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Seth Rollins calls out Brock Lesnar

We go to the arena and out comes WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins with the axe handle. J&J Security drive over in their Cadillac. They pop the trunk and have axe handles of their own. Rollins cuts a promo on Lesnar and how he left him laying like a dog last week. Rollins says he’s going to burn Suplex City to the ground at Battleground. We get a video package of last week’s beatdown. We come back to Rollins bragging about what he’s done. Rollins goes on and a Justin Bieber chant breaks out. Rollins calls Lesnar out and they wait. Lesnar’s music finally hits to a pop and he comes out with Heyman.

Lesnar looks on from ringside as all three wait with the axe handles. Lesnar backs up to the entrance where the Cadillac is. Lesnar motions to Heyman, who pushes a fire kit case over. Heyman opens it and Lesnar pulls out a pair of big axes. He goes to the car and starts destroying it as J&J look on from the ring with Rollins. Lesnar rips one of the doors off the car and slams it. Lesnar tosses the door into the crowd. J&J attack and Lesnar ties to break Noble’s arm. He tosses Mercury on top of the windshield. Fans calls for a suplex. Lesnar suplexes Mercury on top of the car, this time breaking the windshield. Lesnar takes his shirt off and heads to the ring as Rollins waits.

Lesnar hits the ring but Rollins immediately runs away and goes through the crowd. Lesnar follows but stops as Rollins goes up the stairs. Lesnar goes back to the ring and raises the WWE World Heavyweight Title belt to a big pop. Lesnar leaves with one of the axe handles and sticks it in one of the windows of the car. We go to replays of Lesnar destroying the car. Lesnar stands on top of the car as Heyman praises him and his music plays.

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins rewarded The Authority

The lesson, as always, is that it pays to be in good with the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. After The Authority put aside weeks — months? — of squabbling to reunite and drop Brock Lesnar in Raw’s closing moments last week, Kane and J&J Security received their due reward for coming to Seth Rollins’ aid. First, The Architect bestowed a trio of brand-new Apple Watches on his squad, with a special shout-out to Jamie Noble for suffering three broken ribs in the course of his duty. Kane — already scheduled to team with Rollins against Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns in the main event — got an all-expenses paid trip to Maui, which left Noble & Joey Mercury empty-handed by comparison. They needn’t have worried, for Rollins had a coup de grace in his back pocket: A brand new car!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & Kane vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

As the mind games escalate between Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt, The Eater of Worlds had yet to make his physical presence felt (though he did send a dispatch) up until The Big Dog’s main-event tag team contest alongside Dean Ambrose against Seth Rollins & Kane. That streak of peace ended for Reigns in epic fashion, however, when Wyatt made his move in Raw’s final moments.

The New Face of Fear picked his moment perfectly in the No Disqualification contest, materializing out of the dark and laying waste to the former WWE Tag Team Champion. That left The Lunatic Fringe to suffer a Pedigree and pinfall and, when Reigns came to the aid of his fallen friend, The Authority pounced with a group beatdown of The Big Dog. Then, and only then, did Wyatt finish the job, administering Sister Abigail to what was left of Reigns as Raw crashed to black.

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins apologized to The Authority

So it’s come to this: Seth Rollins, the man who did it all on his own, was forced to grovel his way back into The Authority’s good graces. It was all in an attempt to regain his precious support system before he goes to the mat with Brock Lesnar at Battleground. Kane and J&J Security seemed relatively amenable to Rollins’ proposition, but when Lesnar crashed the party, only The Devil’s Favorite Demon stayed to defend Rollins from The Beast with a sneak attack.

Despite Lesnar initially getting the better of Rollins, Kane managed to land a Chokeslam, at which point Rollins and Joey Mercury quickly closed ranks and, against all odds, the corporate power got the job done. The Authority targeted Lesnar’s leg, set him up for the Pedigree and, as Raw faded to black, Lesnar had been taken down, Paul Heyman was silent, the champion was standing tall and his comrades were once again at his side. Here comes the pain?

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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins thanked himself

In case you were somehow unaware that Seth Rollins retained the WWE World Heavyweight Title all by his lonesome at Money in the Bank, allow him to remind you. Again, and again, and again. The Architect turned Raw’s opening moments into a lofty perch from which to crow about his grueling victory over Dean Ambrose. The champion channeled Chris Jericho by rechristening the show “Monday Night Rollins” and whipping out a laundry list of people to thank — and all of them happened to be some variation of Seth Rollins.

And yet, every great, preening villain needs a foil to keep him honest, and Ohio hero Ambrose, who eloquently channeled Dusty Rhodes after the show last night, wasn’t about to let Rollins style and profile his way into the sunset without a fight. The Lunatic Fringe crashed the champion’s self-coronation, chased him away and sat himself in a chair until he got the fight he came for.

The Authority revealed Seth Rollins’ No. 1 contender

He’s baaaaack. After a whole night of The Authority teasing a mystery opponent for Seth Rollins’ next title defense — and Rollins himself baiting his tenuous allies into accepting the position — Triple H and Co. made a hard left in Raw’s final moments. He summoned Brock Lesnar from exile, naming The Beast Incarnate as The Architect’s No. 1 contender for WWE Battleground. Despite Rollins’ eagerness to live up to whatever “pressure” came his way, The Authority’s decision to un-shutter Suplex City (as a potential punishment for Rollins’ recent attitude?) left The Architect literally shaking in his boots. That is, at least until he beat a terrified retreat. Is the decision best for Rollins’ personal health? Probably not. But for once, The Authority and the WWE Universe are on the same page in saying it is definitely best for business.

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Seth Rollins vs J&J Security

Two weeks ago, Seth Rollins had a title, a security team and a 7-foot enforcer. He had none of those things by Raw’s end when, having goaded J&J Security into a match he felt would be a tune-up, Rollins instead suffered one of the most demoralizing losses of his career. It’s not that Joey Mercury & Jamie Noble are slouches — far from it. But their track record hasn’t been great and Rollins has.

Despite all that, The Architect’s plans were dashed to pieces when Dean Ambrose, whose tour of New Orleans had taken him to ringside with Rollins WWE World Heavyweight Championship, dangled the prize in his former “brother’s” face. The distraction allowed Mercury to schoolboy The Architect for the pin. To add insult to injury, Ambrose crushed his former friend even more after the loss, hitting Dirty Deeds and taking the title back before posing atop a ladder with the title in hand. Let the good times roll, Dean-o.

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The Authority called out Dean Ambrose

For those of you keeping score at home, Dean Ambrose is still AWOL with Seth Rollins’ stolen WWE World Heavyweight Title in his possession. Triple H promised consequences for The Lunatic Fringe should the title go unreturned, and since Ambrose was nowhere to be found, The Game decided to focus his attention on the madman’s accomplice instead. That’d be Roman Reigns, who assisted in Ambrose’s heist and was left to take the proverbial bullet for his “brother.”

It’s not that Reigns minded a chance to laugh in the face of the flustered King of Kings, though, as he was also there to offer Ambrose’s terms. Ambrose would show his face again if, at Money in the Bank, The Authority granted him a Ladder Match for the title. Despite the outcome — a belligerent Rollins accepted and stormed off — The Game soon found a way to wipe the smile from The Big Dog’s face. The COO opted to punishhiminstead of the absentee Ambrose in the form of a match with Reigns’ Money in the Bank spot on the line.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

He’s still money — what’s left of him, anyway. Roman Reigns, already raked in the face and pulverized in the ribs, was forced to put his Money in the Bank opportunity up for grabs for the third time in a single night. And with Bray Wyatt across from him, The Big Dog had his work cut out for him in a big way. The 2014 Superstar of the Year stepped up in a big way as well, brawling through the pain to keep The Eater of Worlds on his heels, despite the presence of The Authority at the top of the ramp.

The corporate power didn’t wait too long to interfere in the match properly, surrounding the ring after a last-gasp Superman Punch left Wyatt out and Reigns spent. Reigns recovered in time to turn the tide, shoving The New Face of Fear into Kane on the apron and exploding into a Spear on the rebound for three. Dean Ambrose finally made his entrance right as The Authority began to swarm in the aftermath, assisting The Big Dog in beating back Kane, Seth Rollins and J&J Security before escaping, once again, into the crowd. The craziest part? Ambrose even gave Rollins his title back, tossing it into The Architect’s hands before Dirty Deeds’ing it out of his clutches and absconding with the prize once again. Who says Dean Ambrose doesn’t do as he asks?

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