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The Anonymous Raw Manager returned

The familiar “da ding” of the Anonymous Raw General Manager certainly didn’t inspire confidence in a fair shake for the WWE Universe when Daniel Bryan’s tenure running Raw came to an end last week. The sinister laptop wasted no time in stirring up trouble when he (she? Hornswoggle?) took over the reins of the red brand. In fact, the Anonymous GM took advantage of a verbal spat between John Cena and Seth Rollins to make a Tables Match between the two at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs with Cena’s No. 1 contendership at stake.

That led to a brawl between Cena, Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Luke Harper and J&J Security that culminated in a Triple Powerbomb of the Cenation leader through a table. When the dust had settled, the GM had corralled the chaos into a pair of contests for later in the evening: Rowan vs. Big Show and a Six-Man battle of Cena, Ziggler & Ryback vs. Kane, Rollins & Harper. Bring back The Nexus and it’s just like old times.

Six Man Tag Match

Smash ’em with a chair, put ’em through a table, slam ’em through a ladder, and the stalwart remnants of Team Cena still get the job done. For all the effort Kane, Seth Rollins and Luke Harper put into brutalizing Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback in Raw’s opening, the Survivor Series victors managed to eke out a narrow Six-Man victory in Raw’s main event, besting the Team Authority stragglers in a grueling, lengthy battle.

Once again, the hero of the bout was Ziggler, who escaped a wild brawl to pin Harper with a sunset flip. But the night’s big savior was Erick Rowan, who came out of the blue to even the odds when Big Show joined the former Authority cronies in beating down the fan favorites. Steel steps ablazin’, Rowan clobbered Harper, Show and Rollins into unconsciousness before Cena, Ryback and Ziggler incapacitated Big Show and allowed “Big Red” to get his retribution

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Daniel Bryan Settled Business with Team Authority

Daniel Bryan wasted little time in calling out the beaten members of Team Authority to the ring. And his first order of business was to put Seth Rollins’ fate in the hands of the WWE Universe, with a WWE App vote to decide Mr. Money in the Bank’s partners against John Cena & Dolph Ziggler in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match: Mark Henry & Luke Harper, Mark Henry & Kane or Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury.

Seth Rollins and J&J Security vs Dolph Ziggler and John Cena

With Daniel Bryan leading the way, it was revealed that the WWE Universe had overwhelmingly selected J&J Security — via a WWE App vote — to team with Seth Rollins against John Cena & Dolph Ziggler.

In the final moments of Raw’s main event, it was Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury who would suffer Ziggler’s Zig Zag and Cena’s Attitude Adjustment at the same time for the loss. As the dust cleared, The Beard would reemerge, throwing Rollins into the ring to suffer a post-match Super Kick from The Showoff and an Attitude Adjustment from the leader of the Cenation.

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The Authority Addressed Ryback

Survivor Series is less than a week away, and John Cena’s still one man short of a squad. This could be a problem for the 15-time World Champion, considering the future of WWE is on the line and Team Authority just wrangled “team player” Luke Harper to complete their own Survivor Series troop. Despite having the advantage, The Authority left nothing to chance in Raw’s opening moments, attempting to further drive a wedge between Ryback and his potential team captain by replaying some of Cena’s choice words for The Human Wrecking Ball from their 2013 rivalry. Turns out the incentive wasn’t needed: Ryback replied by maintaining his allegiance to “Team Ryback” and leaving the chips to fall where they may.

Intercontinental Championship (with Seth Rollins on commentary)

Week in, week out, Dolph Ziggler’s thrilling thwarting of The Authority’s plans have given The Showoff some truly unforgettable showcases, with Dolph keeping his Intercontinental Title throughout each increasingly unlikely defense. The only thing disconcerting about The Showoff’s run was the sinking feeling he was flying too close to the sun, and thanks to an impromptu title matchup between Dolph and Luke Harper, Ziggler was finally brought down to earth when the depraved swamp-dweller feasted upon WWE’s resident Hollywood blond and took Dolph’s precious Intercontinental Title for his own grimy waist.

Harper wasn’t the only “team player” pulling his weight, however; a pre-match bum-rush by Seth Rollins and J&J Security sufficiently weakened The Showoff before his tussle with Harper and the big man capitalized. Save for a brief rebound from Dolph, the bout was all Harper, all the time. An 11th-hour escape of a Harper powerbomb landed Dolph right in the path of a discus clothesline for the 1-2-3, and Rollins happily piled on, sealing his teammate’s title win with a post-match Curb Stomp.

Team Authority and Team Cena signed their Survivor Series Contract

John Cena may be in this yet. Not only did the 15-time World Champion finally recruit Ryback (much to the chagrin of a suddenly sweating Triple H) to his cause with a heart-to-heart at the moment of truth, but he also managed to retain both Dolph Ziggler and Big Show to his side despite The Authority’s machinations. As for the fifth member? With a gap in his ranks thanks to an injury to Sheamus, that slot was filled by Erick Rowan, and the completed squad wasted no time in taking the fight straight to the boastful Team Authority.

The early forecast for Survivor Series is looking good, too: Team Cena handily overpowered their corporate foes, with Ryback distracting Triple H long enough for Cena to Attitude Adjust him straight through a table. The song might just be right. As far as The Authority is concerned, their time may well be up.

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Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

The Intercontinental Champion’s audacity has long kept him in The Authority’s crosshairs, but Dolph Ziggler’s zingers nearly cost him the “purist’s title” when his latest bit of jaw-jacking landed him in a title match against Seth Rollins. A matchup with the dynamic Money in the Bank contract holder was intended to be a death-knell for the battle-worn Showoff. But Ziggler instead turned it into an opportunity to show his resilience, countering Rollins at every turn to prove to The Authority that his solidarity with John Cena’s cause would not be quelled so easily.

Sadly, all that heart turned out to mean little when J&J Security got involved to set Ziggler up for a Curb Stomp. However, that turned out to mean less when Randy Orton stormed the ring and RKO’d Rollins from — yep — outta nowhere to bring the bout to a disqualification halt.

Randy Orton vs Seth Rollins

The onetime “Face of WWE” found itself rearranged both metaphorically and literally as Randy Orton received the most brutal breakup of all time when The Authority closed ranks and forcibly banished the rebellious Viper from the crew during the closing moments of Raw. That Triple H & Co. finally severed ties with The Apex Predator may have been no surprise — Orton’s recent dissention required he be punished — but they certainly let The Apex Predator get a big piece of Seth Rollins before they chose to make their fateful statement.

Given that he had initially been promised one opportunity at Mr. Money in the Bank, Orton came at the young Superstar — much to Triple H’s horror — with everything he had and then some. So it was truly a shock when Rollins pinned Orton with a backslide outta nowhere, though not as much when Orton refused to give Rollins his promised handshake, instead replying with an RKO. That was followed by a beating from the entire Authority, punctuated by a Curb Stomp to The Viper atop the table and the steel steps, ordered by a reluctant Triple H at Stephanie McMahon’s behest. The future, it seems, has come early.

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Randy Orton confronted Seth Rollins

What do you do when your younger, faster counterpart upstages you in the most must-win environment WWE has to offer? Well, if you’re Randy Orton and your would-be usurper is Seth Rollins, you steal your thunder right back. The Apex Predator picked the perfect moment to sink his fangs into Rollins, too. Orton shut down the would-be coming out party for The Authority’s appointed “standard-bearer of WWE” (thrown in honor of Rollins’ dubious Hell in a Cell victory) with a red-faced tirade. He followed with a — yep — RKO outta nowhere that dropped Mr. Money in the Bank like loose change and a smile splayed across the once (and maybe future) Face of WWE.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena

Propensity for selling out aside, it’s a testament to Seth Rollins that he fell off the side of a Hell in a Cell and ate an RKO within 24 hours and still showed up for his main-event match against John Cena on Raw. Mr. Money in the Bank was impressive given his injuries, but considering that every blow from Cena targeted Rollins’ ribs, the former WWE Tag Team Champion understandably leaned on Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble, aka J&J Security to provide underhanded interference.

Rollins ultimately battled his way into the advantage on his own in impressive fashion, as he utilized the steel steps and announce table to his advantage while still remaining within the rules. He found himself locked in an STF all the same, though Kane’s timely arrival ended the match in a disqualification favoring Cena. Happily, Dolph Ziggler soon arrived to even the odds … followed by the entire locker room in an apparent group audition for Team Cena and Team Authority alike that ended with Cena and The Authority staring down above the fray. So who’s it gonna be?

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The Authority’s Opening Segment

As it turns out, going through “Hell” has its rewards. Like, for instance, a shot at getting to heaven, at least in the metaphorical sense. Thanks to Triple H, either John Cena or Randy Orton will have the chance to ascend once again to supreme glory. The King of Kings declared that whomever survives their trip inside the 20-foot tall, 5-ton Hell in a Cell will go one-on-one with The Conqueror himself, Brock Lesnar, with the championship on the line. Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah.

Mick Foley advised Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins

Dean Ambrose’s demonstrations have long veered toward the bizarre, but how could he possibly follow up an air cannon of slime and a weaponized hot dog cart, while still conveying his overall mission statement that Seth Rollins is a dead man walking? Well, for starters, he brought out a crash-test dummy and tore it apart while illustrating, in detail, what he planned to do to Rollins inside Hell in a Cell (tongs were involved). When Rollins emerged to confront his onetime “brother,” a physical confrontation seemed inevitable … until a Hardcore Legend walked in to play mediator.

With his Santa Claus beard flowing and a resplendent Yuletide shirt bearing Christmas cheer even in October, Mick Foley returned to Raw to inform both the boastful Rollins and the unstable Ambrose that, as ready as they think they are for each other, they’re not ready for Hell in a Cell (he would know). And then Ambrose threw the dummy in Rollins’ face. Now that’s a follow-up.

Main Event Match

After weeks of outright losses, disqualifications that turned the tide against them and left-field humiliation, The Authority was due for a dominant win. Well, they got one just in time: Randy Orton, Kane & Seth Rollins’ Street Fight–rules win over John Cena & Dean Ambrose ensured that Triple H’s foot soldiers will march into Hell in a Cell with some much-needed momentum. Perhaps more importantly, the win casts doubt for the first time in weeks on Cena and Ambrose’s ability to prevail in their fourth and first, respectively, trips inside the place where rivalries are resolved forever.

Despite Kane’s designation as The Authority’s “general” per Triple H, Mr. Money in the Bank took charge in a gang-up on The Lunatic Fringe and handily neutralized Cena as well. He rammed the “face that runs the place,” as Cena called himself earlier in the night, straight through a chair before Kane tagged in and commanded the Hell in a Cell structure be lowered. The brawl ignited anew once the steel hit the ground, but it was Orton who struck the final blow with an RKO to Ambrose for the win … only to suffer a Curb Stomp from outta nowhere courtesy of Rollins, who clearly doesn’t see Orton as the future, regardless of whether he gets a match with Brock Lesnar. Hey, anything goes in “Hell.”

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