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Seth Rollins vs John Cena – Lumberjack Match

It’s a swing and a miss for John Cena, who wagered the reinstatement of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan on the result of a Lumberjack Match against Seth Rollins and whiffed against Mr. Money in the Bank with all the marbles on the line. The “highly motivated” crew of enforcers patrolling the ring certainly had a hand in ensuring Cena’s defeat (Bad News Barrett sprang with a particularly well-timed trip-up of his old foil), whaling on the fan favorite each time he was expelled while J&J Security ensured Rollins’ safety each time he was tossed over the ropes.

Cena managed to turn the tide with a top-rope crossbody to Rollins and the gaggle of lumberjacks surrounding him. Rollins stayed in the fight, though, with a superkick to a kneeling Cena and a nimble escape of the Attitude Adjustment that forced his adversary to keep digging deep. But Cena did, rebounding from a lumberjack mugging that ended with a Cesaro Swing that ping-ponged Cena off the barricade. A second swarming only moments later, this time bolstered by a KO Punch from Big Show, fared better, leaving Cena on a proverbial platter for Rollins to pin.

Contract Signing for WWE Championship

Time to cross the T’s, dot the I’s and, well, stomp the heads. What was surely arranged to be a civil contract signing between WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar and his two No. 1 contenders turned into an all-out car wreck when Seth Rollins seized the opportunity to humiliate both John Cena and The Beast Incarnate as only Seth Rollins can. This came after Paul Heyman gave his second address of the night, following his “return to the scene of the crime” by promising the destruction of anyone who stepped into Lesnar’s path.

As tensions escalated between Heyman’s camp and The Authority, Cena muscled his way into the fray and provoked Rollins to attack him with the Money in the Bank briefcase. What ensued was a quick, brutal flurry of physicality. Lesnar German suplexed Cena and Rollins clean into the air; Cena countered with an AA to Lesnar through the table and then Rollins provided the two cherries on top by Curb Stomping both Lesnar and Cena to end the show — and, potentially, The Beast’s title reign — on his own terms. Perhaps next week’s Raw Reunion, featuring Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall and Hulk Hogan, will provide further insight as to Mr. Money in the Bank’s plans.

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Roman Reigns interrupted Seth Rollins

On the final Friday Night SmackDown before the second-longest-running episodic TV show in history moves to Thursday nights next week, former Shield members participated in a huge tag team showdown, The Usos put their WWE Tag Team Titles on the line in an action-packed Triple Threat Match and Bad News Barrett suffered a shocking upset. Seth Rollins kicked of SmackDown from the Laredo Energy Arena in an especially joyous mood after The Authority’s impactful return to power on Raw. Unfortunately for Mr. Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns cut off his former Shield “brother’s” boastful display and quickly incited a full-blown assault on his former ally-in-justice.

The powerhouse Superstar knocked “The Future of WWE” and J&J Security from the ring, sending the trio scurrying up the ramp before Kane and Big Show appeared on stage. WWE’s Director of Operations made a huge main event match for later in the evening, featuring Rollins & Big Show versus Reigns and a partner of his choice. Moreover, Corporate Kane made it clear that any Superstar who joined up with Reigns would attract the disfavor of The Authority.

Seth Rollins and Big Show vs Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose

Only an unstable Superstar would choose to be Roman Reigns’ surprise tag team partner against Seth Rollins & Big Show after WWE’s Director of Operations Kane made it clear they would be doing so to the disfavor of The Authority. Enter Dean Ambrose.

The Lunatic Fringe spent most of the match having his knee targeted by Mr. Money in the Bank & The World’s Largest Athlete, but after he successfully tagged in his former Shield “brother,” chaos ensued. Despite his battered knee that resulted from his vicious Ambulance Match on Monday’s Raw, Ambrose managed to take out Big Show, Kane and J&J Security outside the ring after delivering a top rope dive. This allowed his powerhouse partner to pick up the victory when he avoided The Architect’s Curb Stomp en route to hitting a Spear.

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The Authority Addressed the WWE roster

So Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are back, and they wasted no time in kicking off 2015 much in the way they kicked off 2014: with proclamations and machinations designed to put their enemies in their places. Assembling the entire WWE roster in the middle of the ring, The Authority — after some perfunctory face-rubbing for John Cena, who was forced to reinstate them — set about rewarding facilitator Seth Rollins with a third spot in the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match between Cena and Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. They also declared the night “John Cena Appreciation Night” as payment for the Cenation leader’s contributions … and placed Dolph Ziggler into an Intercontinental Title Match against Bad News Barrett.

Seth Rollins and Kane vs Ryback

The hits keep on coming for the veterans of Team Cena. After Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan were served their payback by The Authority, Ryback was the next to face the brass-knuckled bruise of the corporate power couple when his bout with Seth Rollins was turned into a Handicap Match pairing Mr. Money in the Bank with Kane. Needless to say, The Devil’s Favorite Director of Operations hadn’t quite exorcised his lingering beef with Ryback over their concession-stand fracas from a couple months ago, and despite The Big Guy’s positivity-fueled counter-attack, The Authority’s synergy was too strong. Interference by Kane stopped Ryback from hitting Shell Shocked on Rollins, and when The Big Guy answered by administering his signature slam to Kane, Mr. Money in the Bank pounced with one — no, two — Curb Stomps to finish it.

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Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns

Is a win a win if one is unconscious at the time of winning? It’s a fair question to pose to Roman Reigns, who technically “beat” Seth Rollins on Raw in a match orchestrated by Edge & Christian. That’s only because Big Show got up from commentary to take out the 2014 Superstar of the Year before Reigns could put Mr. Money in the Bank away, though. Picking up their rivalry from where it left off in September, Reigns and Rollins whaled on each other with months of pent-up frustration (understandably so), but it was Reigns who ultimately pulled ahead with a Superman Punch after a rapid-fire back and forth with Rollins. Before The Big Dog could follow up with the Spear, however, Show tripped him up and hurled him headfirst over the commentary table, burying Reigns in a pile of plunder.

Seth Rollins forced John Cena to reinstate The Authority

What should have been a celebration for Edge, Christian and the WWE Universe turned into a nightmare of the highest order. Seth Rollins seized the ultimate opportunity on “The Cutting Edge Peep Show” and exploited the neck injury that ended Edge’s career to force John Cena to do the unthinkable. With the assistance of Big Show and J&J Security, Rollins incapacitated Christian and threatened to administer a potentially life-endangering Curb Stomp to Edge unless Cena caved in and reinstated The Authority. Having no choice, Cena made the sacrifice for his former rival and agreed to bring Triple H & Stephanie McMahon back to power. The couple made their return then and there, watching with glee after Rollins gave Cena the beating he’d intended for Edge and raising a glass to 2015 in WWE. It was a development, it must be said, that sat quite well with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, who celebrated Cena’s destruction alongside The Authority atop the ramp. Here’s to 2015

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Opening Segment

While the immortal Hulkster kicked off SmackDown with a bang, Seth Rollins quickly interrupted to deem the WWE Hall of Famer the “Seth Rollins of the ’80s” and to inform Hogan that WWE’s ring now belonged to him. When Mr. Money in the Bank warned the iconic Superstar to endorse him as the “Future of WWE,” though, Hogan said that title might belong to Dolph Ziggler. The humbled Showoff emerged to invite Rollins to leave the ring and things nearly came to blows.

Before they could, however, Big Show interrupted to add his size to the equation, only to be countered balanced by Roman Reigns. After consulting with the fans, Hogan opted to defuse the situation with a huge SmackDown main event: Reigns & Ziggler vs. Big Show & Rollins!

Seth Rollins and Big Show vs Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns

Though Roman Romans Speared Big Show in the height of blockbuster SmackDown’s main event, a little help from J&J Security allowed Seth Rollins to regain the advantage over his former Shield cohort.

But once Dolph Ziggler took out both Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, Reigns roared back with a second Spear of the night on Mr. Money in the Bank for the huge holiday tag team victory.

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Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler’s amazing run just keeps going and going. The Showoff, who said earlier in the evening he would steal the show, did just that when he picked up his first victory in singles action against Seth Rollins.

In what is becoming a common occurrence, J&J Security involved themselves in the action, prompting the referee to toss the pair from ringside. Mr. Money in the Bank immediately objected the decision, but before he knew it, the Intercontinental Champion nailed him with the Zig Zag for the victory.

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