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WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is out to kick off the show. Footage from last week is shown of Rollins giving John Cena a broken nose. Back live, Rollins has a mic in hand. He said the only person in WWE that can slow him down is named Seth Rollins. Rollins admits to a flaw: sympathy. He uses last week as an example when he drove his knee right into the nose of Cena. We see a slow motion replay of Rollins breaking the nose of Cena. A “Thank You Rollins” chant starts up in San Jose. He talks about feeling Cena’s nose crack on his knee to another loud reaction of cheers. Rollins said Cena’s face isn’t the last he will smash, but it is the first time he has broken the face of the man who runs the place. He shows photos of Cena’s broken nose from backstage last week. Rollins said the match should have been stopped and he should have been awarded the United States Championship. “John Cena caught me and that is on me.” He promises that will never, ever happen again. Rollins has a proposition for John Cena. “What do you say we do it one more time? John Cena vs. Seth Rollins. One on one. Title for title. Winner take all at the four hour extravaganza live on the WWE Network, SummerSlam.” He gives Cena the option of forfeiting his United States Championship and brings up how for the first time ever someone will hold both the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships at the same time. Rollins brings up becoming champion in San Jose earlier this year at WrestleMania and notes how this was the birth place of Cena’s open challenge. He announces for the first time ever an open challenge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship…right now.

We are back live as JoJo is in the ring with Rollins asking if this open challenge is legitimate. Rollins said he got 100% verification from The Authority that he could do this. His opponent just must be under six feet tall and must be under 200 pounds. JoJo said he must mean he wants to have a match with El Torito. Rollins said that is “no bull” laughing. He calls out El Torito to challenge him for the title right now.

El Torito’s music hits. The music gets interrupted by Neville’s. Michael Cole, JBL and Byron Saxton talk about how Neville fits the bill tonight under the circumstances.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Open Challenge
Seth Rollins (c) vs. Neville

Lilian Garcia handled introductions for the challenger Neville and champion Seth Rollins.

Rollins with a quick headlock takedown early on Neville. Neville drops Rollins down quick and follows that up with a sweep. Rollins with a big right and kicks to Neville in the corner. Rollins with elbows to Neville in the other corner. Neville catches Rollins with a boot and a huricanrana takedown. Rollins rolls out and Neville launches over the top rope taking out Rollins. Neville tosses Rollins back in, Neville goes up top and Rollins rolls out of the way. Neville tackles Rollins over the top rope to the outside. Neville with a corkscrew moonsault off the top taking out Rollins outside of the ring as we head to a break.

-Commercial Break-

We return live with Rollins dropping Neville with an elbow and applying a headlock. During the break, we see that Rollins sent Neville face first into the announce table at ringside. Back live, Rollins drops Neville with a quick clothesline. Neville draws the jaw of Rollins off the top of his head and catches him with a high elbow. Rollins with a modified neckbreaker on Neville resulting in a two count. Rollins with an elbow splash to Neville in the corner, goes up top and Neville catches him with a kick on the way down. Neville with a modified huricanrana from behind on Rollins resulting in a close two count. Neville counters an overhead suplex and drops Rollins with a german suplex and dropkick to the face combo. Neville with a german suplex into a bridge for a two count on Rollins. Neville gets Rollins setup for the Red Arrow. Neville goes up top, counters on the way down and Rollins levels Neville with a huge clothesline. Neville with a close roll up on Rollins. The crowd in San Jose thinks it was three. Rollins with a big boot to Neville. We see a replay of just how close the pinfall attempt was by Neville. Rollins goes up top. Neville cuts him off. Neville with a top rope huricanrana on Rollins! Neville quickly goes up top. Neville connects with the Red Arrow. Neville hooks the leg…1…2…Rollins gets his foot on the ropes! Neville can’t believe it. The crowd chants “One More Time” at Neville. Neville positions Rollins, goes back up top, jumps and Rollins moves as Neville comes down. Rollins with Pedigree and gets the win.

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Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

When WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins kicked off SmackDown and relished in the fact that he broke United States Champion John Cena’s nose on Raw, Cesaro reminded him that he also tapped-out to The Champ. As a result, the two Superstars opted not to wait for their scheduled rematch and instead started the showdown right then and there. As they did, Kevin Owens joined the SmackDown announce team.

Just when The Swiss Superman was getting ready to execute the Cesaro Swing, however, Owens launched a surprise assault and ended the contest by disqualification. Though it looked, for a moment, as if The Architect was going to take issue with Owens’ interruption, the two instead worked together to deliver a post-match attack on The King of Swing.

But, as all three of the Superstars would soon learn, they were not done for the night.

Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens vs Dean Ambrose and Cesaro

Although he seemed ready to go it alone against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins & Kevin Owens, Cesaro received a lunatic surprise when Dean Ambrose decided to help The Swiss Superman in SmackDown’s tag team main event.

In the height of the action, Ambrose sent The Architect to the ringside floor. In doing so, however, he left himself open for Owens’ Pop-up Powerbomb.

But before the brash former NXT Champion could execute his finishing maneuver, Cesaro thwarted his effects. The King of Swing rushed his opponent from behind and rolled him up for the quick three-count.

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John Cena Confronted The Authority

Looking to get in on the fun, Seth Rollins seized hold of the microphone, and after recapping his own historic victory at WrestleMania, he demanded that WWE the Universe acknowledge his greatness for the first time ever. Out came John Cena, demanding a first-time ever match of his own against Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Rollins balked, but The Authority allowed a compromise: Rollins would battle Cena one-on-one, and it would be under a never-before-seen-stipulation … for the United States Championship.

Seth Rollins vs John Cena

It would appear the unification of the U.S. and WWE World Heavyweight Titles under Seth Rollins will have to wait. John Cena’s first-ever defense of his U.S. Title against The Architect ended with the Cenation leader victorious, though not for a lack of effort on the part of “The Future of WWE.”

The contest was, in all fairness to Rollins, a neck-and-neck affair, thanks mainly to Rollins’ scouting of The Champ and his timely thwarting of Cena’s signature moves, plus a knee from Rollins that shoved The Champ’s nose halfway across his face. Gruesome though it was, the injury kicked both Superstars into high gear. Rollins unleashed a superplex and a Michinoku Driver, one after another, and the broken-nosed Cena eventually locked in a pair of savage STFs to force the champion to tap. The Champ is still here. Now somebody set that nose.

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Seth Rollins vs Cesaro

In the final moments of an absolutely tremendous SmackDown main event between Seth Rollins and Cesaro, a match that took both Superstars to their limits, The Architect looked ready to take a walk. While his powerful opponent was able to stop him outside the ring with a furious uppercut, Rollins ultimately found a way to win.

As The Swiss Superman was attempting to set up the Cesaro Swing, the titleholder hit him with thumb to the eye, hurled him into the steel ring post and finished him off with the Pedigree.

As the smoke was still clearing, Kevin Owens emerged, unleashing a post-match assault the fallen Cesaro as payback for some jokes The King of Swing made at his expense earlier on.

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U.S. Champion John Cena confronted WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins

Thanks to the next best thing to the devil himself, Seth Rollins is still WWE World Heavyweight Champion. But John Cena wasn’t buying The Architect’s version of a victory tour out of Suplex City. As Rollins forced Lilian Garcia to belatedly announce his continued tenure as titleholder, the Cenation leader and United States Champion made his presence known, laying down what amounted to a challenge for a fight. “The Undisputed Future” wasn’t too interested, though. It’s unlikely these two have butted heads for the last time just yet.

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WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Rollins vs Lesnar

Pre-match intros here. “Suplex City” chants by the crowd as the bell sounds. Lesnar drives Rollins into the corner and unloads with shoulders to the ribs. Rollins blocks a suplex with elbows and rolls outside to re-group. Lesnar gives chase to Rollins, but Rollins nails Lesnar coming back in. Rollins holds onto the ropes for dear life to block another suplex. Series of leg kicks by Rollins, but Lesnar catches a dropkick and stomps Rollins. Rollins slips out of the F-5, heads up top, but Lesnar catches him on the way down. Release German Suplex #1! Release German Suplex #2! Release German Suplex #3 folds up Rollins like an accordion! Release German Suplex #4! Brock does his shimmie-step to taunt Rollins. Heyman yells at Rollins, “I told you” as Lesnar hits Release German Suplex #5, sending Rollins outside! Rollins grabs his title belt and is gonna leave through the crowd, but Lesnar HURDLES THE BARRICADE AND THROWS ROLLINS BACK TO RINGSIDE!! Lesnar hands the ref the title belt, then sends Rollins back in. Release German Suplex #6! More shimmie-stepping by Lesnar, Rollins slips out of another release German, SUPERKICK!! More leg kicks by Rollins, followed by a chopblock. Three Avada Kedavras by Rollins, followed by a second superkick! Rollins goes for the Pedigree, but Lesnar blocks it. Rollins slips out of the F-5, running knee to the back sends Lesnar outside! Two Tope Suicidas by Rollins, but Lesnar gets back in before he can do a third, Overhead Belly-to-Belly, Suplex #7! German, Suplex #8, Lesnar holds on! Another German, Suplex #9, Lesnar still holds on! Release German, Suplex #10! Another release German, Suplex #11! Big slap by Lesnar, another release German folds up Rollins, Suplex #12! Rollins slaps Lesnar in defiance, another release German by Lesnar, Suplex #13! Lesnar lifts up Rollins, F-5!!! 1-2….GONG GOES OFF!! LIGHTS GO OUT!! When they come back on, THE UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING!!! LESNAR IS IN SHOCK!!! Undertaker goes for the Chokeslam, but Lesnar slips out. Lesnar goes for the F-5, but Taker slips out and hits a low kick! Taker measures Lesnar, CHOKESLAM!! Undertaker lifts up Lesnar, TOMBSTONE!!! Taker looks at Heyman, then the fallen Lesnar, observing the carnage he’s created as the crowd chants for Undertaker. Taker goes to leave, but sees Lesnar getting back and calls for another Tombstone. Lesnar gets back up, but Taker lifts him up again, ANOTHER TOMBSTONE!!! Crowd chants “one more time” and Taker poses in the ring as the arena turns blue and Taker’s music plays. Taker finally leaves the ring and walks to the back as the credits sign us off for the show. No bell sounded, but this would appear to signal a No Contest. Taker poses with the one-arm salute at the entrance-way as the show closes.

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