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New Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins may not be out of the woods with Finn Bálor, but the good news is that he has no shortage of allies when it comes to dealing with The Miz.

After a brief confab between Rollins and The Extraordinary Man (wherein a handshake — though non-binding — deal was struck to battle for the title), former champion The Miz resurfaced to reprimand Rollins for defeating him at WrestleMania, as the loss had made his baby daughter cry… which, in turn, made his wife cry… which made Miz himself cry.

That said, Miz — who made a point of saying he only dismissed The Miztourage at WrestleMania to avoid accusations of playing dirty — wasn’t about to invoke his rematch clause on The Kingslayer. He opted instead to call his shot for WWE Backlash, though he was more than willing to battle Seth and Finn in a 3-on-2 Handicap Match. Alas, that plan was thwarted by the arrival of Jeff Hardy, last seen haunting The Hardy Compound during The Ultimate Deletion. Jeff returned more than willing here to help Rollins and Bálor send Miz and his crew packing. Given that Kurt Angle sanctioned a Six-Man Tag Team Match for later in the evening, The Charismatic Enigma may well be willing to do a little more before all is said and done.

Unlike WrestleMania, The Miz had no reservations about using The Miztourage to his advantage in Raw’s main-event Six-Man Tag Team Match. And yet, the result remained the same for the former Intercontinental Champion.

A stomp to the mat from Seth Rollins ended Miz’s night once again, though having his understudies at his side paid significant dividends for The Awesome One. The Miztourage did their work to take Finn Bálor out of the equation, and the returning Jeff Hardy took as much out of himself as he did his opponents upon entering the fray.

That left Rollins to shoulder the load, and The Kingslayer answered the call, sprinting around the ring and taking out Miz and The Miztourage with a suicide dive. His partners helped clear the ring of interference, and a stomp to The Awesome One handed the Intercontinental Champion the win.

A train of finishing maneuvers from all three to Bo Dallas & Curtis Axel sent the WWE Universe home happy. The moment was somewhat tinged with uncertainty: Come the Superstar Shake-up next week, one, or all, of these Superstars might be competing on a different show. But given their big win, it’s hard to begrudge Rollins, Bálor & Jeff for letting the good times roll while they can.

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Seth Rollins walked into WrestleMania last year under the gold banner of a Kingslayer. This year, he walked in with the blue eyes of The Night King, and fittingly enough, he brought winter with him.

The Architect is now Intercontinental Champion for the first time, snapping the eighth reign of the preening champion The Miz and denying Finn Bálor to join joined his Shield brothers as a Grand Slam Champion.

If there was one advantage for the incumbent titleholder Miz, it was that Bálor and Rollins were drawn to each other throughout the entire match, fittingly enough given the long rivalry that has recently reignited. Miz, who had hoped to pit the two of them against each other to bolster his own chances, found a lot of success as a spoiler, pouncing with a Skull-Crushing Finale to Rollins, torturing Bálor in the Figure-Four Leglock and catching an airborne Rollins with a bulldog off the top rope.

To his credit, he also dismissed The Miztourage from ringside prior to the opening bell, preferring to go it alone in order to set an example for his newborn daughter, Monroe Sky. As it turns out, he could have used them.

Rollins was a force of nature, appearing without warning and striking without mercy. He broke up the Figure-Four to Bálor by Frog-Splashing Miz, and, crucially, he had no problem biding his time until the opportune moment. That turned out to be after Bálor had landed a pair of Coup de Grâces to The Miz, one to the back and one to the chest. When The Extraordinary Man attempted to cover the champion, Rollins swooped in with a stomp that took Finn out of the running. As Miz struggled to his knees, Seth tuned up the band and administered a second stomp to The A-Lister to win the title.

Now Rollins, who has seemed like a new man since a record-setting Gauntlet Match in February, has the gold to back it up. The Kingslayer has claimed the throne. Say hello to Seth Rollins, Intercontinental Champion, first of his name. Long may he reign.

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