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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – En route to his Intercontinental Championship Match against Dean Ambrose at WWE TLC, Seth Rollins called out Baron Corbin to “spit some truth to power.” Refusing to hold back after Corbin entered the ring, The Architect cited the many ways the self-professed “General Manager-Elect” has made Raw “suck,” including wasting teams like The Revival, handing the Universal Title back to the always-vacant Brock Lesnar and unjustly ending careers.

When Corbin said he didn’t care what Rollins and the WWE Universe thought of his performance and threatened to make Rollins’ life hell once he became the Permanent General Manager of Raw at WWE TLC, Rollins challenged him to a TLC Match for tonight! Backed into a corner with his adversary calling him a coward repeatedly, The Lone Wolf finally accepted the challenge and informed the titleholder their match would be for the Intercontinental Championship.

With Heath Slater once again in the precarious position of referee, Baron Corbin challenged Seth Rollins for the Intercontinental Championship in a TLC Match, a contest where the match could only end when The Kingslayer or The Lone Wolf climb a ladder to retrieve the Intercontinental Title hanging above the ring.

Despite Rollins starting the match strong, Baron Corbin gained control and completely dismantled The Architect with a brutal assault that incorporated every destructive implement in reach. Still, the resilient Rollins clawed his way back into the bout and kept The Lone Wolf from ascending the ladder and seizing the Intercontinental Title.

Though Rollins roared back, Corbin caught him yet again and drove him through the table outside the ring. Fighting through the pain, Rollins rebounded and again prevented his opponent from climbing the ladder with the help of the chair. During his attack, however, Rollins accidently took down Slater with the steel.

Outside the ring, Rollins placed Corbin onto the table and drove him through the hardwood with an incredible Frog Splash.

Just when it looked like Rollins was going to reach his title, however, Slater suddenly reappeared and dumped the ladder from under him.

A reluctant Slater helped Corbin back into the ring and assisted him in climbing the ladder, but the tough-as-nails Rollins hit the ring like a bolt of lightning, grabbed the “General Manager-Elect” and hurled him through the table with a bucklebomb. Face-to-face with Slater, Rollins hit the reluctant official with a superkick before blasting Corbin with the stomp and climbing the rungs to claim his title.

As the dust cleared, Rollins stared up the ramp at the emerging Dean Ambrose as the two prepare to go to war this Sunday at WWE TLC.

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Having received his inoculations last week, Dean Ambrose deemed Houston sanitary enough to receive him, though he entered the ring wearing a gas mask and surrounded by a SWAT team. Once Ambrose felt comfortable enough to remove his mask, however, he spoke at length about the difference between himself and Seth Rollins.

According to Ambrose, Rollins’ need to control everything contributed to the deterioration of the brotherhood and led to The Lunatic Fringe’s betrayal. But now that Ambrose — the self-proclaimed “Moral Compass of WWE” — had unmanned The Architect with weeks of attacks, he was confident enough to predict that Rollins would lose control of everything at WWE TLC, including the Intercontinental Championship.

He might be onto something, as Rollins certainly looked like a wild man when he attacked from behind and took out the entire SWAT squad before pursuing Ambrose into the audience. The Lunatic Fringe gained the upper hand by hitting Rollins in the face with a gas mask, at which point he teed off on The Kingslayer and administered a pair of Dirty Deeds. Whether Ambrose’s moral compass points north is certainly up for debate. But should these trends continue, it’s looking like Seth Rollins has nowhere to go but down.

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Dean Ambrose has gotten very creative in his mind games with Seth Rollins — this week, he got vaccinated — but The Kingslayer isn’t about to let The Lunatic Fringe worm any deeper into his head. Or so he says. Despite reinstating his Open Challenge to prove he was above Ambrose’s tricks, Rollins was a step slower than usual, and his challenger, Dolph Ziggler, was quick to capitalize.

The Showoff was clearly looking to take advantage of Rollins’ struggles by catching him off-guard in an Open Challenge for the second time this year, and it didn’t hurt that Ziggler is actually coming off a win against Rollins in their series. As such, the match was mostly all Dolph until Rollins began to slowly claw his way back into it. By the time The Architect had built up a full head of steam, Dolph was scrambling to keep up — Drew McIntyre was conspicuous by his absence here — but when he finally had Rollins where he wanted him, Ziggler went to the top turnbuckle to make a statement instead of putting the match away quickly. The big gesture gave Rollins time to recover, scale the ropes and execute the superplex-Falcon Arrow twofer for the win. So Rollins reclaims a little pride and retains his championship, but make no mistake: The true test is yet to come.

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Seth Rollins will finally get his hands on Dean Ambrose when he defends the Intercontinental Title at WWE TLC, but Rollins has still been denied one key point of satisfaction: He doesn’t know why The Lunatic Fringe turned on him. Despite his best efforts on Raw, that seems unlikely to change.

When Rollins again demanded an explanation, Ambrose instead threw a barrage of riddles Rollins’ way — he implied that The Shield were all doomed to pay for their sins and that he was just the instrument of Rollins’ comeuppance — and led The Kingslayer on an increasingly manic chase throughout the night, leaving Rollins frazzled and wild-eyed. Not unlike, as Ambrose pointed out, a lunatic.

The Architect decided that he wouldn’t allow himself to be played and left the building, but that turned out to be a ruse to lure Ambrose into the ring. Once The Lunatic Fringe had turned his attention to berating the audience, Rollins struck, briefly getting the better of his former brother with a barrage of punishing strikes. Ambrose caught him, however, with a filthy low blow, a pair of Dirty Deeds and a warning to never interrupt him again. With a diatribe about the hypocrisy of the WWE Universe and the general stench of the “L.A. garbage” in the arena, Ambrose certainly has plenty to say. And he’ll certainly give his old brother a fight. But it’s looking more and more like Seth Rollins, win or lose, might not get what he truly wants.

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With days to go before their epic showdown, Teams NXT and WWE along with their coaches TYLER1 and IMAQTPIE come face-to-face before the world!

Everything is on the line in a battle for League of Legends glory! TEAM NXT – led by coach TYLER1, ADAM COLE, DAKOTA KAI, SHAYNA BASZLER and JOHNNY GARGANO – go head-to-head with TEAM WWE – led by coach IMAQTPIE, CESARO, RUBY RIOTT, TYLER BREEZE and SETH ROLLINS – inside of the League of Legends Arena! Which side will come out on top and reign supreme in this heated rivalry?