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Seth Freaking Rollins!. He’s really freaking good. Did you know that he took the WWE World Heavyweight Title from Brock Lesnar? Or that he’s the only man to cash in a Money in the Bank contract in the main event of WrestleMania? Or that he’s the only human being to ever hold the WWE World Heavyweight and United States Championships simultaneously? If you don’t, worry not: He’ll tell you soon enough. And if you somehow manage to tune out his (justified) boasts, it won’t be long until this hybrid athlete’s skills in the ring turn you into a believer. A veteran of the independent scene who’s more ninja than wrestler, Rollins set up shop as one of WWE’s on-the-spot history makers from the second he walked in the door. From his reign as the first-ever NXT Champion to his vaunted time as the “Architect” of The Shield, Rollins’ first two years in WWE were a master class of evolution. Coincidentally enough, that’s the name of one of the factions he and his fellow Hounds of Justice managed to upend in their near-spotless two-year run throughout WWE’s ranks. He’s even better flying solo, racking up accolades faster than WWE can produce them. Within 15 months of The Shield’s breakup, Rollins had won a Money in the Bank contract and converted it into the WWE World Heavyweight Title and added John Cena’s U.S. Title to his trophy case. Is it even possible to hold this ascendant athlete down? If you’re lucky, but only for the short-term. As he’s fond of saying, Seth Rollins is the future, and the future can’t be stopped.

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"I think Seth Rollins is a perennial champion for the next decade. I think in the same way that John Cena and Randy Orton are multi, multi-time champions from 2005 on, I think that is now Seth Rollins' position."

Find out what Paul Heyman, Steve Austin and other ring legends/superstars says about the champ.

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We start with Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler. Early pinfall attempt by Ziggler and Rollins bails. Back in the ring, Rollins worked over Ziggler in the corner. Tag to Erick Rowan who tossed Rollins to the corner. Rowan with a pumphandle slam into a backbreaker followed by a quick elbow. Rollins crawls to the corner and tags in Kane. Rowan with a big scoop slam and leg drop combo on Kane. Big Show gets the tag and eats a boot from Rowan in the corner. On the outside, Rowan pushes Big Show into the steel post. Rowan tries a spinning leg on Big Show, Big Show moves and Rowan connects directly with the post. Big Show works over Rowan’s bad leg kicking at it and then dropping an elbow over it. Tag to Kane who stomps the head and chest of Rowan. Tag to Rollins who kicks away at Rowan. Rollins with a second rope blockbuster from the corner on Rowan. Tag to Big Show who applies a leg lock submission on Rowan. Rowan catches Big Show with a DDT. Rollins tags himself in, dropkicks Ziggler off the apron and taunts Ryback. Rowan drops Rollins. Hot tag to Ryback who levels Rollins from corner to corner. Ryback with a Lou Thesz Press. Rollins avoids a splash and Ryback with a powerful powerbomb on Rollins. Ryback drops Kane with a clothesline. Ryback has Rollins up. J&J Security with a distraction. Rollins with a close two count off a roll up. Rollins with a superkick on Ryback for another close two count. Rollins with a kick to Ryback. Rollins jumps off the second rope. Ryback catches Rollins and drops him down in Shell Shocked. Big Show with a splash over Ryback immediately. Tag to Ziggler who dropkicks Big Show. Ziggler pushes Kane into Big Show knocking him off the apron. Ziggler with a big DDT to Kane. Ziggler with a superkick to Kane. Ziggler with a Fameasser to Rollins. Ziggler with right hands to Kane. Kane pushes Ziggler to the side, Big Show with a KO punch, Kane lifts up Ziggler and drops him down getting the pinfall.

After the match, Seth Rollins with a curb stomp on Dolph Ziggler. Big Show and Kane with a double chokeslam on Ryback. Rollins with a curb stomp to Erick Rowan.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he hits the ring. Orton tosses Mercury out. RKO on Noble. RKO on Mercury. Orton kicks Rollins and attempts his DDT from the second rope. Big Show pulls Rollins away. RKO on Kane. Rollins bails through the crowd.

Video:: WWE Fastlane 2015 (6-Man Tag Team Match)
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J&J Security were banned from ringside, but that didn’t stop Big Show, Kane, Ryback & Erick Rowan from all surrounding the ring in SmackDown’s main event. In fact, it was WWE’s Director of Operations who distracted Dolph Ziggler just long enough to allow Seth Rollins to gain the upper hand and deliver a Curb Stomp for the victory.

After the contest, Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble joined the celebration in what became a brutal 5-on-3 beatdown on the former Team Cena members. As a result, Rollins, Big Show & Kane will face Ziggler, Ryback & Rowan this Sunday at WWE Fastlane in a Six-Man Tag Team Match.

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Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

Seth Rollins is in the ring with J&J Security. Rollins says today is President’s Day, a day on which we are here to honor the great men of the past. That feels like a gigantic waste of time when the living, breathing, literal embodiment of the future is standing right in front of you. The crowd loudly boos that. Rollins says the word “future” is starting to become a little passé. Right now, he is the most talented performer in the entire world. Right now, he is the most valuable asset in all of WWE. Right now, he’s untouchable. He can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. No one can stop him. Rollins says if he wanted to, he could become president. He’s not even old enough to run. He could take over for John Stewart on The Daily Show and make it watchable. What he really wants to do is cash in his briefcase and become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. His point is that he should be main eventing WrestleMania, but instead he’s forced to deal with these people who are so far beneath him. They have no business meddling in his affairs. People like Erick Rowan, Ryback, and especially Dolph Ziggler. Rollins tells the crowd to spare him the bull crap.

Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and he comes out to the stage with a microphone. Ziggler asks why Rollins is so mad. It seems like he had a bad Valentine’s Day. Maybe Joey and Jamie got him the wrong chocolates. Maybe Stephanie buckled him into the car seat a little too tight. Maybe Triple H was giving him the talk about the birds and the bees. Rollins says he knows Ziggler fancies himself a comedian, but the only joke he sees is Ziggler’s career. Ziggler is nothing compared to him. Ziggler says Rollins is right. He’s nothing compared to him, especially when it comes to being a whiny, protected, sell out douche. Ziggler will tell him exactly who he is. Ziggler says he’s the guy that raises the bar on what it means to be the best. He’s the guy who took out The Authority. If he can’t do it again, he’ll take out the self-proclaimed future. Ziggler says Rollins’ two Hobbit bodyguards can get out of the ring.

Rollins goes to take off his shirt, but Ziggler attacks him. Ziggler sends him into the ropes and clotheslines him down. Rollins quickly gets out of the ring to regroup.

We join the match in progress. Ziggler is trapped in a chin lock. During the commercial break, Rollins blindsided Ziggler. Rollins throws Ziggler out of the ring. The referee then catches J&J Security trying to attack him. The referee then ejects them from ringside. Rollins throws Ziggler into the barricade before talking strategy with J&J Security. Rollins puts Ziggler in the ring, and Ziggler catches him with an inside cradle for a two count. Rollins immediately gets to his feet and clotheslines him down. Rollins then stomps the mat in frustration. Rollins picks him up, but Ziggler connects with a jawbreaker. Ziggler elbows him in the face before sidestepping a shoulder thrust in the corner. Rollins hits the ring post shoulder-first.

Ziggler catches him with a splash in the corner before hitting a neckbreaker. Ziggler drops an elbow for a two count. Ziggler goes for a famouser, but Rollins counters into a powerbomb attempt. Ziggler counters that with a roll-up for a near fall. Ziggler quickly ducks a kick and connects with a big spike DDT for a near fall. Rollins holds the ropes to counter a Zig-Zag. Rollins then dropkicks him down for a near fall. Rollins punches away at him while talking trash. Rollins then stomps him before stepping on his face. Rollins goes to the top rope, and Ziggler scales the ropes. Rollins blocks whatever Ziggler was attempting and pushes him off. Ziggler avoids a flying knee to the head. Ziggler goes for a famouser, but Rollins avoids it and kicks him in the midsection. Ziggler avoids a Curb Stomp before superkicking him and hitting the Zig-Zag! J&J Security quickly come back to break up the pinfall.

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Miz TV

With his former stunt double/turned personal assistant Damien Mizdow parked at ringside, The Miz welcomed Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns to “Miz TV.” But before he could ask a single question, The Big Dog blasted him with the Superman Punch, effectively “canceling” the episode.

Reigns informed Bryan that after going through 29 Superstars in the Royal Rumble, he would have no trouble going through The Beard at WWE Fastlane — with the WWE World Heavyweight Title Match at WrestleMania on the line.

But just when it looked like the two Superstars might not want to wait for their showdown at WWE’s newest pay-per-view to engage each other, Seth Rollins interrupted, making it clear that he would have beaten Bryan on Raw if it weren’t for Reigns. The “Future of WWE” then informed Bryan that he would be in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match against both him and J&J Security.

Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins and J&J Security

With the odds once again stacked against him by The Authority, Daniel Bryan went to war against Seth Rollins and J&J Security in a 3-on-1 Handicap Match.

The Beard rose above, sending Nobel and Rollins flying before making Joey Mercury tap out to the “Yes!” Lock.

As Bryan was celebrating, however, Kane attacked him from behind, setting up a 4-on-1 assault that ended with Rollin’s earth-shattering Curb Stomp.

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The Authority Addressed the Conclusion of the Royal Rumble Match

The WWE Universe spoke (enthusiastically) and The Authority listened. After fielding two weeks of hostility from a crowd that was less than satisfied with the events of the Royal Rumble Match, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon did, as many surmised, opening Raw by seemingly throwing Roman Reigns’ victory into question. Somewhat less expected was where they laid the true culpability for the controversy: at the feet of The Rock, who interfered on the former WWE Tag Team Champion’s behalf in the closing minutes of the annual melee.

Reigns, of course, was less than thrilled at the potential cancellation of his WrestleMania road trip, though the appearance of Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins — two Superstars with legitimate claims to a main-event spot at The Show of Shows — presented a solution to the evening’s dilemma. Rollins and Bryan would battle in the main event of Raw, with the winner to face Roman Reigns at WWE Fastlane for the No. 1 contender’s spot against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

Seth Rollins vs Daniel Bryan

The dream lives, Daniel Bryan has beaten Seth Rollins and The Beard is headed to WWE Fastlane. The result came despite the best efforts of Seth Rollins, J&J Security and Big Show to ensure that Mr. Money in the Bank meet his former brother-in-arms Roman Reigns at February’s pay-per-view for the right to become Brock Lesnar’s No. 1 contender. With all that interference, you’d think Bryan would be screwed from the jump. But the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion battled his old enemy into the advantage at the cost of his own body, tossing Rollins into the air with a top-rope side suplex and taking a bad landing onto his neck.

Big Show’s attempt to protect Rollins from further punishment brought out Reigns, who laid waste to everyone involved and Superman Punched Rollins right into the path of Bryan’s running knee.

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Seth Rollins issues an open challenge

Seth Rollins makes his way out to the ring with J&J Security. Rollins says he told the crowd he would. This past Sunday at the Royal Rumble, he proved once again just how good he really is. He was one second away from pinning John Cena and becoming the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What’s more impressive than that is he stuck a dagger right into the heart of the beast incarnate. Rollins broke Brock Lesnar’s ribs. John Cena and The Undertaker can’t say that. Even though he didn’t walk out of Philly with the championship, he still has the future firmly within his reach. Rollins holds up the briefcase. Rollins says he’s feeling so good that he’s going to issue an open challenge to anyone in this building with the guts. Rollins dares someone to come out and test him. Ryback’s music hits, and he quickly makes his way to the ring.

Before the match starts, J&J Security attacks Ryback. Ryback quickly fights them off, but Rollins takes him down with a dropkick. They triple-team him until Erick Rowan runs down. Rowan takes J&J Security out with a double shoulder block. Rollins quickly knees Rowan in the head before going back to Ryback. Dolph Ziggler runs down to help, but Rollins soon gets him out of the ring. Ryback recovers and goes for Shell Shocked, but J&J Security pull him off. They escape the ring, get away from Rowan, and retreat up the ramp.

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Michael Cole Interviews Seth Rollins

Michael Cole is sitting down with Seth Rollins. Cole mentions that Rollins was responsible for bringing The Authority back and was rewarded with an opportunity at the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Royal Rumble. Cole asks if he feels like he truly deserved that opportunity. Rollins says his performance last night will speak for itself. Not only did he deserve to be in that match, he did everything he could to win that match and walk out as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Still photos are shown of Rollins’ highlights from the match. Rollins hit Lesnar with a Curb Stomp. Cole asks if he thought one of those Curb Stomps would have ended the championship reign of Lesnar. Rollins says it’s put down everyone before Lesnar. He figured not one, but two would put him down, but they didn’t. Another photo is shown of Rollins dropping an elbow on Lesnar through the table, which broke Lesnar’s rib. Cole asks if he figured it was over then. Rollins says the crazy thing about triple threat matches is not only do you have to worry about the champion, but there’s another challenger. Rollins was looking to eliminate Lesnar and get him out of the match. He was on the top rope and very comfortable there. All that mattered was putting his elbow through his heart to take him out of the match.

Another photo is shown of Rollins’ corkscrew 450 splash on Cena. After that, Lesnar came in and beat him. Rollins says he knew that was going to be the end of that match. When he hit the Phoenix Splash, he figured Lesnar was out and Cena was down. Cole asks what would happen if he met Brock Lesnar one-on-one. Rollins admits that he may have underestimated Lesnar last night. Rollins says Lesnar underestimated him as well. Lesnar may be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but what he doesn’t have is something he still has. The Money in the Bank contract is Plan B. Cole says he’s interested in hearing what Brock Lesnar has to say, as he’ll be on next. Rollins says he’s not going anywhere. If Lesnar wants to take his seat on this set, he’ll have to kick him off it. Rollins smiles smugly as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Brock Lesnar walks up to Seth Rollins and says that he’s in his seat. Rollins gets up and dusts off the chair before knocking it over and walking out. Lesnar smiles as a production assistant picks the chair up.

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In front of a raucous Philadelphia crowd packed inside the Wells Fargo Center, Brock Lesnar turned back the challenge of both John Cena and Seth Rollins to walk out of the 2015 Royal Rumble event with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Now, The Beast Incarnate looks to WrestleMania 31, where the winner of this year’s Royal Rumble Match will attempt to somehow pry sports-entertainment’s grandest prize from Lesnar’s clutches.

Despite suffering from injuries — including a broken rib at the hands of Rollins — Lesnar picked up a massive victory in one of the most impressive championship bouts in the history of the Royal Rumble event, ensuring that he’ll traverse The Road to WrestleMania as the ruler of the WWE Universe.

With his advocate Paul Heyman watching from ringside, Lesnar started things off by methodically picking Cena apart with his now-infamous German suplexes, then dished out some early punishment on Rollins’ associates, J&J Security, in this no-disqualification encounter. However, The Architect couldn’t avoid Lesnar’s fury for long, and soon found himself on the receiving end of those spine-rending suplexes. The Beast Incarnate then refocused on Cena, trapping the 15-time World Champion in his infamous Kimura Lock submission hold. Somehow, Cena rose to his feet with the move still applied, giving Rollins an opportunity to launch an aerial attack on both preoccupied Superstars and leave Lesnar truly vulnerable for the first time in the match. After Cena hit Lesnar with an Attitude Adjustment, the opportunistic “future” of WWE made the cover. Lesnar kicked out at one. It was going to be a long night.

Like the tense final moments of a monster movie, Rollins and Cena used every tool in their arsenal to end Lesnar’s rampage, all the while battling one another to the point of exhaustion. After preventing Lesnar from sealing a pinfall victory via F-5, Cena boldly attempted three rapid-fire Attitude Adjustments, getting a mere two-count thanks to The Architect. Rollins’ Curb Stomp attempt was then thwarted by Cena, who took the fight to the outside, sending The Beast crashing through the barricade, pummeling the champion with steel stairs and splaying the battered Lesnar atop the Spanish announce table. Then, Rollins made his move. Soaring through the air in one of the night’s most spectacular feats of athleticism, The Architect drove his elbow right into Lesnar, obliterating the announce desk in the process. Lesnar, it seemed, was out of the equation.

Back in the ring and breathing hard, Cena and Rollins — after transforming the match into a one-on-one clash — turned their aggression on one another, with Cena not only finding himself up against Mr. Money in the Bank, but a recovered J&J Security as well. Facing a three-on-one assault, Cena retaliated with a double Attitude Adjustment on Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury before hitting Rollins with the impactful finishing move. Neither Superstar had noticed Lesnar beginning to stir at ringside, though, rising to his feet as medical personnel scattered around him. The Beast was back.

After Rollins hit Cena with a Curb Stomp and yet another huge aerial attack, Lesnar stormed the ring and German suplexed both of his opponents, but The Architect battled back. Evading a second suplex, Rollins clocked Lesnar twice with his Money in the Bank briefcase before attempting to put the titleholder away with a Curb Stomp onto the gold, metal armament. However, Lesnar caught Rollins mid-stomp, hoisted The Architect onto his massive shoulders and hit Rollins with an F-5 to win the match.

The scene was familiar to anyone who’s been following Lesnar’s jaw-dropping career since WrestleMania 30. After ending The Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania Streak at last year’s Show of Shows, Lesnar would go on to utterly destroy Cena at SummerSlam in one of the most one-sided World Championship Matches ever witnessed, attaining the WWE World Heavyweight Title with downright terrifying ease. Shaken by that horrific encounter with Lesnar, Cena — despite words of warning from his peers and WWE Legends alike — demanded a chance for redemption in the form of a rematch with The Conqueror at Night of Champions.

Propelled by a near-superhuman desire to prove himself against his most dominant opponent, Cena seemed primed to slay The Beast that night, and would have succeeded if not for Rollins. As Cena covered Lesnar for what would have surely been a three-count, The Architect attacked the Cenation leader with his Money in the Bank contract to earn Cena a disqualification victory that effectively robbed the challenger of an imminent title victory. Then, boldly, Rollins laid out Lesnar with a Curb Stomp and attempted to cash in his contract on the reeling behemoth, but was thwarted by Cena. It was during those chaotic moments that the fates of all three of these intensely competitive Superstars became entwined as WrestleMania 31 loomed in the distance. In the end, only one of these three Superstars would survive Royal Rumble and earn their place in the main event on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

As Royal Rumble 2015 drew to a close it was Roman Reigns who would win the Royal Rumble Match and an opportunity to battle The Beast Incarnate for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship at The Show of Shows. Can the powerhouse end Lesnar’s reign of terror March 29, live on WWE Network? As Reigns and Lesnar prepare for this encounter, Rollins will be lying in wait, his Money in the Bank briefcase at the ready.

Video: Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship
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