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Seth Rollins and Big Show vs Sting and John Cena

Make that two wins for The Stinger. Moments after Sting’s battle with Big Show was reorganized in a tag match teaming Sting with John Cena and Seth Rollins with Show, The Authority’s foot soldiers got their wind back when Cena found himself crushed like a jellybean under the giant’s boot.

Miraculously, the Cenation leader survived long enough to tag in Sting, and The Icon ran roughshod over a thoroughly unprepared Rollins, executing a Scorpion Death Drop on The Architect after Cena dispatched an interfering Big Show with an Attitude Adjustment. With Rollins reeling, Sting sealed the deal by rolling “The Man” into a Scorpion Deathlock and achieving a near-instant submission. Better

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Seth Rollins vs Ryback (Lumberjack Match)

In a Raw rematch, Intercontinental Champion Ryback battled WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins in a Lumberjack Match — a specialty match that The Architect claimed he requested.

In the height of the action-packed contest, Big Show was ushered away from ringside by his fellow lumberjacks for delivering the KO Punch to Mark Henry. Then, when various lumberjacks entered the ring and unleashed an attack on Ryback, the rest of the lumberjacks engaged them. As the bedlam was still going full force, Neville climbed to the top rope, taking out Stardust and every other lumberjack in sight.

Finally, it looked as if The Big Guy might overcome his opponent. But just as he was attempting to hit Shell Shocked, Kevin Owens tripped him from outside the ring and opened the door for Rollins to emerge victorious with the Pedigree.

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Sting and Sheamus confronted Seth Rollins

Challenge Seth Rollins for his WWE World Heavyweight Title? Sure, why not. That’s part of the gig. Hell, he’ll even tolerate a second challenger. But enough is enough, and “The Man” wants his statue back from Sting, who pulled a disappearing act with The Architect’s monument two weeks ago and has been holding it hostage ever since. So Rollins’ first order of business in Baltimore was to retrieve his effigy from The Vigilante. Iimagine Rollins’ surprise when Sting actually responded to his frothing ramblings by displaying the statue, hidden in an undisclosed location, and dared Rollins to come and get it.

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough for Rollins to worry about, Sheamus all but called his shot on a Money in the Bank cash-in at Night of Champions. Then The Authority slotted him for a pair of contests — a Champion vs. Champion bout against Ryback, and a Champions vs. Challengers showdown that would team him and The New Day against John Cena & The Prime Time Players. Just another day in the life of “The Man.”

Seth Rollins vs Ryback

Another win for The Big Guy! Even with Kevin Owens seemingly lurking in the wings, Ryback rode his trademark intensity — and a timely assist from Sting — to upend Seth Rollins himself in the first of The Architect’s two Authority-mandated Raw contests. But even before The Icon resurfaced, the Champion vs. Champion contest was almost all Ryback. The Human Wrecking Ball beat Rollins to and fro with impunity until The Architect rammed him face-first into the ring post and steps.

Rollins set to work, systematically picking The Big Guy apart, coming within a hair’s breadth of a pinfall before Sting appeared on the TitanTron to taunt the champ. That was all Ryback needed to spring with a small package, earning a pinfall that left Rollins twitching with rage in the ring, though not as much as The Vigilante appeared again to affix a Sting mask to Rollins’ statue.

6-Man Tag Team Match

Sept. 20 is Night of Champions, but Sept. 7 was Night of Challengers as John Cena & The Prime Time Players united to defeat a trio that, together, holds four of WWE’s six championships. That’s a pretty solid day’s labor — especially for The Prime Time Players, who’ll challenge The New Day for the Tag Titles on the season premiere of Raw next week. After The New Day ran roughshod over Cena, Titus O’Neil and Darren Young tagged in and the groundwork for the 15-time World Champion to swoop in and win the day with an Attitude Adjustment to Kofi Kingston.

And then, Sting reappeared again, Seth Rollins’ statue still in tow and bad intentions on his mind. Given that Rollins never came to find him, The Vigilante revealed his whereabouts to be the arena loading dock, where he tossed the statue into the bed of a garbage truck, crushed it into powder, and cruised off into the night. Rollins made a point of displaying his two titles to reinforce his continued dominance — he is still Seth Freakin’ Rollins after all. But, alas, he’s got no freakin’ statue.

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Seth Rollins Calls Out Sting

Back from the break and out comes WWE World Heavyweight and United States Champion Seth Rollins. He takes the mic and says he didn’t have a problem with Sting until now. He blames Sting for WCW going out of business. He wants two things from Sting – for him to take back what he said about Rollins not being as good as Triple H and for him to give the statue up. Rollins calls him out and waits but here comes Stephanie McMahon instead.

Stephanie warns Rollins to stop talking about Triple H. Rollins says Triple H was the man when he was with Evolution but that time has passed and he’s the man now. Stephanie cuts him off and says Rollins is letting Sting get inside of his head. She thought he was smarter than that… it’s not about him vs. Triple H or him vs. The Authority or some statue. She says he’s the first to hold the WWE and US Title and he is the man… Rollins agrees and focuses on Sting again. He gets hype and demands Sting come to the ring. The music hits and out comes John Cena instead.

Cena comes out and taunts Rollins. He says Stephanie is about to make Rollins’ life hell. He cuts a promo on Rollins and says he will be the new flavor of the month soon. Cena says if The Authority really had Rollins’ back, they wouldn’t let him do what he’s about to do. Cena says Rollins has a lot of hardware on him and brings up Night of Champions. Cena says he’s cashing in his rematch and will face Rollins at Night of Champions with the United States Title on the line. They ask Stephanie if this is true and she hesitates but says yes. Rollins throws a fit as Cena make his exit to the stage. Sting’s music hits and out he comes.

Sting stands beside Cena on the stage as Sting’s music plays. Rollins looks on from the ring and holds up both titles as they taunt him from the stage. RAW goes off the air.

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Seth Rollins comes out for a promo and gets lots of heat from the crowd. He talks about how Monday was supposed to be the greatest night of his life getting his statue. He says no one knows what it’s like to be a legend, becoming the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion at the same time. He calls Sting jealous and a ‘Justin Bieber’ chant breaks out. He wants to know what gave Sting the right to ruin his night. He says at Night Of Champions he’s going to finish the job Triple H started and break his old bones to dust.

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Sting crashed WWE World Heavyweight & U.S. Champion Seth Rollins’ statue celebration

Seth Rollins demanded a statue to commemorate his historic title(s) victory over John Cena — an act that would effectively turn him into an icon. He didn’t realize that he’d actually have to deal with The Icon when his moment finally came. Triple H’s grand unveiling ofhis monument to “The Man” was ruined in epic fashion when the curtain surrounding Rollins’ effigy was revealed to be Sting. The Vigilante expelled the two-time-over champion from the ring and laid hands on the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, apparently staking his claim on the supreme prize.

To everyone’s surprise, he got exactly what he wanted. In an exclusive interview on the award-winning WWE Network after Raw went off the air, WWE COO Triple H sanctioned a bout between The Architect and Sting for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions, commanding Rollins to finish what he started at WrestleMania. It’s on.

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