across the ring for a near fall. Rollins talks some trash, and Reigns head-butts him. Rollins hits some quick kicks to the face before Reigns Spears him down for the win.

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Seth Rollins vs Sheamus

Any Architect can build; Seth Rollins is unique in that he has developed a certain taste for destruction. His latest target was Sheamus, the near-unbeatable United States Champion whose dominance reaches from The Grandest Stage of Them All to the National Football League. While The Celtic Warrior fights his battles through brutish brawn, though, Rollins prefers to wage war in a more intricate manner.

The former WWE Tag Team Champion picked his moments wisely, targeting Sheamus’ leg to prevent him from using the Brogue Kick, and the head to … well, just to slow him down. Cesaro harrumphing outside the ring didn’t help the titleholder much, especially when The King of Swing laid hands on the Irishman’s coveted championship. Rollins played his ace at that point, dropkicking the surging Sheamus face-first into the turnbuckle and following up with the Curb Stomp to steal the win.

Randy Orton vs Roman Reigns

The Apex Predator took a turn for the worst right as Reigns reversed the RKO into a Superman Punch. Orton commanded Seth Rollins and Kane to come help him and help him they obliged, handing Reigns the disqualification win. But that wasn’t all. As if the 2-on-1 beatdown wasn’t enough, The Authority also had the steel cage from earlier in the night lowered. Even though Reigns got a Spear in on Orton, the corporate cronies eventually overwhelmed him with the help of a steel chair, whomping him within an inch of his life. Rollins provided the exclamation point, Curb Stomping Reigns face-first onto the steel.

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Opening Segment: THe Highlight Reel

Chris Jericho’s planned interview with Randy Orton on “The Highlight Reel” quickly turned into a cluster of the highest caliber when the entire Authority emerged looking for trouble, only to get it when John Cena and Roman Reigns were provoked into joining the gathering moments later. Although the insults and threats flew left and right, Triple H did manage to maintain order — or at least delay the inevitable Pier-Six brawl — by orchestrating a Six-Man Tag Team main event of Cena, Jericho & Reigns vs. Orton, Seth Rollins & Kane later in the show. Not just because it’s best for business, but to determine whom truly deserves to be No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Title.

6Man Tag Team Match

Perhaps this display was convincing enough. Since Triple H was seemingly on the fence about John Cena remaining No. 1 contender to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, the COO orchestrated a Six-Man Tag between his Authority henchmen and three fan favorites to determine The Beast’s best-for-business opponent.

Each man in the match acquitted himself well, particularly Randy Orton and Roman Reigns. Seth Rollins was no slouch either, working in tandem with Kane to keep Reigns at bay. Jericho nearly tapped Rollins out with the Walls of Jericho in the midst of the evening’s first six-way brawl (another would follow moments later). And Cena, of course, was the X-factor, tagging in late in the game and felling Kane with the Attitude Adjustment. The Cenation leader was so confident in his display that he allowed Reigns to finish the job with a Spear, promising Triple H face-to-face moments later that he was ready for Lesnar at Night of Champions.

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Seth Rollins and Kane eulogized Dean Ambrose

It’s been a week since Dean Ambrose was Curb Stomped through a pile of cinderblocks and there’s still been no sign of the former U.S. Champion, so of course Seth Rollins and Kane took a moment on Raw to proclaim no less than Ambrose’s untimely demise at their hands. Proclaiming himself as the ultimate destroyer of The Shield proved a tad premature for Rollins, however, as Roman Reigns was quick to step up to the plate, attacking both his former “brother” and The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations in an attempt to finish what Ambrose started. That Kane saved Rollins at the last second says a lot about how close Reigns came to doing so.

Seth Rollins and Kane vs Roman Reigns

Contrary to the song, authority doesn’t always win. But Authority certainly won on Raw when Seth Rollins & Kane teamed up to decimate Roman Reigns in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match for which The Big Dog found himself unexpectedly overmatched. Despite an early burst that sent Kane tumbling and Rollins all but begging for mercy, Reigns didn’t exactly take away The Authority’s two weapons. A double-team from Kane & Rollins (shades, ironically, of The Shield) put Reigns on the defensive. The former Tag Team Champion reclaimed enough momentum to drop Kane with a Spear, but Rollins’ subsequent attack with his Money in the Bank briefcase ended the match via disqualification.

The subsequent two-on-one beating softened Reigns up for a potential Curb Stomp through another pile of cinderblocks – yeesh – but Reigns fought back to escape, narrowly crushing Rollins’ head by throwing one of the cinder blocks straight at The Aerialist’s head. He missed. He might not next time.

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The WWE Universe did, indeed, decide Dean Ambrose’s fate. Even though their selection of a Falls Count Anywhere Match firmly put Seth Rollins in the unstable one’s home turf, the anything-goes atmosphere ultimately allowed The Authority to make their biggest play yet in removing Ambrose from Rollins’ path.

The decisive maneuver came after a lengthy street-style brawl between the two former Shield members wherein Ambrose bounced Rollins off the stage and The Aerialist chopped away at Ambrose with a Kendo stick before powerbombing him onto a pile of chairs. Ambrose answered with a superplex through a table. Kane, who had been observing at ringside, came in to aid Rollins when things got the most dire, and channeled his inner demon for the occasion. Not only did he help Rollins Curb Stomp Ambrose atop the announce table, he also removed the timekeeper’s desk to expose a hidden pile of cinder blocks through which Rollins drove Ambrose’s skull with a second Curb Stomp that caused the ref to stop the match. Advantage: Authority.

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Video:: Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose – Falls Count Anywhere

The bell rings, and they circle the ring. Rollins kicks RVD to the corner and stomps him before choking him with his boot. RVD reverses a whip to the opposite corner, and he connects with a wheel kick. RVD hits a standing moonsault for a two count. RVD puts him in the corner and goes for the ten punches, but Rollins slips out and kicks him in the knee. Rollins drops some knees before sending him into the ropes for a back elbow. Rollins picks up a two count. Rollins rips at RVD’s face before applying a chin lock. RVD fights up, but Rollins stops his momentum. Rollins sends him into the ropes, but RVD ducks a back elbow and gets a leg scissor pin for a two count. RVD punches before having a whip to the corner reversed. RVD catches him with a back elbow before going to the second rope for a diving thrust kick. RVD goes to the top rope, but Rollins rolls out of the ring. RVD connects with a baseball slide before hitting a front suplex onto the barricade. RVD goes to the apron and dives for a wheel kick, but Rollins avoids it.

We come back from the break to see RVD trapped in a chin lock. RVD fights up and blocks a shot to the corner. RVD kicks him in the face before sidestepping a splash. RVD hits a pair of clotheslines before hitting a body slam. RVD hits Rolling Thunder, but with a splash instead of a senton for a two count. RVD superkicks him down before connecting with a split-legged moonsault for another two count. RVD counters a back body drop attempt before sending him to the corner for a monkey flip attempt, but Rollins slams him down. Rollins then connects with the Curb Stomp for the win.

Seth Rollins celebrates at the top of the stage before looking around for Dean Ambrose to attack. Rollins sets his eyes on one of Hulk Hogan’s gift boxes that looks like it could fit an adult male. Rollins jukes it a few times before walking off. Ambrose then comes out of it and viciously attacks him! Ambrose beats him down to the ring before clotheslining him out of the ring. Ambrose chases him, but Rollins escapes through the crowd!

Ambrose takes the microphone and screams for Rollins to run while he still can. There won’t be no running or hiding in a Lumberjack Match. In six days, Rollins’ ass belongs to him. For just $9.99, he’ll get more than his money’s worth.

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