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Seth Rollins and John Cena Opens Smackdown

Before 15-time World Champion John Cena could properly kick off SmackDown, Seth Rollins interrupted, making it clear to his imminent Tables Match opponent that his time was up while the “Future of WWE’s” time was, in fact, now.

As the war of words rose to a fever pitch, an intense Cenation leader made it known that, after Sunday’s pay-per-view showdown, the only thing Rollins would realize was that he just wasn’t ready.

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Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

There is no denying that Sting’s WWE debut — recipient of the “This is Awesome!” Moment of the Year Slammy Award — was, indeed, awesome. Less so, at least for Dolph Ziggler, was his Raw-opening drop to Seth Rollins thanks to a late-game interference that stopped The Showoff’s hot streak cold. Granted, it’s easy to say that Ziggler, who had Rollins on his heels after backdropping him off the top turnbuckle, could have and would have sewn the contest up.

But J&J Security, lurking at ringside, had other plans for the former Intercontinental Champion, shoving him face-first off the top and straight into a Curb Stomp and gift-wrapping the “W” for Mr. Money in the Bank. The victorious Rollins then rubbed salt in the WWE Universe’s wound by scaring off Slammy host Seth Green and “accepting” Sting’s award on the former WCW Champion’s behalf.

John Cena vs Big Show

One’s headed for tables, the other’s headed for stairs, and in the main event of Raw, John Cena and Big Show met in a battle of titanic proportions. What was shaping up to be an upset for Cena — he’d stunned Show with a sleeper hold and escaped a chokeslam to set up the Attitude Adjustment — turned into an all-out brawl, as Seth Rollins interfered, followed swiftly by Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan, Ryback, Luke Harper and Kane. When the dust cleared, Rollins had the last word with yet another Triple Powerbomb to the Cenation leader, this time through the announce table. All it takes is one more on Sunday and Cena’s time as No. 1 contender is up.

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Seth Rollins, Big Show & Kane spoke about a future full of Tables, Stairs & Chairs

Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane each took turns giving their individual WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs … and Stairs opponents a preview of what to expect on Dec. 14. Soon, however, Santino Marella came out to announce a huge main event for later in the evening pitting Ryback & Erick Rowan against Seth Rollins & Big Show!

Seth Rollins and Big Show vs Erick Rowan and Ryback

Amid SmackDown’s massive main event, Kane attempted to interfere, only to have it backfire when the referee didn’t see Seth Rollins tag in Big Show because he was busy tossing WWE’s former Director of Operations from ringside.

As The World’s Largest Athlete argued with the referee, Erick Rowan booted the big man from the ring, leaving an unsuspecting and irate Rollins to get clobbered with a Meat Hook Clothesline and Shell Shocked from The Big Guy.

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The Anonymous Raw Manager returned

The familiar “da ding” of the Anonymous Raw General Manager certainly didn’t inspire confidence in a fair shake for the WWE Universe when Daniel Bryan’s tenure running Raw came to an end last week. The sinister laptop wasted no time in stirring up trouble when he (she? Hornswoggle?) took over the reins of the red brand. In fact, the Anonymous GM took advantage of a verbal spat between John Cena and Seth Rollins to make a Tables Match between the two at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs with Cena’s No. 1 contendership at stake.

That led to a brawl between Cena, Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Erick Rowan, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, Luke Harper and J&J Security that culminated in a Triple Powerbomb of the Cenation leader through a table. When the dust had settled, the GM had corralled the chaos into a pair of contests for later in the evening: Rowan vs. Big Show and a Six-Man battle of Cena, Ziggler & Ryback vs. Kane, Rollins & Harper. Bring back The Nexus and it’s just like old times.

Six Man Tag Match

Smash ’em with a chair, put ’em through a table, slam ’em through a ladder, and the stalwart remnants of Team Cena still get the job done. For all the effort Kane, Seth Rollins and Luke Harper put into brutalizing Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback in Raw’s opening, the Survivor Series victors managed to eke out a narrow Six-Man victory in Raw’s main event, besting the Team Authority stragglers in a grueling, lengthy battle.

Once again, the hero of the bout was Ziggler, who escaped a wild brawl to pin Harper with a sunset flip. But the night’s big savior was Erick Rowan, who came out of the blue to even the odds when Big Show joined the former Authority cronies in beating down the fan favorites. Steel steps ablazin’, Rowan clobbered Harper, Show and Rollins into unconsciousness before Cena, Ryback and Ziggler incapacitated Big Show and allowed “Big Red” to get his retribution

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Seth Rollins vs Ryback

Back in the ring, just when it looked as if Ryback was about to overcome Seth Rollins with Shell Shocked, Kane emerged with a steel chair and caused the match to end in a disqualification. While The Human Wrecking Ball fought back after the bell, he found himself on the wrong end of a 2-on-1 disadvantage and ended up suffering an excruciating chair assault and a chokeslam onto the chair from Monster Kane.


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Daniel Bryan Settled Business with Team Authority

Daniel Bryan wasted little time in calling out the beaten members of Team Authority to the ring. And his first order of business was to put Seth Rollins’ fate in the hands of the WWE Universe, with a WWE App vote to decide Mr. Money in the Bank’s partners against John Cena & Dolph Ziggler in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match: Mark Henry & Luke Harper, Mark Henry & Kane or Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury.

Seth Rollins and J&J Security vs Dolph Ziggler and John Cena

With Daniel Bryan leading the way, it was revealed that the WWE Universe had overwhelmingly selected J&J Security — via a WWE App vote — to team with Seth Rollins against John Cena & Dolph Ziggler.

In the final moments of Raw’s main event, it was Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury who would suffer Ziggler’s Zig Zag and Cena’s Attitude Adjustment at the same time for the loss. As the dust cleared, The Beard would reemerge, throwing Rollins into the ring to suffer a post-match Super Kick from The Showoff and an Attitude Adjustment from the leader of the Cenation.

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