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Seth Rollins

Not going with anybody but the best, the man responsible for shattering The Shield picked a quartet of WWE Hall of Famers to create his Survivor Series dream team.

“I’d start by picking Andre the Giant,” Seth Rollins said wisely. “Andre’s my No. 1. I need a bodyguard. I need to make sure someone’s got my back, and who better to have than the Giant himself?”

Next, Rollins went with the competitor he named as his all-time favorite, Shawn Michaels.

“He’s very resilient, he can withstand a lot,” Rollins told us.

For his last choices, he selected what was, perhaps, the most formidable duo in sports-entertainment history.

“I would pick a tag team: The Legion of Doom, Hawk and Animal,” he said. “Andre and The Road Warriors would be my offensive linemen, and Shawn and I would do all the cleanup. That’s a team that’s going to dominate, that’s going to win.”


Seth Rollins opens up about the importance of CrossFit in turning him from WWE hopeful to one of the best Superstars in sports-entertainment today in the January 2015 issue of “The Box Magazine,” available Tuesday, Nov. 18.

In the cover story, Rollins talks about working out on the road, luring other Superstars to join him at “boxes” — gyms specifically designed for CrossFit — and even how his CrossFit regime proves especially useful during a Royal Rumble Match.

The latest issue also offers a look at what supplements and gear Rollins needs to bring on the road to fit his W.O.Ds, or “workouts of the day.” Rollins has CrossFit-trained for four years and plans on entering his third CrossFit Open in 2015, according to the feature.

Available on newsstands and for download on iPad, Nook and Kindle devices and the Zinio digital newsstand, “The Box” features grueling CrossFit workouts and nutrition information in every issue. For more information about “The Box,” visit theboxmag.com and follow @TheBox_Magazine on Twitter.

#92 – Team Hell No and Randy Orton vs The Shield


The Shield debuted at Survivor Series 2012 and carved a path of destruction that appeared to have no end in sight. In this Friday night clash, however, the trio would finally be stopped. In the midst of complete disorder with bodies flying everywhere, Kane hurled Seth Rollins off the top rope and into the waiting RKO of The Viper. While the WWE Universe was still catching its breath, Daniel Bryan snapped in the “No!” Lock and made his black-clad adversary tap out. The victory put to rest the idea that Bryan was a “weak link” and proved The Shield could be beaten. — MITCH PASSERO

#46 – Team Hell No and Ryback vs The Shield: TLC 2012


Has there ever been a better coming-out party in WWE history than that of The Shield? Not only did Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns formally debut by going after the biggest, baddest dog in the yard (that’d be Ryback), but their first match was against that same guy,andthe most dominant Tag Team Champions since D-Generation X, in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match in WWE’s Brooklyn debut.If you want glorious, Attitude-Era chaos in the PG Era, check out this match, which featured some inspired steel chair work and a wince-inducing tumble through three tables by Seth Rollins en route to a Shield victory from which The Hounds of Justice never looked back. — ANTHONY BENIGNO

#38 – The Shield vs Wyatt Family: Elimination Chamber 2014


Believe in The Shield or follow the buzzards? That was the question on the minds of many in the WWE Universe throughout the winter of 2014. In the weeks leading up to the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, The Wyatt Family cost the members of The Shield an opportunity to compete inside the sinister structure for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But as Bray emphatically told the Hounds of Justice, “I welcome this war!” The buzzards eliminated Dean Ambrose and put Seth Rollins through an announce table before Bray pinned Roman Reigns for the victory and solidified The Wyatts as a dark, commanding presence within WWE. — GREG ADKINS

Seth Rollins vs Ghostface (Scream)


Ghostface: You can run, but he’ll catch you. The masked killer from the “Scream” series loves to taunt his prey, calling them for a creepy Q&A before giving chase. His love of movie clichés fools his targets into thinking he’s just a friend playing a prank, but the joke’s on them.Seth Rollins gets stitches after.

Seth Rollins: Anyone who readily stomps a former friend through cinder blocks is too ruthless to mess with. Seth Rollins does what’s best for business and betrays anyone in his way, whether it’s Dean Ambrose or Brock Lesnar. He’ll flash you a smile, while hiding a knife behind his back. — JEFF LABOON

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Seth Rollins as a Sewer Rat


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Seth Rollins as “The Dark Lord”

ALIGNMENT: “We both know the answer to that question. I’d undoubtedly be a villain.”

POWERS: Flight

ARCHENEMY: “Definitely Superman; I hate that piece of crap. He gets everything handed to him. He has no weaknesses. I would make it my goal to find Superman’s weaknesses — not kryptonite, but something real-life. I’d find his baby mama. That takes anybody down.”

ALTER EGO: “My alter ego would be someone bright and happy, constantly doing good all the time. Someone like John Cena.”

WEAKNESS: “A good-looking woman.”

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