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Seth Rollins vs Ghostface (Scream)


Ghostface: You can run, but he’ll catch you. The masked killer from the “Scream” series loves to taunt his prey, calling them for a creepy Q&A before giving chase. His love of movie clichés fools his targets into thinking he’s just a friend playing a prank, but the joke’s on them.Seth Rollins gets stitches after.

Seth Rollins: Anyone who readily stomps a former friend through cinder blocks is too ruthless to mess with. Seth Rollins does what’s best for business and betrays anyone in his way, whether it’s Dean Ambrose or Brock Lesnar. He’ll flash you a smile, while hiding a knife behind his back. — JEFF LABOON

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Seth Rollins as a Sewer Rat


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Seth Rollins as “The Dark Lord”

ALIGNMENT: “We both know the answer to that question. I’d undoubtedly be a villain.”

POWERS: Flight

ARCHENEMY: “Definitely Superman; I hate that piece of crap. He gets everything handed to him. He has no weaknesses. I would make it my goal to find Superman’s weaknesses — not kryptonite, but something real-life. I’d find his baby mama. That takes anybody down.”

ALTER EGO: “My alter ego would be someone bright and happy, constantly doing good all the time. Someone like John Cena.”

WEAKNESS: “A good-looking woman.”

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The Curb Stomp is as breathtaking as it is brutal. When Seth Rollins executes the devastating maneuver on a fallen foe it’s as if he is jumping in slow motion with his foot finding the back of his opponent’s head. Then, like snuffing out a cockroach, The Architect thrusts his foot down, smashing the unfortunate recipient’s face straight into the ground below.

The high-flying Rollins could easily pull off a stunning top-rope maneuver, but instead he chooses to stomp his adversary’s head into the ground. It may not be pretty, but it sure is cool. — SCOTT TAYLOR

The Keep-Away


THE PERPETRATOR: Anyone who is not Seth Rollins

THE TARGET: Seth Rollins

“I’m not much of a prankster and no one seems to prank me, to be honest with you. It doesn’t happen that often. I’ve had the typical ‘people steal my championship and give it to me three seconds before I have to go out.” I couldn’t even tell you how many times that’s happened; it’s ridiculous. The [Money in the Bank] briefcase might be the biggest prank that’s ever been pulled on me, having to carry it around the airport. I don’t mind bringing it to the shows; it’s the airports, because these regular human beings look at me in the airport like I’m some sort of alien walking through the airport with this banged-up, scratched-up briefcase that says ‘Money in the Bank,’ like, ‘What the hell is that?’ So yeah, the briefcase itself is the greatest prank of all.” — SETH ROLLINS


What happens when an unstable basket case (Dean Ambrose) moves next door to his moneyed mortal enemy (Seth Rollins)? See hijinks ensue as these polar opposites and former friends tear their homes apart in a series of wildly barbaric encounters involving steel chairs, wooden tables and even cinder blocks! There goes the neighborhood!

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